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Searching $5,000 in Currency – Rare $20 Star Note Found!

Searching $5,000 in Currency – Rare $20 Star Note Found!

hello everyone its rob here again from
rob finds treasure just went to my bank and pulled out $5,000 worth of currency
I asked them for anything that was five dollars or more and preferably not crisp
brand-new ones I wanted to go ahead and try to search some old bills so I think
what I’m going to do is I’m going to search through these and I’ll time-lapse
the five-dollar bills since they’re in a bank strap but the other ones I’ll run
through first and I’ll show you if I found anything cool for as far as fancy
serial numbers or any star notes let’s get to looking okay we just finished
hunting the two thousand dollars worth of $100 bills and other than 3 – 1996’s
really there was nothing worth any value no fancy serial numbers and no star
notes so now move on to the 50 dollar bills okay guys we just finished
searching $1,000 worth of $50 bills the oldest bill on is on top a 2004 series
kind of a low run but really nothing fancy about it whatsoever
so pretty much skunked on the 50 dollar bills as well now we’ll move on to the
20s okay guys sixth bill in and we got a twenty dollar
star note 2013 series and it’s relatively low it’s serial number is
zero zero five seven three three six three so the five hundred and seventy
three thousand three hundred sixty three bill printed off to do a little research
which I’ll do it to round up but if there’s only six hundred and forty
thousand on the print run that might be a pretty good twenty dollar star note
we’ll set that aside and we’ll get back to the hunt okay guys we just finished
searching the twelve hundred and twenty dollars worth of twenty s kind of pulled
a few aside I may not keep them but kind of a low serial number here so I kept it
this serial number begins with four or five so
my favorite number is five it’s kind of cool another most serial number here
zero zero 511 973 you can also look at it like kind of a birthday May 1st 1973
again not exactly a clean birthday but it does kind of work so maybe it’s worth
something and then the find of the 20s was definitely this star note here and
again I’ll find out the print run on it and give you guys information at the
roundup now we’re gonna move on to the money that we have in the tens and see
if we can find something cool in there okay everyone we finished hunting the
$280 and tens and not much key finds here I did pull this one out because
technically it’s a trinary it’s only made up of two fives and zeros it’s also
5 of a kind which isn’t a big deal with five of the two’s probably
not worth much but kind of cool and then I pulled this one out because it’s been
a while since seen in 1999 ten dollar bill and as you can see it’s very
different so I’ll be pulling aside just because I think it’s pretty cool now
they finished that let me set the camera up and we’ll try to time-lapse these
pretty quickly I’ll go through them fast and then I’ll recheck them after it
really looking for anything that stands out as far as fancy serial numbers or
star notes and things like that let me get the camera set up and we’ll go
through the five hundred r’s and fives all right guys we got another star note
here a lot again check the print run and series on this is a 2013 it’s a high
print run here though five five million eight hundred and five
thousand two seventy nine but we’ll have to take a look at it and see what that
does but it’s always good funding into the star note now to the greatest
condition overall it’s got some water damage which is kind of a bummer but
it’s still a star note so we’ll set it aside okay guys we have finished searching the
founded our bank strapped $5 bills I pulled out these three because there’s a
little bit of the older style we got a 2003A a 2001 and a 2003 so
that’s kind of cool pull them aside and then I also found
another star note so I won’t bore you with the details of the bills that I’ve
selected because of the older style or the scylla numbers not too great let me
do a little research on these two star notes that we found all that and I’ll
get back to you letting you know their rarity okay guys I went and checked the
rarity of the star notes this five-dollar star note is not rare
it was a 3.2 million print run so it’s on the very unfair part of the star
notes so not a lot of value in it it is a star note but there’s nothing fancy
about the zero number but still cool to find a star note this 20 dollar star
note however which I knew it would be by the print run is actually or the serial
number sorry is actually pretty rare it’s more than halfway passed the rarity
scale so more towards the more rare side only a 640,000 print run on this so this
is a pretty nice star note right here and again it’s not a great great
condition but it’s not in that bad of condition either so pretty happy with
this at the end of the day I’ve found a couple of star doubts a couple of older
bills and decent cell numbers nothing really fancy but I’ll take it I hope you
enjoyed this $5000 hunt with me if you did please give the video a thumbs up
and as always thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Searching $5,000 in Currency – Rare $20 Star Note Found!”

  1. Hey everyone – I know watching time lapses can be tough so if you want to skip past the $5 time-lapse and find when I found the $5 star note, it is at 7:16 of the video. As always – enjoy!

  2. Hey RobFindsTreasure, I have been enjoying your channel. I have a question for you. I recently acquired a $5 bill with the serial # MK666992993B
    I almost got rid of it as fast as I could, but I remembered you saying something about triples and multiples in serial #s
    So my question is, do you think this bill is worth saving – or should I spend it ASAP?
    BTW it's a 2013 with a moderate crease. Not too beat up but also not pristine condition.

  3. What difference in value are the star notes from the regular notes ? I have a few American Bill's up in my collection so I think I'll check them for star notes.

  4. @RobFindsTreasure i just found a 2006 star note $10 bill with only 768,000 printed as im watching this lol how awesome hope all is well my friend

  5. I started doing this about 3 or 4 years ago now I'm addicted to it I'm always checking my bills and everybody else is too looking for Star notes and unique serial numbers. I have quite a few Star notes in all denominations and several unique serial numbers some are very low. I have 20 Star notes that I got from the bank with sequential serial numbers This isn't a hobby it's a disease. LOL

  6. Thanks for the video i never even thought about a star note or know anything about it so i searched my bills and found a star note so looking it up on eBay i found one just like mine the only difference is mine has lower serial number it was for sale for 1.650 dollar

  7. Hi my name is Doug S. I have a 2013 1 dollar star note with the S. N. Being j00017266. Better then 3/4 past the rare scale. In really good shape. How can I find its value???. Thank u for your time.

  8. OMG, I had just watched your video here. Went to the store and when I got home checked my bills. To my surprise I found a STAR NOTE. $5.00 ML04644285 Unbelievable!
    Keep or spend?

  9. Hey man cool video. I watch alot of the ones you put on youtube pertaining to currency mainly because of your knowledge and passion during filming the. I'm curious to know if you could tell me what website you use to find out their value? After going through my collection of old 2's Series 1928 I actually found 3 star notes. Thought with them being on two dollar notes that they may be rare. Id also be happy to shoot you a few pics if your interested at all… All right well thanks for taking the time to read this and keep putting out those excellent vids. Thanks again

  10. Here’s something for yea a few years ago I found 2 $10 bills the said will pay to the bearer on demand $10 which was a great find

  11. I have a "mint" 2003 $20 Star Note, with even a lower number than yours. MG00513385. And even though I have kept it, is still only really worth — $20.

  12. Sorry buddy but is nothing special about star note it jus means that they print the same bill because the original was in bad shape…….

  13. Rob someone told me to collect J Dollars am I wasting my time? I have learned about star notes so I will be checking to see if we have any of those. Thanks for any feedback you can give me.

  14. Hi Rob,
    I am very new to this, used to when I was a kid collect small coins by date, but nothing like this with serial numbers. Would you mind looking at these serials and giving me an idea of what I have, maybe a "guesstimation" (a guess) value and what I should do with them. My mom passed and left me a little cash in bills in a safe deposit box, I came across this video and I could use some help if you don't mind.

    I found (1990series) $100 (L 20110102A) in very good condition. (2009series) $20 (JA 20221911 A) very good condition. $1 (G 11112056 A) very good condition but the date is way in the future. $20 (IG 69999906 D). $1 (J 55575357 A). $1 (K 15675954 *). $1 (B 12826971 *). $1 (B 56654445 K). $1 (G 22775115 C in poor condition, not torn but used). I found a few more but these will give me an idea. Plus, I looked on ebay, didn't see anything like mine, some with just a year in the middle of the serial but not an actual birthday or anniversary.

    Any advice or words of wisdom?

  15. Serial Number 69999906, I placed a comment on this video with several serial number, I received a response about how this serial number is a jackpot, I tried contacting the person back, they didn't respond yet and maybe they don't have a clear answer for me, but thought I would also ask for others to respond. Some of the other serial numbers I had on the first response, I thought were also good, so can someone tell me as to why this one would be considered a jackpot and could you put a guess to its value on your response. Its a $20 bill, in pretty good shape, no tares, not wrinkled but not crisp, its a used bill. Its very similar in condition to the bill in this video. Please understand, I am extremely new to this, I also had a bill with 5 5's on it but nothing was said about it so I also wonder as to why it would not be considered a jackpot as well, when starting out, its a bit confusing to know what is valuable and what isn't.

  16. How rare is to find 2 dollars bills with g 21019041d and g21019042d is this means they are printed one after another..

  17. I easily search $15000 a week,  I service multiple pull tab machines, all together over 3/4 of a million dollars goes through them in a year.  These notes are common and worth only face value unless you con someone into believing otherwise, which will not make you friends!  Star notes with 5 or more zeros to start the number are the ones you may make a little money on,  these bills are worth $25 if you put them together!

  18. How much money you can get for 20$ star note 320,000 run size can some one get back at me ASAP

  19. Dude u didn’t mention how much star note bills worth, i have few different bills with stars, i need to find out the value of em, that’s why I’m here

  20. Hi Rob I found an interesting bill Serial Number G77777577 F The G note is Chicago and has 7's in the 4 corners of the bill also

    Any information would be great. Thanks Ron

  21. I found a 2013 star note serial#MB00055151 info on run sizes states only 2 runs very low mintage in both runs.trinary also

  22. You let a good one pass, it says "kill", go to 4:13 – Go see it. also on 5:02 you have another one, on 5:17, 6:04

  23. Last time I went to my bank to withdraw $5,000 the bank manager was sweating and asked me to call first next time. 🤣

  24. Have you ever considered or tried to exchange money through a casino? They seem to handle massive amounts of cash?

  25. My friend and I split $40 in pennies. He found 1888 and 1902 drilled Indian head pennies and 26 wheaties. I found a 1952 Canadian penny and 20 wheaties. I think I lost.

  26. I work at a gas station and I've never seen any 🌟 notes so when I get one I'm holding on to it.

  27. I have found three star notes of twenty dollar bills. Bingo! Still looking for star notes on other bills. Looked in two thousand in twenty dollar bills found two.Good luck to everyone hunting from char Gregg in Michigan.

  28. What do u call a note it it ya the first 6 numbers the same and the last 2 are diffrent.
    (11111123) that’s like an example

  29. I have a 1950 star note. I've tried to look up the rarity on the coinstarlookup but it only goes back to the 80s. I even bought a book on currency value yet I still can't find anything on it.

  30. Have you ever seen 2013 or 2017 $20 bill with a star on it like that $50 bill under the serial number on the right hand side

  31. Hey rob im starting my new channel out and im, gonna be bringing some content that relates to your's i have found alot of currency i think we could have a good collab hit me up i have alot of star notes

  32. good show ,but day day if you have ever found a 50.00 bill with corner right 50 with a print on that down D on top of the lower 50 like over? Sorry just don't have the right words. I looked has looked like from mint don't. But give some help on it please?

  33. Found a $20 2013 star note. It's in the 4.5 million. So I also look for errors. So in the back of mine it shows the ink gone though to the back of the suit. Y'all think this is rare or counterfeit?

  34. Hello – I found a $20 bill last week serial#56701234. I’m not for sure but I think
    It’s a rare ladder note. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!-

  35. humm Lincoln does not look like Lincoln when its upside down on the fives. odd.
    the old 5's you could tell right side up or upside down.

  36. have a 20 dollar bill with the # 6 in the middle of his forehead the same color of his gray hair could it be worth any more than 20 bucks

  37. I have a $10 bills burnout and a couple of Twenties that have some pretty nice serial numbers I'm do you have a link where I can look them up to see how where they are

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