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Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold is a phone and tablet — and is $2,000

Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold is a phone and tablet — and is $2,000

-We’re at the Galaxy Unpacked
event in San Francisco, where Samsung just unveiled
a whole bunch of phones, including the S10. But the news that’s caught
everyone’s attention is a phone that doesn’t
come out until April. It’s called the Galaxy Fold. Samsung is bringing back
the flip phone. The Galaxy Fold is a 4. 6-inch phone that opens up
like a book to reveal a 7. 3-inch tablet. It reminds me of the folding
tablet on HBO’s “Westworld.” The idea is you get both a phone
that’s small enough to slide easily
into a pocket and a big surface
to watch video or do work. Beyond those two screens, the Fold has 500
gigabytes of storage and a whopping six cameras,
three on the back, two on the inside,
and one on the front. But hold on to your hats. This smartphone costs more
than most computers — $1,980. This thing is undoubtedly
a technological feat, but as a product,
there’s plenty of skepticism that it’s a gimmick. Samsung did not have any Galaxy
Fold phones for journalists like me
to put our hands on today. But I did get a chance
to catch up with Justin Denison, the Samsung executive
who showed off the Fold onstage. -This is one of those moments
where we have unlocked a new way
to interact with your device. The technology’s ready.
People have not seen it, so of course
they’re gonna be surprised. It’s a shocking,
stunning piece of technology. The first time you fold it, I assure you, it’s like you take
a double take. -What does it do other
than fold? There’s no stylus, but you can
start interacting with apps on the front
and continue on the inside. And on the big screen,
you can mega-multitask. -Now is the first time
you can use three-app multitasking on a smartphone. You can’t even do this
on a tablet today. This is a brand-new
type of feature. -But even Samsung says the Fold
is a work in progress. -We don’t actually know how people
are gonna use this device. They’re gonna surprise us. It is an innovation platform,
and the foldable display is a totally new way
to interact with your device. So it’ll be interesting to see
where it goes, and, you know, we’ll see. -Samsung says it has been working on the bendable
screen tech for years and finally got it to a point
where it could open and close hundreds of thousands
of times without breaking. -So we invented a sophisticated
hinge system that allows you to open
and close the Galaxy Fold smoothly and naturally. -But does it have that
satisfying flip-phone snap when it closes? -I’m not sure I can
do the sound justice, but there is
a very satisfying click, sort of a soft closure sound,
let’s say. -And what about that price?
At nearly $2,000, it may be the most
expensive smartphone ever that doesn’t contain
diamonds. -This is for a consumer that really wants
the best of all worlds. We talked about this
being a luxury device, so there is a segment
of the industry and a segment of consumers that
really want luxury technology. They want technology that
is unique and they can personalize and
they can use to fit their life. -So, is the folding phone
a gimmick or the future? Let me know your views
in the comments. I can’t wait to get my hands
on one come April.

100 thoughts on “Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold is a phone and tablet — and is $2,000”

  1. I hope they apply this design to the Note series. But that price though it would have to be heavily subsidized for me to seriously consider this. Until then I'll keep my Note 8.

  2. yeah im not buying a phone like that for 2000$. I dont care if its a tablet too the phone would still be around 1000$

  3. This might be expensive for some but I think we can all agree that Apple would make the starting price like $5000.

  4. I sure hope it doesn’t become the new thing, guys who want this y’all can get a flip phone, a iPhone, a IPad, and a few cameras for less then that phone. I don’t get it…plz apple don’t make a foldable phone😫

  5. Many complaints on the price tag, but look at it this way..

    $1000 phone + $1000 tablet.
    – Just carry 1 device around
    – Just charge 1 device
    – Only need 1 adapter and 1 cable
    – Only need 1 case if they come out with a case.
    – Make good use of it for the next 4/5 years because the tech is relatively new.
    – Never need to buy a tablet anymore.

    $2000 doesn't seem too bad now does it?

  6. It's Amazing how people needs change all the time. First our mobile phone use to be huge like brick couldn't fit in pocket and needed a bag to put in so we want it to be small and then came smaller and thinner smart phone now again we want bigger phone so we are going back to making huge!!!! Soon we need bag pack to carry our phone!!!

  7. Thats to much for a phone… should be 199.99 thats a rip off …..only a moron would pay that much ….making the boss of Samsung richer.

  8. It's more than phone, tablet or midrange computer. Is it worth the price. I absolutely believe so depending on whose hands they are in if it works as advertised.

  9. I am Intrigued with the Engineering aspects but the price its scary if someone steals it or you lose it but its worth the money

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  11. Funny how stupid people keep saying, I can buy a maxed out pc for less. The same trolls that comment on the PS4 and Xbox one videos, claiming, pc master race. Not very masterful, if you balk at a $2000 phone. Someone will always have more than you, get used to it.

  12. the device is a technological breakthrough, a device that is going to change human interaction with technology, it is a thing which is surely going on to take us to next level of communication and connectivity

  13. Are people going to start trying to created a bendable screen protector for this phone LMAFO or a protective case loool, i wouldnt buy a $2,000 phone to accedently drop it and shatter the screen. And damage the rest of the phone.

  14. Someone else brought up a good question…what about a phone case to protect it when you drop it? How will a phone case work with this folding phone? Or can they even make a phone protector case for it?

  15. A 2 year contract phone is $80 a month. You thought $40 a month was too much. I will pay $17 a month for my phone.

  16. Nice idea, but at that price not sure how many people will go for it at launch, but maybe after a year or so when the price drops.

  17. This will be a fail, good idea though…I'm sure this is just an idea apple will try to copy and make better.

  18. Who pays 2k for that? You can get it for $1200.00. Do some searching. Suckerrrrrr!
    Not the most expensive smartphone ever, try $18000.00

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