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Samsung’s New Galaxy S10 Phones: First Look

Samsung’s New Galaxy S10 Phones: First Look

Samsung just announced four new phones. I
only have three because I can’t hold them all. That includes the Galaxy S10e, the Galaxy
S10, the high-end Galaxy S10+ and then the even more high-end Galaxy S10
5G, which is coming in the second quarter. Here’s what you need
to know about them. The highlight feature is the new Infinity
O display, which runs from top to bottom and left to right. And there’s
just a little cutout for the camera. All of the phones have 128 gigabytes
of storage on the base model, which is enough for most people. But you can
still expand that with a micro SD card as you could with previous models.
They all have an IP68 water resistance rating so you can drop in
the pool. You don’t have to worry about it. Another favorite new feature
of mine is called Wireless Power Share. So you can turn it on
in the menu, and then wirelessly charge something like headphones by just dropping them
on the back of your phone, which is really cool. Or if you wanted
to share some of your battery life with a friend, even if they have
another phone, you can put the phones together and the one will begin
charging off of the other’s battery. And another really cool feature, instead
of having a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone or relying on
Face ID, this has a fingerprint reader built into the screen. So you just touch
a specific area, and it starts to recognize your prints. And when you
are unlocking the phone, even when it’s idle and the screen’s off, you
can just tap the fingerprint area and it’ll automatically unlock for you. One
of the standout features of the larger Galaxy S10+ is that you can
take portrait photos with a front facing camera. OK, that’s a quick first
look at Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 family. The three LTE phones, the Galaxy
S10e starts at $749. The Galaxy S10 starts at $899. The Galaxy S10+
starts at $999. These will be released on March 8. Then there’s the Galaxy
S10 5G, which launches in the second quarter and pricing for that
has not yet been announced.

100 thoughts on “Samsung’s New Galaxy S10 Phones: First Look”

  1. Nice. Its ridiculous how apple makes money off people. Like you seriously have to buy things for the iPhone to charge or buy an extra wire to listen to music like wtf???

  2. The fact that Samsung is letting some of their features work with apple is maybe a sign to stop arguing over a phone I love phones but like do u really think it's important to argue about which one is better

  3. Are these screens still glass? My S8 cracked from like less than a foot drop and got super crack from owning it just 2 days smh

  4. These Samsung buddies are expensive but no one is complaining like when it is the iPhone and I am not an iPhone user just saying.

  5. They shouldnt release Another flagship phone in 2020 and work extra on the next. This is a great phone with great new features, and they will release the 5G for those who want it in the 2nd quarter of 2019. Samsung should be good for about 2 yrs to work on the next phone. I don't think they should release ANOTHER Flagship phone in 2020.

  6. Looks like it'll be another bad sales year for Samsung. Perfect hardware, but no game-changing ideas. Portrait selfie is soooo 2016.

  7. The problem with samsung “historically” is they are releasing half baked technology. Features that makes the phone so complex laggy and messy. And now 5 phone variants. 5g and foldable are in a completely different variant phones. Samsung is a display manufacturer so they ruled the display tech. But chip processor its slower than a12 and a12x. Ultrasonic finger print vs face id -its still a million times secured. And they are talking about continuity of samsung experience ecosystem as if they’ve been doing that for so long and user experience is a core in their business -thats mind conditioning. Now they offering it, copying apple business model again. I do have iphone xs max which I super enjoy but I also have a note 8 which is stagnant and fragmented OS -still waiting for that ONe Ui and android pie. They should fix their user experience first and upgraded the OS of their not so old devices at least -so they can earn loyal customers.

  8. Price seems like Apple line, does a mobile phone need 12 GB RAM??? memory like a laptop in pocket, Samsung screens always looks brighter and sharper than other brands, i like S10 design. 5G makes more attractive.

  9. The camera hole in the screen is worse then the notch in my opinion. I’d rather have no front cam at all then that. But everything else is cool.

  10. Beware for you sheep who don't know what 5G does to your body and cells. It's cool and all but na I'm passing on 5G phones all of them. Ima stay on 4G.

  11. love how Samsung is so ahead with their ideas that it makes the iPhone X series look like they were made years ago, I'm not hating on Apple but, they are not as innovative as they used to be, it's sad.

  12. I’ve never felt so ashamed to own an iPhone 8+. Broke at the moment, but I would have bought this if I had more money. Gg Samsung, you guys just made Apple look years behind. The fingerprint is beautiful!

  13. You know might aswell not show us this and make a private screening of these phones for super rich people out there cause that pricing is too high

  14. Do you think the 5G is worth wait and cost? Any ideas on the price of 5G?

    For the fingerprint reader I've never used the thumb this it recognize other fingers? Will this fingerprint scanner work well with screen protectors?

    Also, Samsung I'm ready for onscreen privacy filter option.

    Lastly this power share will it work with a case on the device?

    I wish they would go back old school and allow you to set timers on certain features. I miss being able to have my phone power off and on at certain times. I wish they would bring it back and then add it to wifi and Bluetooth etc.

  15. The telephoto camera on the front is useless. One hole wouldn't be intrusive like 2, I want the S10 but the screen is too small. I prefer S10 plus screen size but I hate the dual camera

  16. I will agree that Apple and Samsung both make well built premium phones, however, (opinion) I do believe Samsung has always had the edge (no pun intended) to Apple due to innovation. For example. The S5 was waterproof, had 4G, Apple was 2 years behind on 4G (till the iPhone 5) and Samsung had wireless charging years before. That is why I will be the odd one out in my household full of Apple products. Good Day!

  17. The fact that this phone is still not sold out amazes me The hype for this is crazy and their giving you free galaxy buds and a fortnite skin ( but who cares lol )like wtf their just giving you money back to buy their phone

  18. this dude should not be doing these tech videos, its bland and it seems as though he has no knowledge of phones whatsoever.

  19. With the push to 5g would it be worth buying a S10+ or just wait until the 5g version is released? I would hate to purchase one and find out that a year from now my phone won't work on a new band freq

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