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Searching for Austin Oldfield (CH 19) Austin’s Sister Speaks Her Mind About Her Missing Brother

Searching for Austin Oldfield (CH 19) Austin’s Sister Speaks Her Mind About Her Missing Brother

Hey Pamela. Thank you for being willing
to talk with me. I know we’ve talked about doing an interview and some sort
of a Skype call or something for some time here since I started searching for
Austin in… last summer and you went missing in 2015 a lot has happened…. and I
know you have some thoughts about my last video that I put ou. What are those?
So when you talk about you know whether or not or where you land on in a given
day on whether or not Austin is alive or not I have to tell you that’s exactly
where I am so that really resonates with me. I feel like I go through that on an
ongoing basis you know I dream about it. I think about it. It pops into my head at
the oddest times but it changes for me. I know you… in your last video you
talk about, and you do… as always, your hearts in the right place, like most
people who are following the story. You land on a conclusion and for me that’s
been a little bit different. I have not been able to arrive at a conclusion that
I can stick with. So I’d say that that is for me, probably, my first response. mm-hmm
You know and I think that… that is a good response and my conclusion I have a
suspicion of what I think has happened and and it’s a to a point where… where I
feel like I just need to change my focus just because I can’t go out and search
in the areas where I think he is. It’s it’s too far, too broad of a scope.
Although I am going to do some more… probably some more searches out in the
woods – but I think it is important to note
that, you know, we just don’t have any positive identification at this point
and it’s it’s really up in the air and…. for me though personally one of the
things I enjoy is being out there in the forest and…. and interacting with our
community. You know those police in search and
rescue to try to figure these things out and know where I can look, and… and the
truth is that I’ve done a lot of speculation and I just it’s it’s not we
don’t know what’s accurate until we find Austin. That would be my endpoint. I
would definitely say I agree with you on that, You know for for me it’s become
something else and in the process at this pointWhat’s compelling…. what’s most
compelling to me right now is what lies behind the top of each person who is
sharing or listening to my brother’s story. And everyone who hears his story
or or is active you know carefully following it, all of those people are
frequently arriving at a conclusion for whatever reason, but in fact there is….
there really is no definitive answer, and I and I feel like, and I’ve gotten to
this point, that it’s ok, it’s ok with me it doesn’t matter to me
wherever anyone lands on whether they think my brother’s alive whether they think
you know what… whatever they think might have happened, but and I like I said I go
back and forth all the time and so for me when people ask me, as they often do,
what do you really think happened? My answer is I really don’t know. I mean
I I really don’t know. But I would like most of all, you
mentioned this you notice we were getting started, what would you most like
out of this? and it work for the new new thought. I haven’t thought of it, but I
must like or my brother story to be heard with compassion. mm-hmm Yeah I can
really see that and I think that… it’s really easy to pass judgment and when I
say I think I I think by some of the stories I’ve heard about him and things
have happened, there, and that there might be drugs
involved, which, they’re, in his life there is and I I think that a lot of people
just automatically throw somebody out as worthless or is not worth looking for
because of that and that’s always really bothered me and and that’s not what I’m
doing. And I completely understand, I know
that I’m constantly getting all kinds of ideas about what people think happened,
all over the place of what they have… Yeah, I’ve read your board. So that that is difficult
and I think you and I share this similar goal that we want to just get this story
out there let people know about the issues as much as we can even though we
don’t know everything that’s happened but there are my emphasis especially is
safety when you’re out in the wilderness and how to not get lost, not
disappear. So we have a perfect example of what not to do in the forest when
you go camping or hiking, right. I mean my very first, when I very first started to
search for my brother my husband and I, you know, as soon as we found out we flew
to Portland Oregon and then we drove on into Skamania county sheriff’s office
which was kind of a surreal experience in two ways
it was scary and… and second one was it was awe-inspiring really beautiful
I mean funding restore really beautiful. And I don’t think people really get that about
the Pacific Northwest ,and especially this little corner of the Pacific
Northwest, but I felt closer to my brother in a weird way just being there
because I immediately connected with me and understood what was compelling him
to go there. But you know I digress… you know there’s mechanics of the
service there’s how it started and then there’s you know all the space in
between. What do you feel like is next? I think my brother’s story has served as…
what surprised me you know when the search began, after ten days of intensive
on the ground searching, and so I’m reminded of that when you talk about you
know your earnest desire to go out into the actual forest and find my brother.
And it’s funny I think that there’s this pioneering spirit in the Pacific
Northwest where everyone feels that way they just want to put their boots on and
you know like physically go find someone. It’s different, you know, for me for
someone like me because… I’m, you know, that I’m not like going to the forest
kind of person, my brother was, but it is it’s it sort of is daunting. That whole
idea. I figure I get lost and the sheriff basically looked at me and said, you’ll
get a lot, right. Like, so don’t gives us one more person to look for. For me felt more natural to try and marshal a search effort through the Facebook page
and connecting with people and using social
media and whatever whatever tools are more comfortable with. So your earnest
heartfelt desire to actually physically go find my brother and others like you
in the area I can’t I can’t tell you what that meant to me at the time.
Because after ten days of searching we were told my brother is gone you know if
you would be very unrealistic to keep imagining that he could possibly still
be alive we’ve worked at all the evidence. Yeah I can’t imagine what that
would be like. It’s surial. I’m going to jump back here to what the… previous
comment he said about the… about Skamania I’ve been amazed
I’ve been we moved to this area because I really enjoy the beauty of this part
of Washington but I’ve traveled the world and there are so many plays
amazing places in the world, but this is truly a unique place. And, getting out off
the trail, even though I hiked a lot I was I’ve been amazed in doing a series
at just how wild this country is and difficult and so I can you… I know you,
you have to see it firsthand to believe it. Yeah and yeah… and it just it takes extra
precautions and I think that’s you know if you look at where people go missing
it’s often around the cities and you get people who want to go out there and
experience that, but then they’re a lot more likely if they do go out there and
they’re unprepared even in a small way it can have a really big impact on their
experience and unfortunately for a number of people that’s meant that
they don’t come back. Yeah. So I’m sorry I didn’t mean to
interrupt you. No, go ahead. So you know, we we’ve already touched on and I think I
think you know this conversation is part of what I think I learned by starting
the search process from my brother and kind of
backtracking a little bit after an intensive on the ground search we were
told my brother, you know,no way could it still be alive, you know, be realistic, and
get on with your life, so, in so many words, but I started the Facebook page
because I couldn’t quite believe it, and it was that sentiment that you’re
talking about that sort of buoyed me personally and I think others who are
reading about it into looking further however they look, you know whether it’s
online, whether it’s investigating, where there is putting your boots on going out
into the forest so yes that was the first amazing part of this journey for
me was understanding that the second amazing part of this journey for me was
understanding that this raises a lot of emotional issues for a lot of people. And
it certainly does with me obviously, but but on many many different levels you
know you’re dealing with you- do we care as a culture? you know, what’s the ring
what was you know, what is the rainbow coat, you know, who are these reainbow people
out in the forestry and you you’ve been really out there trying to cover all
these pieces, but I just want to say I think the stories become kind of a
lightning rod for different things, you know different things I didn’t
anticipate. I think it’s good. It gets a chance to talk about a lot of different
stuff. That is good and I have I really struggle with that because I’m I’m just
having thoughts as I walk and look and a lot of them can be off base or you know
definitely in my own opinions and yeah I know that there’s somebody else who’s
really emotionally connected and I’m trying not to get emotionally connected
from my side just so that I don’t… because I think it’s really easy to get
wrapped up in that but I think one can’t help but try to feel something… or else I
wouldn’t be out there…. but. We all have a personal connection to the story right
back pain on some level everyone does they have a day of a brother who went
missing, they have a brother who had a drug problem,
they had a sister, they had a twin, they had a sibling they themselves went
through something similar, and so I’ve been… um I don’t know… I’m sure
there’s a word for in some country but it’s been like a
feeling this washed over me and it’s been amazing in a way and I
think maybe you’re talking about the same thing.
Yes I think so, and I think too that it stirs something maybe deep within myself
and maybe some others, is that what would happen if I went missing and am i
somebody that’s worth searching for and would somebody care about me and look.
And that’s even in just in our day to day lives I think so many people are
looking for care and love and support in a culture where we’re actually really
fragmented and split apart where and you know and talk lonely over long distances
and when somebody moves away sometimes they’re just gone and that’s it and
that’s the end of relationship… or… so anyhow, well, I think love and the lack of
love, is a really common, excuse me, is a really common thing that we all hold in
common… that was a really bad take. Well it makes me think of kind of your first
question, which is it, you know, what what do I think after seeing your last video?
and it’s funny like that I think… I mentioned to you before we started
recording, I think I mentioned I don’t care anymore
where someone lands on any given day I’m what they think – you know to me it’s
more about what’s going on… what other elements are going on with how they’re
reacting to the story, but when you look at the story logically you might come up
with an answer of no he’s not out there, much like the sheriff did, because and I
say that because the police and you know other experts, based on my research say
that if it’s fairly impossible to stay missing, to disappear and say missing but
my brother does not like that the profile of that person. Typically there
is someone who has, they’re running from something
and he wasn’t running from anything. Hwasn’t running from debt. He wasn’t
running from a lawsuit or you know any sort of criminal investigation or or
even a parking ticket. In fact his girlfriend said they were very happy, so
it doesn’t really fit the profile of someone who wants to disappear, and to me
it doesn’t fit his nature because this question comes up all the time
it doesn’t fit its nature so I think it’s hard to understand the person that
he is or was because, when we have the snapshot of someone who is taking LSD on a quote, vision quest, and we see a picture of him without you know probably
food or water for a good bit maybe slightly dehydrated in with the benefit
of, you know, LSD or mushrooms, that snapshot can be a bit misleading, um for
anyone I know you know I think that if I have a
a hair day, but, this is, you know, this is like um, on a different level of what do
we think when we see someone what are we willing to not do, because, you know they
just don’t… they just don’t, you know, they don’t align with what we believe is you
know a person who needs help you know maybe they line with someone we
think who deserves not to be helped for whatever reason and so this is part of
that lighting rod that I mentioned, you know we’re a lot of different things come up.
I hope I digress too much there. No no I’ve thought about that a lot too and
just how we are… it’s we… we are so easy… we so easily pass
judgment on others for their faults, but you know, which one of us is really
perfect and doesn’t have major flaws and we may not be a drug addict or whatever
else that some other person may have, but I guarantee if we examine each one of
our lives we would have major character defects and you know if somebody thinks
they don’t, that they don’t, then they’re they’re just not living completely in
reality, so anyhow, I think we all have humanity in common. I think. Whether we
want to admit it or not we do, and I think that you know that’s been part of
the learning for me. It seems like you asked, me you know, where I personally am
with the story about my brother, and you know for me it’s been, you know, I talked
about everyone else on your journey and what they might be thinking happened to
my brother based on what’s going on in their life, and it’s the same in a way
for me… it’s been, you know, it’s been a year and a half the first year is brutal
I’m glad I kept searching after the authorities told us to give up. I’m glad
I kept searching because now I know he did make it out of the area. It’s been
confusing since then to understand you know it feels like there’s hope, I mean
at the same time there’s a lot of confusion around, around that. Whatever my
brother did and his life right along I mean he’s a person. We all make mistakes.
I’m not I’m not justifying anything. That’s not I’m here to do, but like you
said there is a certain humanity that we all share and what I learned is no one
is above it. You know, no one… there’s no one I think that I don’t think
there’s anyone I need I can say they haven’t in some like been touched by
something similar. So true you know and I think one of the biggest things that
anybody could do to help with this right now…
I was just up talking with the undersheriff about a different project
I’m working on coming up and it he was saying you know
what we really need is a photo if you think he’s alive out there we need a
photo with a date on the photo. So if there’s all… with all the people out
there who are watching this series if you think Austin is there if you think
you see him take a picture and send it to the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office.
Take a picture with a date somewhere a newspaper if you can or at least snap
a picture and let us know where he’s got her with the sheriff know where he’s at.
That would be helpful for closure it may not change what direction he’s on more
but if you thought yeah yeah that would be the biggest help in my opinion. Yeah
absolutely, So I appreciate you saying that very
very very much. I hope its been helpful for you. I just
really appreciate you being willing to to meet and talk and I know you’ve been
willing to for a long time and so it’s so great to actually do that and thanks
Pamela and I hope we can do that again. Well, I look forward to meeting you in
person and I do want to get back out there. That would be great to see you. You too

24 thoughts on “Searching for Austin Oldfield (CH 19) Austin’s Sister Speaks Her Mind About Her Missing Brother”

  1. a surprise! hadn't expected anymore chapters on Austin! interesting indeed! proud of her for talking, and hugs to her and also to Austin! 🙂

  2. Wow! What an intimate look into the search for Austin! It really helps to be able to appreciate what family members are thinking with other missing persons cases. Austin's sister is really an intelligent and beautiful soul. I want this case solved just to give her closure. Whether he is alive or not, she is a person who deserves an answer!

  3. I could not imagine not knowing what happened to a loved one. My heart breaks for the family. These videos are a good thing,getting the name,face,story out there. Always hope for a happy ending…..any ending would help bring peace.

  4. My heart goes out to Pamela, can't imagine her heartache. EVERYONE deserves to be looked for and found. It shouldn't matter what they've done, frame of mind or who they are. We are all human, we all have families or at least people who love us! I hope he's found safe. Prayers for all!

  5. I want to say that I've followed this search closely and feel a deep compassion for all involved. I have no judgments and I have no conclusions. I wish all, my very best!

  6. I think what you've done for Austin & your talk with Pamela has helped her in ways you cant imagine. I hope you two will be able to meet in person.

  7. The last 2 people that saw Austin alive.
    I was listening to this Bigfoot story on YouTube  that you might be interested in. At the 29:00 minute and 52:00 minute mark, the two hunters that had last seen  Austin Oldfield tell their storey. They explain what they think happened to Austin. Here is the link:  its called "Bigfoot encounter at Mount St. Hellens. It's a long interview and they talk about several encounters.

  8. I can't imagine all the emotions Pamela has felt over the last year and a half while searching for her brother. She doesn't have to face it alone with you as a friend to her. Thank you for the update. My continued prayers with you all.

  9. I don't think Austin is alive now. I just watched, listened this hunter, he saw Austin 4 days before he saw Bigfoot in that area where Austin disappeared. , I have no doubts about what happened to Austin. Bigfoot got him. Ochenah the Native American woman said she had seen some anomalies and she said that was Bigfoot in the area where Austin got lost.

  10. I was once again up in that area for the last 2 days. Back again next weekend but ill have the kids. I'm willing to help if needed. I live in pdx and its a short hop from my house. feel free to email me at [email protected]

  11. I want to say thanks, Nikia, for the incredible thoughtfulness, time and energy you have invested in creating the video series to help find my brother. I would like to add he is more than a brother: he is a father, a husband, a friend and a serious pet owner and he is greatly missed. Also, thanks to those following for the kind words and comments. I'm humbled.

  12. look into camp chesterfield in indiana….they helped me with a real mystery….rev. kennedy…..among others….incredible.

  13. Wow! I really wanted to watch this and I was feeling sorry for his family but after watching the first few minutes of this ,I think his sister is cold hearted you have taken your time and time away from your children and wife to help find Austing .she acts like she doesn't want to know what has happened,I'm sorry but this is my opinion and if it was my brother I would love the help and would not be so rude.

  14. I will shake the hand of ANY American that can say they NEVER did a drug!
    D a m n h y p o c r i t e s !
    If you don't do them with regularity – you're up to something worst!
    We'll know if Austin is alive when we find him. Until then . . . .
    WE WILL NEVER STOP SEARCHING for Austin Oldfield.

  15. Rat and Cat: I've watched the entire 19 Chapters of searching for (Glen) Austin Oldfield there in Washington State and I truly admire you're work efforts, time, expense and placing yourself in the dangers of the Forests.
    As a last resort, if you possibly believe in Psychic Mediums I think that one could enlighten you on the possibilities of Austin's where a bout's, it's just an idea, they help the Law Enforcement Agencies all over the Country find lost souls. As for Sasquatch you may want to read the Forbidden Book of the Bible – The Book of Enoch, also you can watch some Youtube videos, just search for Sasquatch – Ontario (Canada). I wish you luck in all of your endeavors, sorry about the Forests Fires and the Indian Ladies Horses……

  16. I may be right, I may be wrong but I get an impression that American cultural outlook is on a more judgemental level about how other people live such as the rights and wrongs perceived by society on people’s choice of lifestyle. Think we are, as a whole, more compassionate in the UK. Whoever Austin is or was he means a lot to his sister and others, that is obvious. One thing that struck me was how very different Austin looked with and without a beard in appearance. It’s possible he could restart his life somewhere else looking very different to his poster picture. Although things are not obvious that Austin had a reason to disappear we should never overlook people do out of character behaviours that we could not comprehend – we just don’t know what is going on in a person’s head. Keep up the good work looking for Austin

  17. Hi, I recently found your series. I hadn't known about Austin and it has been haunting me a bit since watching some of these. Thank you for your care & I hope he is located at some point as it would give his family peace. Since the beginning I've wondered if he had schizophrenia, latent or active. Usually is diagnosed younger in men, 20's, not so much after 40, but I don't know enough about his history… it sounds like ur saying now he had some drug use & similar behaviour involving hallucinations, which makes me think this has been happening for a little while? (drugs that can cause psychosis are amphetamine, scopolamine, ketamine, phencyclidine (PCP), and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) … also here's an excerpt from the Oaks Treatment Center: " LSD can cause drug-induced psychosis, which mimics the symptoms of schizophrenia. With long-term use, the drug can make the disease far worse than it would be without the substance." I'm not at all judging drug use, am trying to look at it in a clinical sense. I have heard of people having a psychotic episode with just one incidence of certain drug use, like baby woodrose seeds. Or, his drug use may also have been self-treatment, i.e. if he had schizophrenia… then it worsened it. Some thoughts. Maybe u guys have thought of all of this…

  18. 2/ This is the kind of situation I was thinking of- do you recall hearing about this young man from Van BC? He had schizophrenia, was found 5 years later, had been hitchhiking, foraging, etc. Was in Amazon when he was found. Maybe wishful thinking, but from Austin's behaviour when he went missing… sounds somewhat similar.

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