100 thoughts on “Ro Reacts to new Samsung Phones – ZFlip and Galaxy S20 Ultra”

  1. The S20 Ultra is so Great that I haven't picked my IPhone 11 Pro Max up. Last year I got the IPhone 11 Pro Max and I rarely touched my Note 10+. Guess I'm back as a Samsung Lover. The thing about IPhone, my 11 Pro Max might be better than this years IPhone 12 Pro Max. Key words: Might Be.

  2. I think gesture control is on loads of other samsung phones I have it on my Samsung galaxy A7 2018

  3. But why is it that Ro seemed to not know anything about the new Galaxy S20 and Z series? It was all over the news? Lol.

  4. 3:26 yeah 1080

    These reviewers are silly and stupid… 🤣 Know nothing about tech.. Just reading phone specifications… 🤣

  5. I don’t understand though like it’s the Samsung is the same like I don’t understand because the same girl it is 😔😞🙁

  6. Justine literally carries around two phones that together they cost about 2.000+ (whatever your currency is in your country) and I'm here like bruh.. I have a 200€ Huawei p9 lite that is barely alive and I'm even afraid to go out with it because of the very high chances of someone fricking robbing me 😂😭

  7. High end phones these days should not be 1080p 60hz. I think it’s time for 1440p 75-120hz displays like the ASUS ROG2

  8. my phone only supports 720p and my limited wifi can go to 720p but we have data caps so i watch in 240p or 360p

  9. If touch screen phones are flip phones now , what will happen when we're angered by a call and have to close it

  10. i know that this isnt related but can you ask ro if cookie (her dog) is doing alright? i heard she got kidney problems idk, but i hope cookie is okay!

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