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Sagemcom D210 Digital Cordless Telephone Review By Telephones Online

Sagemcom D210 Digital Cordless Telephone Review By Telephones Online

Welcome to the Telephones Online studio and welcome to the latest in our series of video reviews my name is Darren and today we are going to be taking a look at the Sagemcom D210 This is pretty much a basic digital cordless phone that will give you good range and excellent sound quality. The handset is very easy to use and you can store up to 80 names and numbers in the directory. It has a blue backlight display and the keypad is also backlight which is good for making calls at night or the broom cupboard? It has an alphanumeric display so it will show numbers as well as letters a hands free speaker phone so you can press the green button again
if you decide you want to be hands free and and you can be I would say three to four foot radius around the handset and have a comfortable conversation The Sagemcom D210 is compatible with the caller display service so if you sign up for that service you will then see names and numbers that have called you you will only see the name if it is stored in the directory. And it will also log the last ten incoming calls so you can then scroll through the list which is time and date stamped. This is also an ECO phone which means low radiation in ECO mode and standby mode. It is also expandable this is the single handset version but you can add extra handsets this base is capable of running up to 5 handsets all from the one base and using just the one telephone point. The base station is very small compact and you will just use this for charging the handset.If you lose the handset oh the back of the base is a page button so if you push this it will make the handset ring so then hopefully you will be able to find it. All in all this is great value for money and this is available from Thanks for watching goodbye

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