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Samsung Mega Phone Tear Down, Charging port fix, cracked screen repair

Samsung Mega Phone Tear Down, Charging port fix, cracked screen repair

Alright, check this out. We have the Note 2 and the Samsung Mega next
to each other with their batteries. And an iPhone 4s for size comparison. These are some gigantic phones. Today we’re going to take apart the Samsung
Mega. There are 14 screws surrounding the outside
of the phone. Instead of making you watch me take apart
each screw, I’m just going to diagram them out here. You can pause this if you need to. Then to separate the screen from the phone
itself, it’s exactly like the Galaxy S4 where it’s in the middle of the silver bracket
around the outside. There’s a little opening. I just spread it open with my finger a little
bit and then slip my pry tool in and swipe it around the outside edge, gently unclasping
each clasp as I circle the outside. And then at the top, inside the little battery
compartment, there’s another little latch. It gave me a little trouble. Just wiggle it around a little bit and you’ll
see that the back just slides away from the rest of the phone. Right here you can see the loud speaker as
well that’s also attached to the back, and I’ll go back to that in a second. Here’s the charging port. You could technically get inside this phone,
switch the charging port and be completely done in about 3 minutes. The charging port is that easy to fix. I unclasped the two ribbon cables up at the
top and I’m just swiping my pry tool underneath the charging port; just un-sticking it from
the tape below it. And that is it. The charging port is out and ready to swap. Samsung usually has these for about 10 bucks
or so. I’ll list them in the video description
below as soon as they become available so you can swap yours out if you need to. There’s a little wire cable that I just
unclipped; just lift it up. Two ribbon cables up at the top. One ribbon cable at the side. And another one up by the audio port; the
phone jack right here. And they are just like little Legos. You just unclasp them from the motherboard. And then there’s one screw right in the
middle of the motherboard that holds the whole thing down. And that’s the only small screw on this
whole thing. All the rest of the screws are the same size. You’ll see one more wire cable right here. I’m going to lift it up and off the board. And then one more ribbon cable that’s kind
of on that little leg of the motherboard right down here. I missed it the first time around. Unlatch it right there and the motherboard
comes loose from the phone. And you can also see the camera right there. That also has a little ribbon cable that you
can also unclasp as well. So if you need to switch out the camera it’s
pretty straightforward. Here’s the screen of the phone. This is what you’ll be replacing if you
ever crack it or drop it. I will also link another video that shows
how to separate the glass but the success rate on that is very very low. So I would recommend replacing the whole thing
as a unit. The headphone jack and everything else, depending
on what screen you get, you might need to swap out the headphone jack and the earpiece. There’s just that little screw at the top
that let’s all those loose as well as the camera. Anyway, putting the motherboard back into
place right now. Making sure all of the wire cables and ribbon
cables are on the right side of the motherboard, which is the upper side, and not pinched down
beneath. Just clicking them all into place. You got to make sure that they sit right before
you apply any pressure so you don’t bend any of the connections. So I’m going to find the little groove that
it sits in and then press it down just like a little Lego. Lifting this up making sure that the ribbon
cable is on the upper side of the motherboard as well. Once again any replacement parts and stuff
you can find in the video description below. If you need anything specific just leave me
a comment or email me and I’ll find it for ya. Make sure you get the right parts so you’re
not wasting your time or your money. Right now I’m just clipping in one of the
little wire cables. You need to be really careful with the head
of it so I’m being super gentle as I press is down into place cuz you only got one chance
at this. If you bend one of the heads on these wire
cables then you just got to get a new wire cable and they are kind of hard to find. Same thing with this other side; being super
careful and super gentle. Making sure it lines up and then clipping
it into place. Just making sure all the wires and all the
cables are pressed down. Getting that final screw back into place as
well. If you forget to latch one of the little ribbon
cables when you get the whole phone put back together, then you have to waste your time
and open it all up again. So check twice before you put everything back
together. The charging port is going back in. I’m just going to press it back down into
place over the glue where it was before. Snap the two ribbon cables that connect it
to the rest of the phone. Put that in place. Slide it down inside the little groove that
it was sitting in. And place the back in place as well. So here is the speaker. It has those two little connectors that attach
to the motherboard, and that’s how the speaker that’s attached to the frame gets its power. Clipping the frame back into the screen right
here. You’ll hear a bunch of tiny little clicks
as all the latches go back into place, sitting completely flush again. There’s nothing to indicate that the phone
was opened. Get all these screws back into place again…all
14 of them in this gigantic phone. The battery’s back in, the back is back
on and everything works. If you have any questions make sure to leave
them in the comments. Don’t forget to “like” if this video
helped you and don’t forget to subscribe. You know, if I helped you in any way, the
best thing you can do for me is subscribe to my channel. Anyway, hit me up on Facebook, Google + or
Twitter. Hope to see you around. Thanks for watching!

59 thoughts on “Samsung Mega Phone Tear Down, Charging port fix, cracked screen repair”

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  2. Hi I am in Canada bc I have a mega model sgh-1527m I am finding screens all over the internet the  repair store wants 350 to fix it and they told me I will prob get wrong fitting screen if I order it myself scare tactic? the outside screen look perfect I can see no cracks the lcd just light s up blue could there just be something separated from mother board( im hoping) was in a defender case my son dropped it on kitchen floor no visible damage

  3. I just dropped my phone and it's cracked, and now I can't even use the screen. I want to do it myself, do I just need to replace the glass screen? Or??

  4. On my mega 6.3 the original lcd and the glass was not stuck with adhesive but there was like oil in between. The glass did have some kind of black film of some sort.

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    Will this part for the original Mega work for the Mega 2 as well?

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  31. I love my phone and didn't want to buy another phone. The size is great for large arthritis fingers. I was able to replace the charging port without a hitch. Not bad for a 60 year old female!! Your video was 100% on spot. Since I purchase this phone in 2014, I have replace the charging port 3 times at a cost that makes me want to cry…$50.00 per repair. Maybe I will now look into how to update the software, due to the fact that it does not get any more updates. Mega 6.3 i527 phone has been discontinue. I'm not sure if such a thing is possible. Every now and then, when I want to download a game, I get an error "newer games are not supported on older devices". Let me know if you have any suggestions on this error. Thanks!!!!

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