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S20 Ultra 512GB vs iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB Speed Test

S20 Ultra 512GB vs iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB Speed Test

this speed test is sponsored by nord
pass here it is guys the speed test between the 512 gigabyte version of the
iPhone 11 Pro Max and the 512 gigabyte version of the galaxy S20 Ultra. This is
the top tier of both of these flagship devices let’s go ahead and jump right
into the speed test first things first need to make sure
neither phone has any apps open in the background and they don’t so we are good
to go if you guys liked the fact that I dove right to the test instead of doing
an introduction let me know by dropping a like on the video and make sure you
stay until the end of the video because I’m gonna be showing you guys how to
force the s20 ultra to never close up to 5 applications of your choice but don’t
worry to keep this fair I did not enable that feature for this test if I did you
would have seen the applications open in my recent apps window so the way this
test works is I’m gonna be opening 30 apps on both devices to see which phone
can open the apps the fastest then I’m gonna be going backwards through the
apps to see which phone can keep the most apps open in RAM I’ll also be
interacting with each app once it’s open to prevent the phone’s from thinking an
app was opened accidentally and subsequently closing the app I won’t be
comparing the speed of those interactions because the menus and
buttons are different between the devices at the top you’ll see a counter
to show which phone is opening apps faster this video was filmed at 60
frames per second and I’ll be watching the replay frame by frame to determine
which phone completely finished loading the applications first if the phone’s
open apps within about an eighth to a quarter of a second of each other
neither phone will get a point because that could just be the time difference
between me pressing one screen versus the other now the reason I call this a
real-world speed test is because I’m opening apps that you’ll actually use on
a day-to-day basis in many other speed tests people are opening more than five
games at a time they’re transcoding video files and
doing a bunch of things that you’ll never actually do during a normal day
now don’t get me wrong those tests are still
valuable to see how the devices performance their limits but they aren’t
the best example of how these phones are going to perform on a day to day basis
so that’s what this test is for and I hope it paints a pretty clear picture of
how these devices will perform for the average person and I know that fair
tests are extremely important to you guys so if you check in the description
you’ll see a full list of everything I did to make this as fair of a test as
possible and I highly recommend that you guys check that out because I did a lot
of different things as we go through this test you’re gonna notice that a few
of the apps are gonna open to different locations on each phone that’s not
something I can change it’s just how the apps open on the different operating
systems so take those results with a grain of salt because the faster phone
will be the one that opens to the location that you personally want it to
open to all right now we start the RAM test same
deal here there’s a tally at the top to keep track of which phone has to reload
the most apps obviously the lower the number the better and in case you guys
are wondering this is playing back in real time to give you guys a good idea
of how fast these phones are based on my previous speed tests I’m anticipating
that both of these phones will keep most if not all these applications open and
ramp right there it looked like the iPhone 11
Pro max was about to reload red box but that’s actually just how the iPhone
minimizes the red box application so I’ve had a chance to look at the
replay frame-by-frame and add the scores into the video as you can see both of
the phones open apps incredibly fast you know what else happens fast losing all
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aside by clicking the link in the description or the pinned comment or use
coupon code text owed at checkout alright as you can see these phones are
incredibly close in terms of real-world performance while the iPhone opened the
Bible app and asphalt 9 noticeably faster than the s20 ultra the s20 ultra
opened at Zillow and movies anywhere noticeably faster than the iPhone and in
terms of RAM management both of these phones performed excellently was only
one reload for the iPhone and just two reloads for the s20 ultra so the
takeaway is this the speed of these phones should not be a consideration
when choosing between an iPhone 11 Pro max and an s2000 try
because both of them will be incredibly fast for day-to-day use instead you
should focus on the features offered by each phone and if you need help
discovering those features check out the other videos on my channel because I
dive pretty deep into what each of these phones are capable of now it’s time for
me to show you guys how to enable beast mode on the galaxy s 20 ultra all you
have to do is go to your recent apps tap the app icon then tap keep open for
quick launching you can do this with up to five applications and those
applications will stay loaded in RAM no matter what so if you come back to this
hours later you’re still gonna be able to pick back up right where you left off
there is one more speed boosting feature I want to show you guys really quick and
that is in these settings we’re going to back out
go to settings then you scroll down to advanced and you’re gonna tap reduce
animations and this is going to reduce the animations for opening and closing
applications so now if I open Mario run it’s just gonna pop right open and it
won’t do that growing animation that it normally does if you guys want to see
more in-depth coverage of the galaxy s 20 ultra make sure you click the
notification bell next to the subscribe I con down below because if you don’t
you won’t be notified of any new uploads even if you’re subscribed thanks for
watching guys that’s it for this episode god bless I’m catching the next one

31 thoughts on “S20 Ultra 512GB vs iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB Speed Test”

  1. Get NordPass at or use promo code: techisode for 50% a 2 year subscription and one month free!

  2. Both phones are plenty fast enough but that ugly notch ain't for me. Not a big fan of any screen obstructions either. A small forehead would be better than both. Samsung had it right with the s8 and s9.

  3. Both equal loading apps in the exact same time. I don't even know why you have point system where in case of that video they were useless. Alse neither of them relaoded an app. Those all were refreshes and the only difference is how the apps were refreshed that's all

  4. Its very hard to believe YouTube and email can stay open on my Samsung galaxy s20 ultra 128gb with 12gb of ram but not your 512gb with 16gb of ram

  5. I think it is more interesting to open a app and use for 3 or 4 minutes and open the other app and so with all the apps and with screen on and off…
    Cuz when you use the app the other apps in background would close…and we will see who has better ram management….
    I know it takes bit longer but i think it is more interesting and it is like daily usage…
    Cuz when i open a app i use it for a bit….

    You are great 👍😍

  6. These comparisons are stupid and doesn’t reflect anything. You’re comparing a brand new phone with a six month old phone. In mobile terms that is significant.

  7. He favored the s20 ultra for no reason on some apps and I’m only 1 minute in he literally saw the iPhone load Mario up first and 5en pressed the multiplayer thing and then gave Samsung the win even though the iPhone technically loaded up the app first and he did this a lot more throughout the vid I will not be watching him again what a trash YouTuber and a trash video this guy does not deserve 160k subs he sucks

  8. After thinking thoroughly i bought the iphone 11 pro max yesterday.Trust me its really awesome.The camera,the screen,battery,software etc.No doubt the s20 ultra is a beast but i hate the ui of samsung,when i saw the demo of s20 plus the images were washed out though it will get fixed with updates.Still i am happy with my decision 😎

  9. Unbiased test please. You clearly gave a couple points to the iPhone when I noticed the Galaxy S20 slightly beat it out. Also the Ultra did not reload any of these apps you are testing. Come on now.

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