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Review & test: Motorola Moto G7 Plus – Best phone for price

Review & test: Motorola Moto G7 Plus – Best phone for price

– Motorola Moto G7 Plus
is basically a great phone and for the price, it’s actually one of the best phones at all. And in many ways it can compete with phones that are two or
three times more expensive. See our test with pros, cons and price. Plus a guide to free great alternatives. ♪ Hello Moto! ♪ (lively music) (ticking) (lively music) Motorola Moto G7 Plus might not have the same high-end specs as the
brand new Samsung Galaxy S10. But in reality most people
will be more than happy with the quality when we
talk the design, screen, user friendliness, navigation, speed, antenna quality and so on. So, design and screen,
Moto G7 Plus looks like a high-end phone built in
glass with an aluminum frame. It’s splash resistant, so don’t take it with you in the shower. (ringing) (water splashing) Hello? (water splashing) The screen is 6.2-inch
with full HD resolution and 19:9 ratio. The phone simply looks
good and feels good. (swipes)
Hello Moto! (lively music) (swipes) The UI, the user interface is
as stock Android as possible with only a few small, but
handy stuff from Motorola. For example the possibility to activate the flash by shaking your hand. The navigation speed is from start fine but can be great if you
use this simple tip. Go into Settings, Accessibility, scroll down to Remove Animations. Animations slow down the navigation speed when you scroll around on your phone. By removing the animation
it is simply much speedier. (swipes) Hello Moto! (lively music) (swipes) The dual camera on the phone is fine in most situations with
great picture quality, nice colors, fine sharpness. For the price it’s hard to find
a better camera on a phone. The antenna quality is way better than on any iPhone and many
other expensive Android phones. Good antenna quality
means reliable connection to the mobile network which of course is very important for all. Especially in rural areas. And it also has the nice side effect that the phone doesn’t need so much power to stay connected which again has a positive effect on the battery life. The antenna quality on
Motorola Moto G7 Plus is not fantastic, but
it’s fine, which is fine. Now for something awesome. A 27 watt speed charger is in the box when you buy the phone. With this you can charge Moto
G7 Plus from zero to 100% in just around 55 minutes,
that’s impressive. (swipes)
Hello Moto! (lively music) (swipes) The price for Motorola Moto G7 Plus is around 360 dollars or around 300 euros. That is an impressive price and it’s a phone with
only a very few drawbacks. The camera do struggle a
bit in low light conditions. The colors are fine but
it has some problems with sharpness in the right areas. The battery capacity is 3,000 mAh a bit too low for a phone
with a 6.2-inch screen. When talking about negative
stuff on this phone, basically that’s it, folks. (upbeat music) In my opinion the Moto G7
Plus is the go-to phone if you want to combine high
quality for a low price. But, of course, there are
also some good alternatives. (upbeat music) Moto G7 Plus is not as great a phone as the new Samsung Galaxy S10
or the Huawei Mate 20 Pro . These two phones are the
best phones right now. But they’re not that much
better than the G7 Plus and this phone is at least $500 cheaper than those two phones
from Samsung and Huawei. If you’re looking for a great phone for a great price, the Moto G7 Plus is the phone you should choose right now. (lively music)

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  1. I bought the G7 Power version to replace a Moto G3 2015, I'm sending it back now as it is useless on 4G and most phone calls are missed calls. I am in a strong Vodafone 4G area and Vodafone 4G is pretty good in Ireland. I have tested it for a month all over the southern part of Ireland where I live and it basically does not work on 4G or as a hotspot where my 3G worked very well. I've taken my Moto 3G back from ny son whilst I look for a replacement for the G7 Power :-).

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