Search Everything: Advanced Search

Hi, I’m Courtney, a Librarian at the
Ryerson University Library and Archives, and I’m going to show you
how to find research materials using the advanced search function in Search Everything, a new search tool that allows you to access the majority of the Library’s online and
print sources, in a single search What does the advanced search function help you to do? This tool allows you to refine your search results before you click go, meaning that you get more
relevant information quickly and more easily than with a basic search. Say that we wanted to find a scholarly article
about major ethical issues in sports medicine. If we enter our search terms,
major ethical issues in sports medicine into the basic search box
for Search Everything, we get over 43 thousand results. With the advanced search,
we can drastically reduce this number
while improving the relevance Click on the advanced search button
located under the main search box
on the library’s homepage. This takes us to the advanced search form. Since we are not looking for a particular item,
we will enter our main search terms
into the keywords box. The advanced search function allows you to clearly define your search. It allows you to find results via
author, title, ISBN or ISSN, journal title, volume & issue of journal,
date of publication, content type, what to include, what to exclude,
and if you would like to expand your results. For the purposes of this search, we will select journal article from the content type list. We will also limit our results to scholarly
and peer reviewed sources. With the advanced search, we are presented with fewer results that are
more pertinent to what we need. Advanced search also allows you to find specific resources if you have the bibliographic information, such as title or author. So that’s how you use the advanced search function to find research materials
in Search Everything. For more information about how to use Search Everything, check out our other video tutorials. Thanks for watching and happy searching.

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