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Secret Codes to Listen Live Calls of Your Girlfriend Phone in Your Phone

Secret Codes to Listen Live Calls of Your Girlfriend Phone in Your Phone

Channel Intro Asslam-o-Allaikum! My name is Hamza and you Watching Technical Punjab Once again welcome back to my channel I hope you all fine I’m here with a new video You really like this video Today In this video I’ll share 4 Secret codes With these codes You can listen all calls of your girlfriend in your phone These codes work on all mobiles If you have a NOKIA 310 It’s still working 🙂 It work on all countries Pakistan – India – Saudia not mater These codes still working in all countries. If you want to listen someone’s phone calls in your phone watch this video till the end If you like this video Hit a like button If you are new on my Channel please subscribe I upload this types of videos on my channel Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Click on the bell icone to watch latest TECH videos first. I have two mobile phones EXAMPLE: Victom’s Phone My Mobile I want to hear Victom phone calls on my mobile. First of all you need your Friend/Girlfriend Mobile. Or those phone you want to H*ck You need to dial Secret phone in your Girlfriend Phone Whats was the CODES????? Dial these codes in your Girlfriend Phone. Now follow my steps *21*yourmobilenumber# Don’t use Country Code After write your number Click on dial button MMI Started. Call Forwarding was successful. This code Work 100% Now When anyone call on this phone I can easily hear this call into my phone. So guyz If you want to deactivate this code from your phone. If you done your work You need to turn off this code Type #21# Press the dial button MMI Code Started After That Your code was deactivate Service has been Disabled With this code you can easily listen anyone’s phone calls in your phone. Next Code….. *61*NUMBER# Click on Dial Button When you click on dial button You can see the same Popup Call Forwarding Registration was successful When someone call on this phone If He/She not attend the call, It’s automatic Forward to my Phone. You can easily hear those calls To deactivate this code #61# Click on dial button Code No . 3 *62*NUMBER# After type # Click on dial Button When you click on dial button Same Function.. With this code If her mobile is not reachable or Turned Off Then all calls are transferred to your phone. This is amazing code. You can try this on your personal numbers for your businesses use Next & Last Code What was the code? *67*NUMBER# Click on OK When your Girlfriend Busy with another call All calls are forward to your Number. To Deactivate this code #67# So guyz this is Four Secret codes to listen anyone phone calls in your phone. It’s not take your more work You can easily H*ck any phone calls in just 30 Sec Comment Down to tell me who was the video? Please give me a positive review. It’s help me a lot Like this video and comment your though share with your Friends. Subscribe my channel to watch more videos Allah Hafiz

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