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Running a $200 Million Company From a Mobile Phone | DailyVee 547

Running a $200 Million Company From a Mobile Phone | DailyVee 547

– The number one goal of all
my college friends from the day we started college to the day
we graduated four years later was to get me to take
one hit of one blunt. This is very important. This is not ha ha ha fun. This is massively disruptive. Some of these people hit me up. They’re like “Gary, how
do you run the businesses when you’re traveling so much?”. It’s called the phone. I don’t know if you guys heard. VaynerMedia was the company
behind the Dwyane Wade Budweiser commercial. – Which is absolutely amazing. – Like, that’s what we try to do. Like, do something that
everybody knows what that is. Prosperity is usually
the indicator to turmoil. Too many people are fucking lazy because they want it too fast,
so you need to figure out something you actually like
so you put in the hours because nothing great comes easy. (thrilling music) You’ve got your perspective. (crowd applause) I just want to be happy. Don’t you want to be happy? (techno music) (calming music) My preference and I think
what brings more value is less keynote, more Q&A,
but if you guys like more keynote, less Q&A. – I think they need your
energy to start this off. – Okay, that’s fine. So we’ll go an hour and then we’ll go. – Yeah, you’re the shot
of Red Bull these guys. – I got it. – Do you promise me that you’re going to swear on stage tonight? – I always plan on it. Because it’s my normal
way of speaking on stage. Now, if right before I get
on, they’re like “hey, we’ve got a conservative crew; we
prefer you not to”, I’m always respectful of the home that I’m entering. – So you know I’m a very coarse person. – Yes. – Usually the first word out
of my mouth every morning is some flavor, shade of F. – Yes. – These guys are a
little more conservative. – Yes. – I thought I’d tell you
that you can use it once. – Fair. – And very. – I will be very strategic. – Oh thanks. And you’re
just going to walk out there and say “Hey everybody,
how the fuck are you?” – Before I spoke, I was 34
years old when I really started speaking and in like real life,
I didn’t curse all that much and then I started doing these
talks. And my mom started watching and she was fine. My mom curses too, but at
some point she pegged it. She called me one day and she’s
like do you think listening to Richard Pryor and Eddie
Murphy and all that stuff when you were like a kid is why you do that. And like now when I look at
my keynotes, I’m like oh my God, I’m really doing a set up there. – He doesn’t have a job
yet and he’s stressing. – Of course. – And all that stuff, so I
don’t know if you could send him on my video tape. – Here, let me. – His name is John. – John, you got it. (slight laughter) John, what up man? It’s Gary V. Listen, when you’re 23,
society is trying to tell you you have to figure it out,
but I’ve got big news for you. No 23 year old had it
figured the fuck out either. You’ve got lots of time. I think the next seven
years is a good time to go high risk, high reward. The only reason kids get
caught is you want to buy dumb shit to impress other people. If you don’t buy dumb
shit, you can do anything. Go taste things. Go figure out what you like to do. Because the level of hard
work it takes to actually be successful is a lot easier when you actually like something. And the reality is too many
people are fucking lazy because they want it too fast. So you need to figure out
something you actually like, so you put in the hours because
nothing great comes easy. – Yay. Amazing; thank you so much. – You’re welcome; you’re welcome. – You want to hang out? – I do. – That’s no problem at all. I like that. – So we’re getting ready for this keynote at the Financial Brand
Forum, just like to see the official name. Banks, credit unions, space
I’m super comfortable with. I’m super excited to just
kind of speak my truth, give a keynote. Just had a breakfast. I think there are some
great clips from there, two or three real good ones. I’m not sure if you caught them. But, yeah, feeling sharp. – [Stage Director] Don’t
let anything happen to this microphone while you’re on stage. (laser sounds) – We’re going to stand up here, get ready. (pop song) – The narrative view is life’s hard. Things suck. People fucking up a lot. Outside is rougher. They’re not going to
be any faster than you. Banking is backwards. You got to fix it. – [Announcer] The CEO of
Vayner, Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk. (applause) – If you do, as a matter
of fact, leave now. Leave the conference. Leave my talk. Go back to the office and stop any cent spent on banner ads on websites. It is a literal joke. As much as I hate television
commercials, because watch this watch this, not 16 year old crowd. You ready? Watch this. By show of hands, how many
people here now mainly watch, when they watch television,
Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or HBO, or when it’s on video on
demand and you fast forward commercials. Raise your hands, Netflix. Raise them high. Keep them up. I want everyone in the
front in these fancy couches to look back. Look at this. Keep them up for a second. Can we all agree that the
majority of people in this audience aren’t 14 year old teenage girls? (laughter) This audience, almost 95 percent of you, don’t even have a chance
of seeing the commercial. Forget about if you
consumed it and got inspired to do business. 95 percent of this older
crowd is not even got a prayer of seeing an actual television commercial, six billion dollars spent
to make you buy things in America on television commercials. (contemporary music) If you’re a national bank,
instead of spending 50 million dollars on television
commercials that nobody sees, I’d rather go give a big
time production company 10 million dollars to be
the sponsor of a new show on Netflix called ATM, where
the whole show transpires around ATMs and it is literally
your company, like actually, not a made up bank. The Ed Sullivan Show was
funded and created by the Lincoln Town Car Company. People forget that history. Television started with brands funding it. Commercials came later. I believe now that commercials
are going to be disappearing, because we’re watching streaming. I do believe that Netflix
and Hulu and Amazon will test commercials. My intuition is if they’re
smart, they’re going to do product integration and I think. Look, let me give you another one. I’ve always thought that
like a big car company with like the trucks should
do a show called The Tailgate where the whole show again is
at a tailgate. And it’s your truck is the family’s truck. Toyota, Ford, and like that works. – It’s interesting. Watching the Master’s
yesterday, how mature the whole brand placement and lack
of advertisement becomes. It’s just amazing what can be done. – Or, the new world we live in. On Twitter, the number one
thing people were talking about was Tiger chewing gum. And so we have a gum
client, so I called them. This is Sunday now. You got to move fast. Hey, do-do, you know like, I
don’t know if you guys saw it one of the award shows, the
Fiji water girl, right, woman. That’s more. Guys, nobody watches commercials. Nobody goes to direct mail carefully. Nobody is going page 37 of a magazine looking at the ad carefully
like the world has changed. I’m sorry. Farming used to be our
number one industry. Things happen. Like, Sears was number one. Walter Cronkite was,
you know, America’s dad. Like, things change. I’m sorry things change. Things have changed. When you look at the sheer
on premise volume spikes because, for Budweiser, on the
D Wade spot, it’s staggering. And the actual consumption
of that video in comparison to what we can get on TVC
or billboard is incredible. If you think about, if we
all just sat here and dreamed a little dream, of the
capability of this brand making two and three minute videos,
right, multiple ones, for different segmentations with different culture relevances. Like, again, you know, there’s
a, you know, this is not an easy challenge by marketing
standards and it’s at a time where I want to proof something to *****. The reason we raised our hand
is this brand more than any brand I’ve come across in a
while has the most permission ********. Both again for 63 year old
women in Ohio and for the culture and I think that’s
remarkable and a testament to the work that’s been done. Now it just needs a
different execution model. I just don’t believe the
traditional partners you work with or the TVC down model can pull it off. I really don’t. I’ll be honest with you. You’re going to add to that,
but I’ll be honest with you. I’m willing to that for every
God damn piece of content. That’s how much I believe it’s smart. And then everybody says,
like gives like four or five different titles. We got like 20 minutes to give titles. And then we run 15, 25 dollars. You’ll figure that out. And then we have results. It could be like a whole
game for everybody, like try to beat Gary. Yes, I sure do. As a matter of fact, what
I’m most excited about now is now, like I want you to
basically make a video right now and put it into there. Hey just talked to Gary, new rule. Here’s literally how
we are going to do it. Gary’s going to thumb up a video. Gary’s going to write a
title, right, from a video. And then that basically
opens up 20 minutes for anybody else to write titles and then we’re going to run them. And by the way for me, I’m
probably going to come up with two or three. I think what you need to get back to me on like, by the way, this
is how we do it now. This is done because this is awesome. It’s volume model. It’s marketing for the sake of marketing. We’re going to put out,
seventy-five, I don’t know. How low can you go with
the ads to give us a read, in your opinion? Like 15 bucks, 10 bucks? Alright so let’s go 15 times five. That’s our rule. We call it the 75 dollar rule. Yep, five titles. And then I think what we
have to do is decide how many we’re going to go against my
fans versus people that have touched my content that are not my fans. Like, you know, like
that’s the next question. But to me, that’s the fucking framework. Five fucking titles then five
bucks each against my fans, non fans that like entrepreneurship
and five dollars against people who have touched my
content but have not followed me. Look at the quant and qual, pick, go. That’s right. More taking advantage, every
time we’ve taken advantage of more technology and not
just my intuition, we’ve grown. And so, I need to be fed the opp. I’m not against it. I have no ego or I live my own truth. If I never write another
headline for myself, then I wasn’t good enough. Cool, see ya. – That was a line right there. – Yeah it was. And let me tell you guys,
we just followed it. We’re going to show this whole clip. The reason it’s a line,
now like, I’m getting out of my meeting is
this is why managers lose and bosses lose. They want to be right
instead of finding right. I want to find right. Even if it’s at the expense
of my own confidence. Mainly because I love merit,
like I want to high-five you Caleb if you keeping
coming up with the headlines that most over index on
Facebook and Instagram. That’s awesome. I’d rather win by impacting
people and being successful and building brand than be
like living in a cocoon of thinking I’m winning. Actually winning versus
thinking you’re winning is the big delta between managers and CEOs and founders and bosses. And I’m being successful
versus really being successful. And I’m out here trying
to be really successful, not even really successful,
and definitely not successful. You understand? That’s fun content. – See if, yeah. – Cam, what up? It’s Gary V. Listen, brother, you get one
at bat at this, so you have to pull from opposite directions. One, you’re so young right now. There’s an inherent need of
what am I doing with my life? (fast forwarding) Become self aware of what makes you happy, not what you think makes
you happy or what you think makes the people that you
care about around you happy. – Thank you Gary. Thank you very much. – Alright, where are we going? – [Camera Man] We’re
going right to the right. – The last selfie I did
where, from your angle, like the one I did for the
other person, that is a great piece of content. – [Camera Man] Yeah, yeah, yeah. 100 percent, great moment. My plan is I’m going to
find where you’re at. I’m going to go locate your bag. Put it in the Corona room we were just in. – How are you? Scott Hansen, welcome to [Inaudible]. – How are you, Scott, such a pleasure. I don’t think you should do that. There’s going to be so
much good content here. – [Camera Man] Cool, I’ll get it later. – No, you should get
somebody to go get it. How are you? You got it coming? The bag. Thanks for coming ma’am. You enjoyed it? Thank you. Hold on, one second. My bag, you’ve got to find it. Do you know where it is? – [Camera Man] Not
exactly, but I will look. – Who will know? – [Camera Man] Amanda has it. I will try to get ahold of her. – Can you make this out to Landon? He’s a colleague of mine. – Landon? L-a-n-d-o-n? How you doing? – Good. – Good, bro. – Great presentation. Loved it. – You enjoyed it? Thank you. (guitar strumming) – So we’re here at the Vegas airport. Just got done with the
financial conference, met with some of my team
members from our amazing Chase client, did a series of phone calls for Vayner talent, for Vayner
media, running the business from the phone. Now waiting to get on this
flight to LA, get to LA, see my good friend Michael
Kives, talk a little business, head back to the hotel,
incredible dinner with Juicy J to chop up some opportunities. You’ve seen some of the
content with me and Juicy about a month ago. We’re going to continue to
build on that so that’s fun to see transpire. Then get some rest and
then hit it hard tomorrow. We have a 4Ds daily digital deep dive, our consulting product for
individuals in the LA office. Then I have a big event at
USC where I will be speaking, which I’m excited about. And a series of 30 to 50
phone calls and emails and decisions made to run the Vayner expo. You know, kind of, empire in the making as I like to think about it. I think a lot of people are
confused on what is actually happening on a day-to-day
from the executive. Some of these people hit me up. They’re like Gary, how
do you run the business when you’re traveling so much. It’s called the phone. I don’t know if you guys heard, you can make a lot of decisions. I mean, look, when you’re an executive, you’re in decision making mode. Right, you’re making decisions. I was on with Jeff
Nicholson, our head of media, and Tracer, kind of our ad
tech product and literally made like seven decisions in
11 minutes walking through the airport just now that
a lot of people have a one and a half meeting in
a conference room to get done and Caleb’s head is
almost falling off his body because I think what makes
me tick and what I think people will analyze, can learn
from, might be able to take, and really this whole
journey has a lot to do with selfishness and selflessness. Selfishly, I am pumped that my
great-grandkids are watching this right now and trying
to figure out how they want to manage their lives, their non-profits, their businesses. And selfless, I’m so pumped
right now that an entrepreneur that’s struggling and thinks
that she or he have to be in meetings or have to be in the office. You have to make decisions. Whether you make those
decisions on a phone, whether you do them through
going on the top of a mountain and doing smoke signals
and people can understand what you’re saying, text,
emojis, phone calls, in persons, breakfasts, on planes. However you hack making
decisions and putting players in the position to succeed,
to be successful, and how you surround yourself with great people. I’m not in the office. I’m thinking about HR. How is everybody doing? Claude hits me up about something. You can make the machine work. Alan and I made a bid. We’re looking at inquiring
something, and I made that decision this morning brushing
my teeth on speaker phone. Your job is to make decisions,
not sit in a conference room for an hour wasting 43
minutes to make a decision that could have been made in 17 minutes. Think about that shit. (contemporary music) Where were you in
Arkansas, in a college or? – Yeah, college. Oh yeah, college. Fayetteville, Fayetteville. Can’t remember the name of
the college, but it was crazy. – It was fun? – Oh, I had a ball man. I forget my age when I was on stage. I was jumping around so much. (laughter) Ran out of breath and I was like whoa. Slow down man. – And then the beautiful thing
is, he goes and shows you how much of a hard worker he
is, how fast you know he is after he is FaceTiming with us, tells us to set up a studio
session gets Meg Thee Stallion in the studio, has her doing
her thing then he comes in from the road, hops in, does a song. And this was all, what? – You can only do that
when you love something. – Yeah, you’re right; true. – I mean it. Last night I flew all the way out here to Vegas because I was
speaking this morning, had to get up at six,
and was literally on eBay for four hours buying Lebron rookies. (laughter) When you love something, you do it. – Yeah you’re right; true, true, yeah. It’s fine, man. It’s fine. Even though we might be tired
later on, but we feel like. – But meanwhile, you ask me
to like sit in the classroom for twenty minutes in Science
class and I’m sleeping. – Yeah. I can’t do it. – What’s up everybody? – What’s up dawg? – How we doing? – What’s up man? – What’s up Juice? – Man, good, man. (inaudible chatter) – Come, sit, sit, sit. – You smoke weed, Gary? – No, I’ve never even
tried smoking a cigarette. My mom was on some
serious Nancy Reagan shit. (laughter) I’m being dead serious. I’m being dead serious, man. – Usually the kids who go
out and do the most shit it seem like. – The number one goal of all
my college friends from the day we started college to the day
we graduated four years later was to get me to take
one hit of one blunt. They schemed. They tricked. They used hot girls. They used trying to get me drunk. They like, they tried like every move and then it became like
a meme in itself, right. Then I started giving
a fuck the other way. Do you remember? Oh, you’ll love this. Actually, you’ll love this. We made, I made a one off
song because I had a speaker with *******. – That’s the one you just played, right? Ah, it’s dope. – Yeah, listen to this. And when it was done, it was. – We should do verses on that
and we should put it out. – And when it was done,
do you remember this? When it was done, **** Amazing day in LA, Gimby
Rock, Juicy J, the whole crew, Mike Boyd, Caleb in the building,
just great collaboration, just positive vibes. People helping people,
people helping people. It’s always good fucking work that way, so I just really enjoyed
it, really good day. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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