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ROG PHONE 2 vs BLACK SHARK 2: menos DINHEIRO ou mais PODER? | Comparativo

ROG PHONE 2 vs BLACK SHARK 2: menos DINHEIRO ou mais PODER? | Comparativo

Gamer smartphones are here to stay. Although large companies like RAZER have given up on their projects other traditional ones like ASUS are increasingly investing, and even regulatory industry brands, but smartphone experts, try their models – such as Xiaomi and Nubia, who bet on phones that won’t necessarily win best lists of the year, but that bring great performance and special functions for those who like to play on the small screen, so we bring here today the two biggest competitors in this area: ASUS with his ROG Phone 2, the most powerful handset of 2019, and Xiaomi with its Black Shark 2, a smartphone that also brings greater value for money. Which one would have a chance to be your desired one? Best price or more power? This is what you now see here in the TudoCelular comparative analysis. In design both are gamers-oriented, so they’re not the most practical or compact in the world. To have a nice gaming experience a screen with borders brings advantages and therefore none of them save on this issue and have big chins too. With both having metal frames, the ROG Phone 2 comes with an all-glass back. while the Black Shark also has plenty of metal it still keeps the glass for less interference with the antennas. They feature LED details, with their logo being colored and the sides of the Xiaomi phone also lighting up. The ROG has a differential opening in the rear for processor cooling. And don’t expect lightness, as both devices are over 200g in weight, with ROG being even heavier than Xiaomi besides being bigger too. In the box, they come with accessories like a fan for the ROG and the left joystick of the Black Shark. It also comes with a case, a silicone one for Xiaomi and hard plastic for ASUS. There is no notch for you to worry about here because both bring a forehead with enough room for the front camera and they are also the same in biometrics, which is below the screen but faster in Black Shark 2. ROG has one more USB-C, along with a proprietary accessory connection. Neither has a MicroSD slot and both are Dual SIM. Pela pegada mais gamer não houve interesse das fabricantes em adicionar proteção contra água ou poeira and we open this score with a draw. The screen is as important to a player as performance, which is why the two manufacturers tested here invested well. on large screens, which are 6.6 “on ASUS and 6.3” on Xiaomi. Also, they are 19.5: 9, AMOLED and Full HD Plus with 240 Hz response rate, helping to have faster touch input – an essential difference for shooting games, for example, and also has special vibration for each part of the screen, but ASUS goes further and brings a 120 Hz screen on the ROG Phone, leading to more gaming reality and speed. Note that it works only with games that are compatible with this technology. And even with OLED screens that can have refresh rates of about 43 and a half ms, like Black Shark 2, ASUS is better with a 1 ms update. However, being slightly smaller, the Black Shark 2 has a better screen and body ratio. the package is complete when we know that both reach 100% of DCI-P3 with ASUS going beyond 108%, and bringing HDR10 support. The brightness of both is very good, even for outdoor environments. The screen of ROG Phone 2 is larger, and so it gets the point here. Both phones have stereo sound – the power of both is very good, but the ROG Phone 2 outperforms its rival with more balance and spatial range. Xiaomi’s device is good, but ASUS’s stands out for also having support for DTS-X and two dedicated amplifiers. ASUS offers top-quality headphones in the box, while Xiaomi’s tradition of not sending headphones continues here. And that wouldn’t be a problem if you had your good gaming headphones but the Black Shark two also has no P2 connection and relies on Bluetooth (which can have a lot of sound delay for games) for its internal audio with the help of APT-X HD which is also present in ROG and the ROG also has 24 bit audio and DTS for the headphones as well. Once again, ASUS has invested more in technology and takes the point of audio. With different audiences, the two manufacturers got out of the way and instead of ZenUI and MIUI that we are used to, we have here ROG UI and Joy UI, geared specifically to gamers. While Xiaomi’s interface and applications follow yet another stock standard, ASUS’s focus more on a game-centered experience. Both have a special area where all games come together and they can have their titles navigated, like a console. But ASUS goes beyond the basics and also offers a tool that allows a lot of tweaking for each game like screen response and FPS adjustments, audio settings and even messing with processing, giving more or less power to each title. You can choose to have your smartphone heat up and deliver more processing power. Both come standard with Android 9 Pie and the ASUS phone is already in beta testing for Android 10. Meanwhile, Xiaomi’s smartphone has no date to receive the update, but it should arrive by 2020. For connections, in addition to offering more Wi-Fi antennas, ROG Phone 2 also offers ad protocol, more current than the ac that comes in Xiaomi, and that brings higher connection speeds. The ROG also features FM and NFC radio, plus enhanced USB-C and GPS. Once again, we have a point for ASUS here. At the Black Shark, we have the Snapdragon 855 with a minimum of 6 GB of ram and 128 GB of storage. In the case of the ROG, the set has Snapdragon 855 Plus which allows overclocking, and a minimum of 8 GB of ram and 128 GB of storage. Up to 12 GB of ram can be reached on both models and up to 256 GB of storage on Xiaomi and up to 1 TB on ASUS’ model. That said, we have another victory for the ROG, which earned from AnTuTu the title of the most powerful of 2019. In our opening tests, however, neither of us could do very well for their power, showing that radio optimization is missing for applications. They can be surpassed even by intermediaries in this regard. Both have special cooling systems. and while Xiaomi brings a steam cooling chamber and even nano-graphene component to quickly distribute heat across all metal parts inside, The ASUS device also features a steam camera and rear output. And as the main subject here is gaming, it’s pretty easy to say that both will run perfectly any game you want, even with the higher graphics – ROG excels not only with an enhanced GPU but also allow adjustments directly on the processor. This point is for the ROG Phone. On the battery here we have 4000 mAh presented by the Black Shark 2, with the ROG Phone 2 finishing and bringing 6000 mAh helping to explain also why it is so big and heavy. We have a difference of almost nine total hours between one and another and four more hours of screen on ROG. All this translates to just 20 minutes more power, as ASUS ships a 30-watt charger in the box. against a 27-watt from Xiaomi. A cheaper version of the ROG comes with an 18-watt charger, which certainly takes longer to leave the battery at 100%. Overall, the two easily come to a day out of the socket – needless to say, the point is ROG Phone 2. In photos, the two phones bring a dual set, with 48 MP sensor in the main and 12 MP telephoto for the Xiaomi and an ultra-wide 13 MP for the ASUS. Of differentials, the Black Shark 2 brings the optical zoom twice and the ROG has a laser focus on the main sensor and electronic stabilization – overall photos look better on ROG, which has the same set of cameras from the Zenfone 6, even not showing the same quality in photos like this one. Xiaomi is on par with brand brokers and doesn’t take advantage of the processing it brings, coming even without any night mode; a modest point for ROG Phone 2. For videos, there is little to talk about because it is not the strength of these devices but anyway, stabilization is only present in the ROG, which can also record in 4K at 60 fps. The feature is also offered by Black Shark, but could not be accessed in our tests. Point for the ROG Phone 2. Finally, in the selfie camera, Xiaomi’s 20 MP and ASUS 24 MP sensors are better suited for live streaming matches but it can also be used for photos. And once again, the quality of photos taken with ROG Phone 2 is better than Black Shark 2, which presents basic catch performance; Point for ASUS. We have extra points here too, and they go to both smartphones. that’s because, for example, the ROG Phone brings the enhanced Air Trigger from the first generation which are virtual buttons that stay in the frame of the device improving gameplay and you can still map and them; It is also worth talking about the extra accessories that can be purchased. Xiaomi offers kits, like the other control that doesn’t come in the box or a set that comes with both controls together. And ASUS also offers external controls plus a second display, a dock, fan and more, making the experience complete. The dock transforms the ROG Phone 2 into a computer because it allows connection to lags-free 4K monitor and peripherals. So we have two points for ASUS and one for Xiaomi. In price, for both are many models available – with storage difference, RAM and even the accessories that come in the box. Therefore, the values ​​may also vary greatly. It is also worth remembering that Black Shark 2 was not officially launched in Brazil and, Therefore, the values, compared to the ASUS official for Brazil, will be very discrepant. That said, the ROG Phone 2 can easily cost far more than double than the Black Shark 2. The launch price of both in India was very similar, being (taking the conversion here) R$ 2,320 for Black Shark 2 and R$ 2,200 for ROG Phone 2 in its simplest versions. In Brazil the basic price of the ASUS smartphone is R$ 4,500 – we end up having a draw here. In conclusion, it is a little difficult to talk about this score, but it’s solely Xiaomi’s fault here. While ASUS came into the game for real, with really relevant features to be called a gamer smartphone, Xiaomi took her top of the line hardware and put it in a body with LED and futuristic details. As a smartphone gamer, the ROG is arguably the best here, even compared to that newer version, the Black Shark 2 Pro from Xiaomi, It is not easy to beat the Taiwanese smartphone, which already has a tradition in the game area. You can say that the Black Shark 2 can be chosen if you want the look of the gamer and want to spend little. But if you like Xiaomi and you want something really powerful, Mi 9 seems like a much better option. And you, what did you think of this comparison? Do you think Xiaomi deserves more credit in this than we gave? Comment below which would be the best option for you! I’ll stay here and until next time.

72 thoughts on “ROG PHONE 2 vs BLACK SHARK 2: menos DINHEIRO ou mais PODER? | Comparativo”

  1. o que vale ter tanto poder se não existe jogos para usar todo esse poder
    é querer ter um rtx para rodar gta san andreas
    e no final das contas não vale a pena…no máximo você vai usar para emuladores tipo o de ps2

  2. Deu para entender que o rog phone 2 é melhor, mas vou te que esperar 11 meses para diminuir o preço da versão de 12 gb de ram é 512 gb.

  3. Mal espero pra ver em 2020 um Rog Phone 3 com snap 865 que suporta atualização de drivers de vídeo e tela de até 144Hz AAAAAHHHHH

  4. Melhor comparativo, feito pela melhor pessoa! Agora poderei saber qual será meu smartphone em 2020. Stella arrasando como sempre! <3

  5. alguem me ajuda pf, quero comprar um celular até R$4.000,00
    mas não sei qual comprar
    quero um com a câmera boa
    e que vá durar por bastante tempo ..

  6. Nenhum dos 2 roda Shadow of the Colossus no emulador, então n me importo tanto com eles, to esperando o sd 865 no mi 10

  7. Com certeza, Rog Phone 2 é o melhor, apesar do Black Sharck 2 ter suas vantagens. Depois desse comparativo, não tenho dúvidas de que a Asus é a melhor empresa para celulares games, na minha opinião.

  8. Tenho o Black Shark 2 e n me arrependi, celular muito bom, porém adimitir que o rog phone é melhor por ter sido lançado antes do Black Shark

  9. Tenho um Rog Phone 2 e monstro mesmo melhor compra que fiz vale cada centavo tenho vídeo no meu canal dele vê

  10. A cara da menina do vídeo parecia está cheia de ódio do Black shark e cheia de desgosto tbm kkkk , ela devia está pensando , "Black shark vc é uma decepção! "

  11. N sei onde as pessoas tão colocando preço como uma grande vantagem do BS…ele só tem importado, e importando o rog sai qse igual

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