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Samsung Note 3 Screen Repair, Charging Port Fix, COMPLETE

Samsung Note 3 Screen Repair, Charging Port Fix, COMPLETE

Today I’m going to show you how to take
apart the Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung. So pop out the S Pen. I’m going to link all the
tools and parts that I know of in the video description below. Amazon is usually where
I get all my stuff from. Here is a diagram of the screws you need to release. Those are
just little tiny Phillips head screw driver. So get all those screws out. Take the battery
out and then grab right here and kind of lift up with your fingernail and it will help you
slid the pry tool between the plastic and the screen itself. And that will release the
back plastic from the phone. There are a few little latches along the top as well, but
once you get it started it’s pretty easy to just slide your tool around and pop off
the rest of the back. One cool thing that Samsung has done actually is they’ve taken
the microphone and put it on the back of the phone. So there are two little connectors
right there that go onto the charging port and that’s where the microphone gets its
power and it’s connection to the phone from. So I’m going to show you how to take off
the charging port right now. It’s just a little latch up at the top; it’s kind of
like a little Lego piece that snaps on. And then I’m sliding my pry tool underneath
the charging port to release it. It’s kind of just stuck on with sticky tape and a little
bit of glue. And that is the charging port, the micro USB 3.0 that Samsung has started
putting on their devices. The Note is the first one to have this kind of charging port.
Once you get your new one you can put it back on. These are usually, you know once the part
becomes available, they’re pretty cheap. So just check the video description below
for that. Anyway, so if that’s all you’re doing, you’re done. If you want to keep
on going and replace the screen of the phone, this is a little wire cable that just latches
on. Just make sure to clip it back into place when you’re done. If you want to replace
the screen of your device there’s a little bit more you have to do. There are 6 little
ribbon cables. There are those three, this is four, and five and six are right there.
You just have to flip these up and out just like little Lego pieces they clip up and out.
There’s another one right here. And another one right here by the headphone jack. Just
be really careful with this cuz if you rip any of these cables you’re out of luck.
Then there’s one more down here by the S pin. So once you get those all up and off,
the motherboard comes free. And the motherboard is attached to the camera as well so if you
want to replace the 13 megapixel camera, just take the same little ribbon connector, pop
it up and out, and your camera is off. So if you ever get any weird purple dots or anything
that’s messing with your camera, just buy the replacement and pop it into place. Now
this is the screen of the phone. This is what you have to replace if you crack your screen.
You’ve got the digitizer on the front and the LCD, the super amoled screen, underneath.
You cannot separate the two, so if you break your screen, that’s the part you have to
replace. Anyway, I will link those in the video description below. And to put your phone
back together just take the motherboard, press it into place. Make sure the camera goes in
the little square slot that it came from. Then just press the little ribbon cables back
into place just like Legos. Then you’ll hear a little click each time you get it in
the right spot. Get the charging port cable back into place; connect it to the motherboard
again. And then the back will also clip into place. Just start at the top and clip around
the edges all the way around. And then there are all those screws again so here’s the
diagram of where those go. They’re all the same size so you don’t need to worry about,
you know, which one goes where. It’s pretty straight forward. Anyway, get the battery
back in there. Turn it on, make sure you get your SIM card back in there as well and your
CD card. Make sure you take those out before you start taking apart the phone. Anyway,
thanks for watching. I put up videos on a fairly regular basis. I get access to a lot
of cool phones, and take them apart as soon as I get the chance. Anyway, don’t forget
to subscribe, don’t forget to “like” if this video helped you. If you have any
questions make sure to leave them in the comments below. You can hit me up on Twitter at ZacksJerryRig.

100 thoughts on “Samsung Note 3 Screen Repair, Charging Port Fix, COMPLETE”

  1. how about the s pen mat the yellow one did i need to use the old one? or did thenew digitizer have come with the s pen mat stick with it?

  2. I changed my port and now my screen won't come on. It powers up. I don't think anything got unplugged, but I could be wrong.

    Any suggestions on what to check???

  3. Can you tell me where I can find the charging port for a Sprint Note 3?  Am I just blind, and don't see it?  🙂  Thanks

  4. hello i called a local cell phone doctor and asked how much they charge to replace the charging port on my note 3 and they told me it would cost $69 to do the work and that the replacement requires soldering a wire !!! you didnt mention that or did you or did i miss the soldering part in the video lol 

  5. So if my screen (altho cracked) still works completely I can just replace the glass? I saw your other video which is why I'm asking. 215$ to replace a screen is a lot more than 8$! 

  6. I'm having the same issue with my charging port on my samsung galaxy note 3. I found 1 on Amazon but it says on it at&t can it still be used on a Samsung

  7.  some dude was going to charge me $100 dollars to change my charging port. you just saved me $100 dollars! thank you! 
    i was wondering if you could tell me what that tool youre using is called and where you got it from. 

  8. My note 3 just blacked out on me the touch sensor is still working but the screen is completely black would this fix my cell?

  9. Hey man O have a question is that website link for the charging port 100 percent reliable? What do you recomend me buying from there or from ebay?

  10. I bought the charger port for tmobile in your website it came today but it was for a at & t i changed it and its doing the same thing but less

  11. Thanks for posting this video! I ordered the part for my note3 and followed your video my phone works perfect!! 

  12. Great guide… took less than 10 minutes to R/R my charging port! Bought my port on Amazon and it shipped with a magnetic screwdriver and the plastic pry bars for the case. I spent $9.00 US. To hell with iPhone!

  13. hey Bro so I replaced the charging port because it was too wiggly waggle and it works and everything but the mic doest pick up my voice, any insight? my part isn't marked by a carrier and I have a tmobile device.

  14. How do I fix my note 3 charging port I bought the rapid charger and it was working great but after a month it's charging my phone really slow it's wiggly but I found one charger that works fine I heard if I tighten up the screws in phone then that wud fix my problem. Wat do u think?

  15. Hell yeah! Bought the tools which come in handy for everything and the part and fixed it. No more wiggling it around to charge. But Im still getting the this device can perform faster usb 3.0 blah blah message grrr!

  16. I changed the port but the phone still doesn't charge. Could I be doing something wrong, or could there be something else wrong with the phone? :/

  17. what if i wanted to replace the silver frame as ive dropped it a couple times now and im curious how id go about replacing it

  18. Hi Jerry, I recently had my charging port replaced and ever since im finding my reception bars have dropped maybe 1 or 2 bars.. does this sound possible?

  19. I have my screen is crack and I don't know how to replace it in a way I don't want to mess with the phone, and the charging port replace? Do u put something to glue it to stick?

  20. So I have a note 3 unlocked version and the charging port is messed up any idea where I can buy the part

  21. i have  water damage to my galaxy note 3 any tips?? i took the phone apart brushed it 91% isopropyl alcohol and its still not working… HELP!!!!

  22. this is so helpful thanks i was replacing the camera cover and my screen went black and i got so scared but the little ribbon thing wasnt pushed down 

  23. Very helpful video! I replaced my charging port and it's working perfectly. The repair place wanted $75. I got the part PLUS an extra battery for $14, and it took me ten minutes to switch out. Thanks!

  24. My Note 3 stopped charging while it was powered up.  It would charge only when the power was turned off.  When I would power it up, it was saying that the USB was connected when there was nothing plugged into it.  So, I figured it was the charging port gone bad.  Ordered the new one after watching this video.  It solved the issue.  Thanks, it was easy to swap out because of watching this video.  Great job.

  25. My fiance just replaced his charger port for his note 3 but now he has no service and his phone is searching but when he connects his old one it comes back. Any suggestions?

  26. I replaced mine, it worked fine but my loudspeaker has stopped working! I thought I may have a bad part so I ordered another one and it still hadn't changed 🙁 even bought a new speaker module and still nothing…. I'm screwed

  27. I have changed my port but now I see battery fail to charge and shows up the warning message.
    Any help is much appreciated.

  28. Thank You SOOOOOOOOOO much!!! My charging port just burnt up and AT&T did not have one to replace so they are sending me a yucky S5…

  29. Hi, my port also broke. Need to change it but I don't dare to do this on my own. I don't want to damage it. Any suggestion, on where I can take it instead?

  30. My note 3 isn't recognizing my PC but it's charging… I am very sure its not a driver problem or anything else. I only want to know if it's possible that I have to change the charging port board? Because I dont know what it does beside of charging… is it also responsible for the data transfer?

  31. hi sir by mistake i Installed the n900 charging port on my n9005 note and now whene i plugged the phone it give a red led and say " charging " but its not . is replacing the charging port with the right n9005 one solve the probleme or i just Messed up ???? …

  32. I tried putting a new charging port on my note 3 and now it wont recognize my mobile network. I put the old one back but it still dnt want to recognize my network.

  33. I dropped my Note 3 and much to my amazement did not crack the screen, however the display screen is now black the back and menu buttons still light up and it seems to be working if you could see what you are doing. I believe the phone landed on the back with no bounce and from about 2 feet high. Any thoughts on what could have happened and how to fix it.  Thank you.

  34. I replaced mine today and everything went well. but now i have an issue with my mike. i can here everyone clearly but they cant hear me. what should I do?

  35. Hey, Jerry. I know this is an old video but I followed the instructions and the charging port works. However, the home and capacitive buttons do not. Is there a possible fix for this?

  36. Hi my lcd on my note 3 is bust could you please tell me how to replace it and where I can buy one please. Cheers.

  37. Is the site to buy your parts from legit? I made an order and called for a order number, they didn't return any of my calls..

  38. What's the long orange prying tool you used? Where can I buy that? It's not included in the tools at Amazon you referenced.

  39. I just unscrewed the backpart to see what motherboard I had and when I put it back the phone won't start. It just vibrates and the it won't charge no led. Help!

  40. Great video! I need to change the charging port, will any of the ones you listed fit in on mine Note 3? Bought in Australia.

  41. JerryRigEverything, I have replaced new battery new charger and flex lead but my Samsung galaxy note3 N9005 will not charge, any help will appreciate.

  42. hello jerry please reply , i'm using a Note 3 exynos variant and when i start the device it just shows boot splash image and keeps restarting , i took it to the service centre they told me it was a motherboard problem and they asked me money with which we could buy a new phone , so could you tell me what is the problem and i could get the phone to download mode and i flashed a firmware the screen works just fine even the carging works fine so what should i do now , where can i get a replacement motherboard and you are my last hope please help me !!

  43. My kid dropped my phone. The phone seems to be working normally as far as turning on goes, sounds, calls,lights all work, but the screen is black. My phone has no cracks on it after it was dropped can someone tell me how to fix it? I've already tried trouble shooting with tips about the black screen of death fixes, and so far that hasn't worked.

  44. the cable for my screen keeps coming loose and i have to keep disassembling it and reconnecting it again its not my ld because i just got it replaced so any suggestions on what i can do?

  45. Thank you for making this video. Changing out the power port card just saved me over $400 – for getting a newer phone. For less than $50 total in parts, my (trade-in value) $55 note 3 will hopefully last me another 2 years.

  46. Hi.. whats the problem of my note 3. It keeps turning off. I already did change a new battery still the same. Reboot again and again. Still the same. Can u help me.

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