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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + PLUS Teardown and Repair video

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + PLUS Teardown and Repair video

Today I’m going to show you how to take
apart the Galaxy S6 Edge +. It is the bigger and older brother to the Galaxy S6 Edge. To
do this repair you will need a giant suction cup. I am just using a window mount and a
heat gun. You will use the heat gun to take off the back plate. Make sure everything is
turned off on the phone. Make sure the Sim card tray is out of the phone. Then heat up
the back of the phone. Make sure you heat up the top the bottom and the middle uniformly
all the way around the outside. You want to get the phone so it’s too hot to touch with
your fingers. What we are doing is here is that we are warming up the adhesive underneath
the phone so that it will be easier to pry off. I grabbed my suction cup and kind of
lift up on the center there. I put my metal pry tool in-between the glass and the frame.
Then I can slide my playing card in-between the glass and the frame so that it won’t
reseal back down once I take my metal pry tool out. I would recommend a flat metal pry
tool for this. If you use something thicker like a razor blade it will crack the glass.
I have done that before. Once you are underneath the glass make sure you heat it back up again
so that the adhesive is still loose. You can take your pry tool and slide it all around
the outside and cut away the adhesive. The adhesive is you know just inside a half inch
all the way around the edge. Now this is much harder than it looks this video is sped up
to not take up too much time. So I would recommend taking your time and making sure not to crack
that back glass. Especially if you are planning on using it after your repair is over. Once
that back is off you can see the old adhesive right around that back glass. I will put replacement
parts down in the video description. I will do a quick camera lens replacement. So you
can just put your razor blade or pry tool underneath that little grove and pop up the
lens. The lens will come in two parts the metal frame and the clear glass. You can just
take the clear glass from your replacement lens and pop it in the metal frame. Then take
that metal frame and put it back down on top of the camera. Make sure there is no dust
or glass shards in side of the camera, and make sure not to touch the inside of the camera
lens. There are a bunch of screws around the inside of the phone. So take your Philips
head screw driver. I will link all the tools in the video description below. Once the screws
are out the back will just lift off the frame. You can see here the QI charging pad has a
bunch of little connections that will just rest up against the mother board. Same with
the side buttons, power button, volume buttons, and down here for the speaker as well. They
just have little contact pads that get their communication when they are pressed up against
the little pins on the mother board. Here’s the battery connection I take that off first
so that I don’t have any electricity coursing through the motherboard. There’s two wire
cables down at the bottom. They are just going to unsnap, and pop off. Here’s the LCD ribbon
cable. Here are the proximity sensors. Lift that up and away from the mother board. Then
the mother board will lift up and fold up. Then there’s one more cable down there at
the very bottom that we are going to take off, and that is for the charging port. Now
that the mother board is up we can take off the earpiece, the front facing camera, and
the rear facing camera. All of these parts are replaceable which is very nice. Except
for the Sim card tray. That is soldered onto the main board. Here is a 16 Megapixel rear
camera and the 5 Megapixel front camera. Now here’s the charging port that I am fairly
disappointed in. You can pop up that finger print scanner and get that one little screw
off from the charging port. Then there is the two ribbon cables as well. You think you
are good to go, but you’re not. There are two little wires that are holding the back
button and menu button and they are a pinch between the glass and plastic frame. Securely
holding the charging port to the phone. It is irreplaceable unless you are some kind
of wizard. Now to take the battery off the phone I am heating it up so I can pry it out
of the plastic frame. I did not check to see if there was any pull tabs down at the bottom
of the battery so that you can pull the adhesive out. Motorola is kind of switching to that.
So before you start prying away from your battery make sure there are no pull tabs down
there on the bottom. Check comments. I’m sure other people will have tried this as
well. I am taking a metal pry tool and just sliding it in-between the plastic frame and
the battery. Make sure you don’t do any slicing motions though, because you can puncture
the battery making it unusable so be very careful when you are prying that out from
the phone. Also make sure not to bend the screen you don’t want to crack the LCD on
accident when you are replacing the battery. So here is the charging port that is a pinch
from the plastic frame and the glass. It is pretty much irreplaceable. It is very similar
to the Galaxy Note 5. You can click that video and watch how I replace the charging port
on that phone, but with the curved screen of the Galaxy S6 Edge plus I would say that
it’s almost impossible to pull off the LCD from the plastic frame without breaking it.
I am not going to attempt it on my phone. Between this video and my Note 5 video you
should be able to see everything that needs to be done in order to attempt the repair
yourself. Go ahead and clip those cameras back into the mother board. Then clip that
charging port down onto the base of the mother board. Here is the earpiece speaker. They
are just like little Legos. Position it right above the connector and push it down. Here
is the LCD ribbon cable and the battery. I’m plugging the battery in last just because
we don’t want electricity coursing through the motherboard when we are unplugging stuff.
Here is the back of the phone. Just place that down and get all the screws back into
place, and the back glass. Your replacement back glass should have adhesive of its own.
If you are buying a new one. If you are reinstalling the old one you can use double sided tape.
I will link that down in the video description as well and you are good to go. If you have
any questions make sure to leave them down in the comments. Don’t forget to like if
this video helped you. If you did end up taking apart the phone yourself make sure to leave
your experience in the comments. I’m sure it will help out more people in the future.
Thanks a ton for watching and check out some of my other videos. Hope to see you around.

100 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + PLUS Teardown and Repair video”

  1. Is the gold paint on the back glass panel always going to be scraped off during the prying process. That made me afraid of doing a Samsung S6 Edge Plus repair video after I noticed that.

  2. Mine got runned over by cars. Both screens are severely cracked. I removed the back glass, but I cut into the top, right metal connection, by the camera. What have I damaged? Could I fix it? Does the glass, you linked, come with the charging connection? Thanks!

  3. No scratch test for this phone.

    I think I scratched it with my stainless steel engineering ring. It looks like the oleophobic layer but I can feel it with my fingernail and can see it in the light with the screen off.

    I do love the phone though.. basically perfect phone for me.

  4. Hate the s6. It's a pain in the ass and there is no SD card. Turned me off just like a 400 pound Mexican woman.

  5. Great video,congratulations.I understand that you can only cater for the majority. I live in Australia & i am unable to purchase parts from most US suppliers. I only wish we had suppliers in Australia that are competitively priced. Meanwhile i will continue to watch & learn—Thanks Again Well Done

  6. I'm wondering if I should attempt it myself or send the phone in for repairs. the screen is cracked and now the phone won't turn on.

  7. You really should be using a plastic tool to get the back plate off as you ruined it with that sharp metal tool.

  8. Good to know that the USB port is insane to replace as I was thinking about doing this. Guess it's not as easy as with my old Note 3 and S2 lol

  9. my s6 edge was at the repair and they told me it has corrosion damage and so no warranty. The screen always turned black and it was hard to turn on again up to the point where it didnt turn on again at all (no way to do it). Can this be repaired if I clean the board and replace the battery (it could be damaged because of short curcit). It never has touched water, no idea how this could happen but I try to repair it myself if there is a chance (I do some soldering and electricity stuff) .
    So you think it could work or do you have any hints?

  10. In the above Video, I can see the Rare Camera model is SM-G920 which is a Galaxy S6 rare camera, not Galaxy S6 edge plus which model is SM-G928. Am seeing even New and Warrantee phones of Galaxy S6 edge plus coming with Galaxy S6 and Note 5 Cameras in a brand new phone. Can someone share why this is happening?

  11. Great video. Thanks for the tutorial. Did everything and reassembled everything. All works well but only my two touch buttons won't light up. Any ideas?

  12. Hi hope u fine. My s6 edge was heating up when i put it in charge and all the time when i use it freezes then off and on i have send it many times to samsung for repairing but they created more issues to the phone than repair it. Can u please guide me how to fix these issues on my mobile as i got another iPhone to use but i still love my s6 edge. Please I'm waiting for your reply help and guide me please please please😢😢😢😢😢

  13. I think my s6 edge + needs a battery replacement. It makes weird like crackling noises every now and then and im afraid the battery might explode one of these days

  14. whoah whoah whoah

    I have to do all of this step by step process just to replace the screen?
    this… this is absurd

  15. My phone has a problem with the left capacitive button since water damage. Can I cut the ribbon that connects the Left Capacitive button to the main board without damaging the other parts (keep other parts unaffected)? Thank you for any reply.

  16. GJ budd!
    Can you link me the double-side tape thing please?
    I can't find it in my local storages where I live. ( Spain )
    Also, sorry for my english. Not my main language 🙂

  17. For some reason my S6 Edge+ does not seem to have a "S6 Edge+" branding on the rear, just the "Samsung" branding. Any idea why?

  18. i disconnected the motherboard and everything was kinda easy to be honest guys don't be afraid if your phone is already broken as long as you're careful you'll be good

  19. Do you have to remove the motherboard to replace the battery? I noticed when you replaced the battery you put the motherboard in first..

  20. i have that same phone trying to fix it… i dropped it in a kiddy pool by accident.. the screen is green and it goes black but i can still receive calls notifications play music what should i do if i want to fix it just replace the screen? help???

  21. i have that same phone trying to fix it… i dropped it in a kiddy pool by accident.. the screen is green and it goes black but i can still receive calls notifications play music what should i do if i want to fix it just replace the screen? help???

  22. How do I put in my existing home button and charging port when I buy a replacement screen? None of them come with the button or the charging port

  23. can anyone tell me what cable I would need if I wanted to extend the length between cameras and motherboard.

  24. Hey my phone is working but doesn't detect touch.

    Screen is working like normal but it detect i am touching it.
    what can i do?

  25. Hey how you doing. i had to replace the charging port on my s6 edge plus. i followed another video on how to do it. After completing the job, when people call me i can hear them but they cant hear me. i can only hear my echo. You know what i must have done wrong?

  26. i gave my gf in thailand a samsung s6 edge.within weeks it had stopped switching on.I have took it to numerous places in thailand but all said they couldnt fix it.I am wondering if the fast charger coupled with a cheap adaptor overheated the phone.Shall i toss it in the trash???

  27. where can i find temperature sensor and how can i replace it for S6 edge ( not plus)?? It stopped charging showing the phone is overheated.

  28. Howdy!

    Thanks for your video this helped me out a lot!! I had the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus since it was released and loved this phone. Last week I went swimming with it and got distracted before I jumped into the pool. I swam for around 10 minutes before I felt it hit my leg.. >,< I put it in rice for a few days but it still won't turn on. I was able to take the backing glass off and it looks like a little water was still on the motherboard (Gold/orange film part). I don't see any rust or anything that looks corroded but it won't turn on at all. What would you recommend I replace first?

  29. Hi, I would like to replace rear camera on s6 edge and I have one of the s6 edge plus.
    So does s6 edge plus rear camera match with s6 edge?
    thank you…

  30. Yeah… I just replaced my Battery and I kinda of pried to hard to get the battery out and when I put it back together I damaged the Screen. there is a black spot about 1/8 round and some pixels that are damage , they are mixed colors and will not go off. all in all it works and I want to replace the screen or get a phone with a bad ESN and replace the motherboard with mine. Just make sure to be very carefull when removing the battery, damaging the screen is VERY easy!!!

  31. man that looks impossible in my phone, bunr my fingertips in metal and not a single space to insert anything … damn

  32. LMAO, I was just watching your video on bumpstocks, was surprised that I'm already subscribed when I went to press the button, then remembered to check how to open up a galaxy s6 edge plus for a friend, and yet i'm still on your channel 😀

  33. My galaxy s6 is on and make voice by cliking but It's background becomes off and black i don't know what to do pleas say me a way

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