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Review: World’s Thinnest iPhone Case! (The Veil for iPhone 6 & Plus)

Review: World’s Thinnest iPhone Case! (The Veil for iPhone 6 & Plus)

If you’re not a fan of big bulky cases, but
hate the one-time use that you get out of a skin, well let me introduce you to the world’s
thinnest iphone case. This is The Veil from Caudabe. Hey what’s up everyone, this is Dom and if
you haven’t caught on by now, The Veil is a super thin iPhone case. In fact, it’s only
0.35mm thick. I’ve never been a fan of skins as you can only use them once, and I’m not
really fond of cases that take away from the beauty and sleek design of a smartphone. Well,
The Veil seems to offer the best of both worlds, at least for my use. Today we’re checking out the iPhone 6 and
6 Plus versions, but Cauabe also makes it for the iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c. And I’ll be
sure to leave all of the links below in case you’d like to check them out. Putting on The Veil is as easy as you’d assume.
Just plop the iPhone inside of it and press down around the edges. This case features
an open bottom design, much like Apple’s leather case, and has cutouts for all of the buttons
and the mute switch. Just in case you were wondering, The Veil
will not solve any protruding camera issues you may have with the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus,
but that’s because it’s thinner that the camera protrudes. So you’ll still have a little bump
there, but that’s never been an issue for me. What you’re gaining is the experience
of having a naked iPhone, but with added scratch and bump protection. Also, the front of The
Veil is perfectly formed to the curved glass edges of the iPhone 6 and leaves plenty of
space for a screen protector. It’s a semi flexible case made from magical
plastics and it has a matte finish that resists fingerprints and dust, but in my opinion it
can be a little slippery. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no more slippery than the iPhone itself,
but I kind of wish it had a rubberized matte finish to it for added grip because as you
can see here, it just kind of slides around in your hand. The Veil is awesome for me, but if you’re
looking for drop protection or pretty much anything outside of pocket protection, you
may not appreciate this case. I’m a case-less kind of guy, but prefer to keep some type
of coverage on my smartphones to keep away scratches in case I’d like to sell it at a
later date. This is protection for the minimalist. If you drop your phone inside of this case,
you might as well have dropped it naked. The Veil offers everything I need, but what
do you think about it? Be sure to leave a comment down below. This case is available for around $15 and
it comes in the Wisp Black color that you see here or Frost. Check it out using the
links doiwn below and leave this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Also, if you’re not
already, feel free to subscribe for more reviews like this in the future. Thanks again for
watching everyone. This is Dom and have a great day!

100 thoughts on “Review: World’s Thinnest iPhone Case! (The Veil for iPhone 6 & Plus)”

  1. I just ordered it and on the Website it says that there is a 0.7mm ridge around the camera cutout.
    So that would solve the camera problem. 

    I'm curious! But shipping to Germany takes about 10+ days! 🙁

  2. its like that so whn u put it in your pocket go fast and out of the pocket if its not very hard stick in your pocket 

  3. I would be very wary of buying anything that left the bottom open.
    One of the reasons I'm not a fan of hard cases, it that they leave, IMO, too much of the phone exposed.
    With this, I'm pretty sure that I'd drop the phone on the very area that's left exposed and I'd be even more wary of the camera issue..
    I have very thin Griffin Identity case, which leaves the phone well protected all round, has good grip and protects the camera.
    In the end, like someone said, you'd get scratch protection from this, but not a lot more, by the looks of it.

  4. I bought the same case for 1 dollar…..

    1 dollar….


  5. Actually. The totalee scarf for the iphone 6 is 0.35 mm thick as well so. Just as thin. I ordered that one. Its minimalist too 

  6. cheaper on eBay

  7. Nice case,I went with the spigen AIRSKIN 0.4 it too is super thin and still lets you know it's an iPhone6+ oh ya went clear😜

  8. I would love to get this. I just really wish that there was one that would have the same design but has enough thickness to protect the camera on a lay on the table feature.

  9. Had me until… SLIP..i have ordered so many dam cases that were crap because they are still slippery..

  10. why they dont make a case for iphone 4???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. People that are commenting about this case providing no protection cracks me up he says in the video that it's protects from bumps and scratches it's not meant to cover the glass or anything this case is meant for someone who would like to keep the phone uncovered but don't want it to get dented and scratched up and another thing people stop worrying about the camera glass getting scratched it's pure sapphire glass just like the home button there is no way in hell your gunna scratch it unless you scratching it with a raw cut diamond and also I found a case basically the same as this one on eBay and got it for like 85 cents so 15 dollars is a little pricy for this case considering there are many options for a fraction of that cost but if you don't mind spending 15 then go right ahead I won't argue with you just know your options

  12. this case only avlble on black clr?? And how much ??? and avlble on united arab Emirates coz here is not Apple Store yet…

  13. Try the iGlaze case by Moshi and the reusable, bubble free, and washable screen protector by Moshi. Solid solid products.

  14. Не е най-тънкият опитайте Нула 360 от ITSKINS, това е уникален случай да го използвате на iphone 6в, и плюс това осигурява защита в долната част на телефона, само 0.3 mm !!!!

  15. TOZO is better that this one for 6s +! Tozo is 0.35 thick but has brotection number around the camera, very smart design.


  17. I got one and it's pretty but SO slippery 🙁 more slippery than the naked iphone imo. I had to remove it because I was too afraid to drop it.

  18. Hi Dom, great review, I am very careful with my phone but I can't decide which case I should use with the cases I have. I have a clearish case , a silicone skin but it's kinda lose and it collects dust and lint I have the incipio dual pro case and the Anker glaze case I removed the built in screen protector Bc I have a glass screen protector so which case do you think?

  19. Go to 5 below…..they have a jelly case similar to this and it covers more of the phone,solves camera issue,and has a nice grip!

  20. I had that case and it cracked my phone from falling off my BED!!!! CAN YOU BELIVE THAT!!!!!??!!😡😡😡😡😡😡

  21. I got my desmay case online and it's incrediblely thin too with high protection (for just $14 )Worth more than the veil lol

  22. I want a cover like it should be fully transparent and should cover whole phone from all the sides except cuttings equal to the size of side buttons and charging socket etc.

  23. Did I understand it right that this case has not been made for protecting the iPhone? Sorry for asking but I am German (17 years old) and I want to make sure. Thanks for answering.

  24. Puro clear case is 0.3 mm thin. 0.5 mm thinner than this, so this isn’t the thinnest case in the world🤷🏼‍♀️

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