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Samsung Galaxy J7 Earpiece Repair Guide

Samsung Galaxy J7 Earpiece Repair Guide

You can use thumbnail or Guitar Pick to open it. Remove the covering strip. Release the LCD Screen flex cable. Undo 10 screws by PH#OOO Screwdriver. Loosen here. It’s adhesive underneath. Take off the protective film. Put it on the right position. Make it adhere to the frame. Use plastic tool to make the flex adhere to the frame. Put back the Motherboard. Tighten up the screw. Connect the LCD Screen and Home Button flex cable. Put back the Battery. Press here to power on the phone. Call someone. Sounds out, works done. After the test, power off the phone. Take out the Battery. Then put back the Back Frame. Put back the Battery. Put back the Covering Strip. Tighten up 10 screws.

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