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Road rules: mobile phones

Road rules: mobile phones

You can only use a mobile phone
while driving if it is secured in a commercially manufactured and
designed mounting that is fixed to the vehicle and doesn’t obscure
your view of the road, or, if you can operate it without touching
any part of the phone, for example, by using bluetooth or voice activation. While driving, a mobile phone
can not rest on your leg, be between your shoulder and ear,
or any other part of your body. It must not be used for
text messaging, video messaging, emailing or similar activities. Drivers can only use a hand-held
mobile phone if their vehicle is parked in an authorised parking spot,
with the engine turned off. They cannot use a hand-held mobile
phone while stopped at traffic lights. Drivers may use the navigational or
GPS function of a phone while driving, as long as the phone is
secured in a fixed mounting.

11 thoughts on “Road rules: mobile phones”

  1. Sooo…are passengers in the front seat allowed to use their phones if the driver is on P1 or P2 or fulls?

  2. So I am a L plater and this is telling me I can’t connect my phone to the Bluetooth function on my car so I can listen to music but I can use the radio to listen to music like that makes a difference

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