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Yeah!! Giddiup! What’s up guys, Lou here! Back with another video. I’m feeling great are you feeling great? Let’s do this together! Let’s take a deep breath, we haven’t done that in a while. A bit of a cold, so we’ll see how this goes. 3, 2, 1 *makes extremely loud breathing noise* *Exhales while whistling* I whistled on the way out…That wasn’t planned. Today we’re doing a “Does it suck” video If you don’t know about this series, go back, watch every single one, Because this is the series where I tell you If it sucks! This one I’m skeptical about. It is a bluetooth, *Long pause* handset glove. HAAAHAAHAA (Extremely creepily) Strap yourselves in, this is what this series was made for. Gadgetree! That’s kind of a cool name, Gadgetree. But it’s a tree. But the question remains…Is it any good? Is there any reason, in this world, for this thing to exist? Probably not. Here we go, so one glove is just a normal situation here For touching your touchscreen Thats a little tight Some like that and then what? Hello What am I gonna do here. Alright lets try What am I Maybe does not have all that much battery life Look at all like the strings going there and you can’t even A bit of a nightmare so far Oh! It’s alive. . . That means it’s time for a phone call Friends Lets see here Who makes sense? What about… Ryan *Laughs* It’s ringing in my ear C’mon Ryan you can do it man We got his His voicemail What a disaster Let’s go for will you say my dad? *Phone ringing* Hey, dad can you hear me? How do I sound? Yeah you know what i’m testing something out here Well the glove, the glove itself is the actual headset Anyway I, I sound clear? (Lew’s dad) This is an excellent product Lew, I love it *Chuckle from man on the phone* Oh wow! Ok, that’s an hell of a review! We got Ryan on the other line I’m gonna let you go dad. Ryan What is it? Why is it so hard to get a hold of you these days? I’m trying to call you 40 times or something I don’t known, it might have been two times but it felt like 40 (Ryan on the phone) I mean, I don’t know what to say…*Laugh* Ryan why you always so upset man? Do you ever have a good time or what? (Ryan)Oh your about to phone Jack, I can see how the things are going Yeah you know, Jack, Jack probably, Jack needs your love today, the guys been moping all day NO! I’m not yelling at anybody, he’s just you know, he’s, It’s all catching up to him you know? I know, I know, He’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown right now. Ok Ryan listen, listen to me here It’s time to ge, It’s time to get professional, alright? Do you, or do you not have a knock knock joke prepared? Yes, right now Ok ok ok ok ok… nevermind, any joke? A poem, a poem, a poem Ugh, how about a line from your favourite song *Ryan singing* IIIIIII waaaant sooomethiiiiing elllse… not listening when you sayyy….. good bYYYYYE… *Lew Laughing* You killed it man, alright that’s a… We’re testing out some Bluetooth gloves. Yeah, w…. How do I sound? Do I sound ok? Better than usual? *Ryan complementing the glove’s sound quality* I don’t know what happens if, you know you drop them or step on them, don’t know how delicate they are but Let me, I’m gonna *Unplugs the charging lead* *Ryan Speaking* Can i imagine using these every day? Definitely not… I mean people are gonna think you lost your mind probably but *Lew stutters* I simply, after those two reviews from my dad and Ryan there’s absolutely No way that i can say this sucks No way So does it suck? Hell no

100 thoughts on “SECRET AGENT GLOVE PHONE”

  1. hey dad can you hear me?
    dad: hey son finally called me! it has been 10 years
    lew:how is the song quality?
    lew:k bye

  2. Hey Lew can you post the real link that you bought those gloves? Because there is a lot of gloves and some of them have really bad reviews…so please help me, im into buying one of those gloves hahaha

  3. I think that's a cool gadget to have, specially when you do not want putting your phone on your ears on public whenever you're trying to call someone.

  4. In the school at winters , i'd wear those and act like I am calling 😂 and call my parents to get me away from this winter hell 😂

  5. Does anyone know if it works on your music player also…as in stop, play, skip etc? I was told at a brick and mortar store that they did.

  6. the product description tho…

    Talk to the Hand
    Everyone’s seen them: the Bluetooth headset users who walk around talking to themselves, looking unhinged. But what if you could talk with your phone safely in your pocket while assuring others that you’re as normal as pre-2013 Shia LaBeouf—by holding your hand to your ear and making the universal symbol for “I’m on the phone”?

  7. Its actually just a normal microphone. The fact that your hand forms a curved shape around your face and your microphone is directly in front of your mouth causes enhanced audio for the listener, compared with a normal phone, which is about 1-2 inches from your mouth.

  8. These kind of reviews are so useless. I prefer reviews that are real and valuable. The ones where you try out the product for a while and let us know. Not: hey yo yo man diggity dog, let's see if this mofo is lit! oh yeah, look at that it works good in the first 10 seconds i use it! thumbs up from me, yo yo yo, end review.

    I feel like your review can be entertaining for those who like your comedy, but outside of that it isn't much of a review.

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