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Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ Review! The Best Phone of 2017 So Far!

Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ Review! The Best Phone of 2017 So Far!

60 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ Review! The Best Phone of 2017 So Far!”

  1. Here it is #TechSquad – my Samsung #GalaxyS8 & S8+ review! What do you think – are you picking up this phone? Or are you waiting for the Note 8 or iPhone 8 later this year?

  2. really nice review and i just knew that s8 have multiple bluetooth connection at a time.
    wow when you watch movie with your friends you can pair bluetooth headphone to watch it or to listen music….

  3. The edge to edge bezel less display is the highlight of this phone and it looks fabulous. This phone is worth buying if one can afford.

  4. I love the Samsung Galaxy S8, it has everything, Best in class camera, Super vibrant display, Snappy performance, Premium build. But sadly the unlocked version is still isn't available. I hope Samsung gives freebies with the unlocked version as they did with the Carrier S8s

  5. Waiting for the note 8. But i have a gear s3 (paired with my note 4) that disconects if i get about 10 feet away. (Real pain in the *) Will this bluetooth 5 work with current tech, or do both parties have to support it?

  6. Got my S8+ yesterday. I love it so far & ain't even went into the deep end of seeing what the phone can really do

  7. I think it's a great device but regarding to battery and performance the Samsung's usually don't last more than a year, for that price range I would prefer another device.

    But if money is not a problem today and won't be next year, I think I would get it for sure.

  8. I feel like flying when I see this phone. too bad I can't purchase one but still praying to win the giveaway. Hopefully, the s8 plus. Love you very much Andru.

  9. Stop the bs about the camera. It has a NEW sensor AND software improvements over the S7/Note7.

  10. I still like my s7 edge a lot no need to upgrade it just yet. One side note regarding the ad inside this video… THE S8 DOES NOT SUPPORT ADAPTIVE STORAGE!!! I wanted to use it on my s7 to but after android 7.0 it is no longer available !!

  11. PLEASE HELP, I didn't format my SD card before using. Now my phone won't read it. Is there a way I can back up all the photos in the micro SD card and then format? I have precious photos of my daughter I'd hate to lose.
    Thanks to anyone willing to help! I greatly appreciate it.

  12. I know people may disagree but i prefer iPhone.
    1. I love the apples eco-system, they have great software optimization.
    2. The iPhone absolutely destroys any android phone in a speed test.
    3. They have awesome customer service, repairs within 1 hour and replacements without shipping your phone off and waiting a week.
    3. All their products are interconnected with each other. e.g. apple watch and iPhone
    4. I know this is old but, they are simple and easy to use.
    5. The phone lasts a good 3-4 years. (I have an iPhone 5 which works perfectly and other old iPhones)
    6. Good resell value
    7. Apple accessories are everywhere. I can go pound world and find a iPhone case, charger, etc
    8. Even tho apple are late to new features (wireless charging) but whenever they do it. Apple does it way better than the competition.
    9. Their marketing campaign is just phenomenal and makes me want an iPhone every time i watch an add.
    I know people like android and i understand that, I also have an android phone, but it's no longer about specs or performance. It's at the level where the phone you have is the phone you prefer and meets your needs.

  13. infinity display with gorgeous design 😍😍
    who doesn't even think to buy one of those but it always come to money bro that's why we need to enter your giveaways 🙇🙇
    thx for this opportunity bro

  14. We are looking for the product testers to review our new products!Free Samples for S8 users!!!Pm me

  15. US ONLY!!!!We are looking for the product testers to review our new products!Free Samples FOR S8 Fans!!!Pm me

  16. One or more of the following statements are true:
    a. Samsung engineers think that everyone wants a flimsy, fragile, breakable sim card holder so they made it that way.
    b. Samsung management ordered the engineers to design a cheap-ass, breakable, fragile sim card holder.
    c. Samsung does not try to find out what their customers really want.
    d. Korean engineers, in general, think that cheap-ass, breakable, and fragile should be the default for any product.

  17. So good to see that you can now put the Samsung in a Starbucks Frappachino! We've been waiting so long for this function.

  18. WRONG! If you spend a LOT of time in your car…and your car doesn't have Bluetooth 5.0 (which unless its brand-spankin new you wont) your S8 WILL NOT SEND AUDIO TO THE BLUETOOTH WHICH MEANS NO MUSIC, NO AUDIO BOOKS. Just phone calls and horrible radio.

  19. I cant wait to get this phone, im soo over iPhones theyre getting stupid🙄the only thing I don't like about androids are the emojis

  20. My sister has an S7, and just for "S&G's", went to her local carrier when the S8 arrived, and gave hers and the S8 a "side by side" speed comparison with a few like internet sites, social networking apps, game app start-ups, and core functions on the Touchwiz/SSX8…The S7 came out ahead about 80% of the time… I think only game start-ups were faster in the S8, but internet sites, social networking, and UI related things definitely went to the S7… My sister is keeping what she's got!

  21. Samsung s8 is amazing I love it it does everything you need from a flagship it's got a amazing display it has a great camera it's waterproof and it has a headphone jack enough said

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