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Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) LCD Screen repair guide

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) LCD Screen repair guide

Heat up the edges of the screen. Push the screen and hold for a while, a gap will appear little by little. Insert a plastic card into the gap. Insert a guitar pick to keep the gap open. Slide the plastic card carefully. Heat up the edge when the card get stuck. Do not insert the card too deep in case it cuts cables under the screen. Insert a guitar pick to keen the gap open. When the card get stuck, heat the edge for a short time. Heat the edges of the phone again for a short time. Use a suction cup to detach the screen. Don’t pull the suction cup too hard. Be patient to make the screen detach from the frame little by little. This is what we get. Heat up and remove the small pad for later use. Remove another pad in the same way Install the motherboard on the frame. Connect the new LCD with the mother board. Power on the phone. The finger keeps pressing the motherboard. Input the test code on the phone’s dialer. Press the Touch button. The LCD is qualified if all the boxes shown on the screen can turn into green. Remove battery, LCD and motherboard. Put the home button onto the frame. Make the flex cable pass through the hole first. Adjust the home button. Press the screen stick to the frame more firmly. Stick two small pads onto the LCD sticker.

53 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) LCD Screen repair guide”

  1. i have j5 500h
    the screen touch working but half screen is black and half working
    is that make me buy a new lcd
    and how much the lcd price ?

  2. A question: I did everything as it is seen in the video, the display is fine but the center button and the arrow operate in the same way as it is to close active applications …. how to solve that

  3. Hi Wit Rigs. Can you please confirm that the screen I need for the Samsung Galaxy J5 6 phone is called SM -J5108. Thank you very much for the help.

    Although, I'd prefer to find a cheaper one than in the your link, otherwise I may as well just buy a new phone.

  4. hello,
    Buys i want to sell my Samsung Galaxy j5 (2016) Touch & Display is broken butt mobile is still working ( only serious buyer contact Please ) E-mail me

  5. can it be removed without heating? like why would I want it to come out intact when im going to replace it all digitizer, lcd, glass 🙂 ?

  6. Great but you screen does not stay in the frame after the installation. It wants to hang out the front of the phone. Do I need glue to hold it in?

  7. Samsung J5 2016 screen replacement part
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    USA ebay store:

  8. Without additinal glue it will not stay too long. You should add same adhesive. Do not watch this video as a guide. This man do not know what is doing.

  9. I have just replaced the screen on my j5. Everything comes on and works apart from one line from top to bottom, such as I put my SIM card in which I was using in another phone. I have tried to varify my number with wattsapp but now the number 3,6 and 9 don't work even though I've had the SIM in the Samsung before and everything worked fine. I don't know what has gone wrong,could anybody help please

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