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Samsung J4 Plus Disassembly

Samsung J4 Plus Disassembly

We extract the tray from the SIM Card and microSD. We insert the device in the special mobile dryer by Samsung We heat it at 80 degrees Celsius by 8 minutes In one minute we have to separate the screen Screen removed We check the screen It’s working, We remove the protector plastic We remove the LCD display connector We unscrew the screw of the middle housing We remove the screws We remove the rear housing using the guitar pick We remove the back cover Philips screwdrivers We disconnect the front camera connector and remove the front camera For very little time we apply heat. Remove the battery Gently we lift the motherboard out of the phone The charging connector The SIM Card Reader We disconnect the back camera connector and remove the back camera Proximity sensor connector The headphone jack connector We remove the vibrator which is attached to the screen chasis We remove the loud speaker We come back wth the assembly process It s working

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  1. can u guyz name some important components in motherboard of latest phone like these maybe slightly how can we repair in their faulty conditions

  2. Hey i have a j4 plus and its scratchet i bought a replacement for frame for back cover for display and for that thing from 6:44 minute but i see a brownt thing in the left side in the center and i didnt saw it on aliexpress ther is just glue its removable probabli its the cooler…if you can answer me you are the best

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