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Review & test: Sony Xperia XZ3 – best looking Sony phone ever!

Review & test: Sony Xperia XZ3 – best looking Sony phone ever!

– Finally, after struggling
to find a cool design, Sony hits it perfect with the Xperia XZ3. See our test for pros and
cons plus nice alternatives. (ticking sounds) Sony has always delivered
when it comes to specs but they have been slow to adopt the popular and nice
looking 18 by 9 format. Now they have and the Xperia XZ3 is one of the most cool and
good looking phones right now. Paired with an amazing
screen, a great camera and a fast and user-friendly
user interface, this is a favorite phone for me right now. And it’s also performing
great on all of functions. If this is not a phone for you, take a look at our three alternatives at the end of this video. Let’s begin with the design. After years of clumsy
16 by 9 format phones, we finally get a 18 by 9
format on a Sony phone. It got some good dimensions, it is nicely built in
glass on front and back, Gorilla Glass Five with an aluminum frame to keep it all together. On top of the nice design,
it’s also water and dust proof. This kind of design is not unique for Sony but here so they are now on
par with the competitors. What is unique however is the
six inch split OLED screen that uses technology from Sony’s TVs. The screen is simply amazing, maybe the best screen on a phone ever, better than the screens
on iPhone 10 XS Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The colors, the sharpness, the brightness, the details, all outstanding. A nice feature is the ability to convert standard definition
video into HDR standard. Sony is also known for
their camera abilities. Surprisingly, there’s no
dual camera on the phone, just a single camera. However, if you are start
up a port with photos, it uses software to make
photos with bokeh effect even better than most dual camera phones. Photos in general are
top-class on this phone in all kind of environments. (soft techno music) When it comes to video, it
can record videos in 4K. That’s normal for all high-end phones. What’s not normal is that you can record super slow motion video with 960 frames per second
in full HD 1080 pixel. Only this and a couple of
other Sony phones can do that. Other phones can only handle super slow motion in HD 720 pixel. Quality-wise there’s a big difference. The user interface in the
phone is fairly simple, built with only a few of Sony’s own stuff and it’s a very fast and
easy used user interface. The price range for Sony Xperia XZ3 is around 900 dollars or 800 euros. It is a fairly high price, but you do get outstanding quality on many essential functions. However, there are some
flaws on this phone that could be a deal breaker for you. The battery capacity is not great. There’s no room for headphone jack. There’s not a quick charger in the box. The phone is a bit slip. (sweeping techno music) Xperia XZ3 got the best
screen on a phone right now and the camera is really great
but if you’re not a Sony fan, I have some nice alternatives
for you right here. (exciting techno music) Sony Xperia XZ3 performs great on design, camera, screen, user interface in 4G and it’s definitely a phone you should consider the next time you’re on a shopping
spree for your next phone.

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