I’m here outside another scam call center This is Faremart travels Private Limited in Sector 18 gurugram, Haryana They have a legitimate travel company in the front building and then behind they have their call center hidden in another building and these guys this call is just absolutely shocking. You’re gonna hear. They’re scamming a 13-year-old Schoolgirl and you can hear the fear in her voice and that moment is going to hit you really really hard. It’s very hard to watch but this is the best example I’ve ever heard of the moralless scum that work in these call centers These creeps should be in Tihar Jail Support you are speaking with any how I can assist you? My computer came up with this security warning Okay, what does it says, the security warning you are getting. it says, It says call us immediately at the phone number that I’m calling at, do not ignore the critical alert. you’re If you close your computer access Will prevent further damage to our network? No problem. Could you please tell me what were you doing on your computer when you got this message? I was downloading a game Okay, you were downloading a game So, could you please tell me which game you were trying to download when this came up? Hang on mom i am trying to do something. It’s called cooking simulator, okay. All right, so you dont need to worry I’ll go ahead and diagnose each and everything for you and I’ll let you know what exactly the problem is going on and I’ll fix that failure. Okay? Thank you. My pleasure. So I will gonna tell you some instructions which you need to follow So I want you to have a look on your keyboard yes click on yes yes, click on run now no no miss, right now I’m just going to connect your screen to our secure servers, i’ll diagnose everything in front of you and After that, I’ll let you know what the problem is going on, right? So you need to click on all the positive options like ok, yes, allow, continue So what do you see now? What does it say? yes, click on yes Yes, Edward. Oh, yeah Edwards I would like to Join the session you have to click on yes Ok hang on oh my god What happened My mouse keeps playing up. Now look at your screen. My cursor is moving on your screen. Ok. Now we are connected You need to sit back and feel relax. Yeah, I’ll go ahead and diagnose each and every thing for you I’ll let you know, Okay! Okay So this is alert which you’re getting I believe it says your computer has allotted us that it has been infected with a p**nographic spyware. The following information is being stolen-your facebook logins, credit card details Email account login and photos stored on this computer. So could you please tell me how old is this machine? i got it at the start of this year and you are the only one who use this machine or anyone else uses this machine apart from you its just me Is this your personal computer your work computer? my personal computer, I use it for high school You are using it for your school Yeah Okay, so you are a student or a teacher Student Okay, so what all activity you are doing on your computer? I do research, I use Google, I use my notes sometimes I watch Netflix I play roblox and apart from that I just use it for research, okay. So now look at your screen, this is a brain part of your machine and here you can see there are a bunch of errors and warnings Yeah, there are lots of infection which is coming up and this is not good as I’m checking over here. You can see It shows me too many files, too many files has been damaged today within a couple of hours or couple of minutes you can see this is not good and apart from that as we can see Mam it can be fixed. No problem. So over here you can see it’s a system configuration these all are the services which are manufactured by Microsoft Corporation and Here we can see the status. It shows me some services are running That’s what occurs but some of our not running has been stopped somehow You see that? um hm This is not good you can see these all the services are very important Your passwords and the other important information is not safe and secure which are login, which you’re doing on this computer Yeah, so that is not good So I need to run a security scan in order to check what exactly the problem is going on Okay, why you having this problem? All right okay Yes yes! So, let me just go ahead and run a security scan, okay, so please bear with me, all right! okay Yes I believe you might be a watching television right? No, it’s my sister. Sorry! No, I’m getting the lots of background noise so that’s what I’m asking might be Like the television is on you’re watching television, I believe its not my TV Then why I’m having the background noise, this is my sister watching stuff So that’s your sister she is watching this stuff. Mm-hmm But as I’m getting the noise like a sense might be she is talking with somebody else It’s YouTube people talking, they talk to themselves on youtube So right now the scan is going on, okay, we have to wait once it will be done I ll let you know. All right okay Yes So miss I would like to suggest you one more important thing, like could you please tell me apart from this computer How many other devices do you have? 2 Sorry 2 Okay, so now look at your screen the scan is done and have a look over here It says your IP address is compromised. Do you see that? yes Sorry yes And it says network security damage as we already have checked. This is not running it says 78% computer is damaged and it says install a network security because you do not have the security that is important one and as it says your IP address is Compromised that is not good. I need to check the status of your IP address. Do you know what an IP address is? No Because you know as it has been established They might get into any of your information and they might do whatever they want to do without your knowledge without your permission Even they might misuse your pictures, your videos and your other email information and your banking stuff So could you please tell me apart from this computer? How many other devices do you have? 2 Two, but you can see over here somehow it says 19 are current connections Do you see that um hm Right, it means right now the 19 devices are connected, at this point of time that is not good. So let me just go ahead and just run a scan. It might take few minutes and after that I let you know Okay hmm So, I’m just initializing our scan in order to check please bear with me, okay Miss could you please tell me, what like apart from your schoolwork. What other work you are doing on the computer I I watch YouTube and I play Roblox. and I play other games that are downloaded on my laptop Mm-hmm What else just that okay I’m saying once your problem will fix then everything will be good to go there will be no problem for that. Okay? Hello you there? sorry Right miss, these things can be fixed by these level five technicians ,engineer Okay, I’ll connect it with them. You don’t need to be worried. Okay I am going to help you out in order to take care of this problem because this can be fixed by these engineers and these technicians are available online Okay okay Yes, so that’s the reason I’m making the diagnostic report for you So I am going to share the report with the technicians. You don’t need to be worried for that now here you can see miss the scan is done and You can see all of your user name and the passwords of all your account which are login that are visible Do you see that? Yeah, right And it says the security is unsafe. So let me tell you miss there are three options either you can get the two year of security warranty and support or you can get five year of security Warranty and support or you can get the lifetime Security Warranty and support, okay do I have to pay for this All right miss there will be a one-time fee and the security will be transferable So I have to do a security warning support Right miss you need to get the security. So everything would be documented. You don’t need to be worried. Okay? so is this optional or do I have to I’m sorry, this is does this have to be, umm optional See this is not the option means Yeah these are the optional either you can go for two years or you can go for Five years or you can go for lifetime and that’s totally up to you sorry So just go ahead and talk to your mom and let me know I’m still connected with you, okay? just give me a minute Sure, no problem. Take your time. I’m still connected. Okay, once you are done with your mom, just let me know Okay hello Hello. Yes. umm my mom is here, she wants to talk to you Hi Yeah, hi miss, how are you doing today? Good! hey what’s happened? Sorry, it’s come up with these security, security warranty support Right because right now she’s having a problem due to the absence of the security umm what i have to do about it Take a deep breath doston (friends). I know how you’re feeling after watching that video These are the types of people that Jim Browning and I want to protect you, your family and your children from so please go and check out Jim Browning’s latest video He has done a full investigation into the haryanvi owners of this call center and i dont feel like saying Jai Hind right now But you have to remember these are just a small number of Indians running these scams and destroying India’s reputation Around the world as you’ll see in the comments and as I’ve received so many Indians are being scammed by these same scammers as well. They have not just scaammed foreigners So Indians hate these lowlifes scums as much as you and I do So Jai Hind and please support my channel by becoming a channel member

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