100 thoughts on “Rom Com Role Call w/ Charlize Theron & Seth Rogen”

  1. Romantic Comedies are my favorite genre of movies. They ironically are the only ones that get close to simulating real life.

  2. James killing it all of hugh grant and Nicholson where Charlize killing it all of them
    But Seth was mmmmmmhhhh

  3. Surprised that they didn't mix it up a bit more. The Sleepless in Seattle scene would have been even funnier with Seth playing the Meg Ryan part.

  4. hollywood's flawless faces:

    angelina jolie
    charlize theron
    michelle pfeiffer
    salma hayek
    halle berry
    natalie portman
    margot robbie

  5. So funny! loved it. They enacted 20 movies in total and I have seen 17 out of them 🙂 I am such a Rom Com lover lol!

  6. It really seems, that the finale with singers was a surprise for Charlize. Great idea, plus it was just the right 'size' – not too many singers, not too many instruments. Actually lovely

  7. Charlize is one of my three girl crushes. She looks like she could kick anyone's ass, but she can also become any of these characters. I have really only seen her in kick ass roles ( fave's are Mad Max and Neon Flux), would love to see if she could do a sweet romcom, because I am a "happy ever after" sort of person, but that's not on trend right now, so would be a massive fail. Otherwise, another cool superhero story?. (my other two girl crushes are Scarlett J and Hwa sa).

  8. So proud of man like Jimmy Jimmy Corden man, from Gavin and Stacey to being one of the top US late night hosts, jheez what an achievement.

  9. I loved it but would have loved some adam sandler, drew barrymore and sandra bullock movies to be included

  10. It was missing Sandra Bullock's and Katherine Heigel's movies (27 Dresses, The Proposal, and so many more), but let's not forget about Leap Year or 13 Going on 30.

  11. I'm going to watch Long Shot!
    Saw the trailer and kept laughing!
    Love Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen together!

  12. I was going to correct the spelling of 'role' call (roll-call) but then I realised it was likely intentional word-play. Good one!

  13. James corden made a funny comment in a David Blaine magic act on the late late show, he said "Jimmy Fallon literally just Stands there" and honestly it's so true, this guy goes above and beyond hes not even a talk show host, hes such a creative performer at heart

  14. I Absolutely Enjoyed Every Single Moment!! 😂🤣🤓. 🤣🤪
    Bravo 👏🏼! Bravo 👏🏼! Must Have More!
    Thank You James!! 🙏🏼

  15. That casual lead into of love is all you need was the bomb y'alll!÷! Reggie doing John Lennon instant classic for me

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