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Secret iPhone Button Trick!

Secret iPhone Button Trick!

Secret iPhone Button Trick! Hey what’s up
guys Keaton here. So it’s really cold out. I can’t honestly remember the last time I’ve
been home. I’m a little bit sick. I just got over a massive cold from not treating my body
right. Just going way too hard in the paint so if my voice sounds a little strange you
know why. And I got some sugar water to make that all good. Some sugar water with electrolytes.
Give it a little bit of credit. So I found this really cool product that adds buttons
to your iPhone which hold up there. It sounds really cool. It goes for $40 and I mean who
doesn’t want buttons added
their iPhone. So lets go ahead and check
it out. This is for the
iPhone 6s Plus and more!

100 thoughts on “Secret iPhone Button Trick!”

  1. Is it only me that thinks this guy is cringy af?

    EDIT: oh wait nope 81K ppl agree w/ me😂…… like if ur one of them

  2. ball ball! Balls no boys have balls says my sister and my friends sister 🙂

  3. Your too happy in iphone iphone suck when it's fall down to the stairs it's gonna break fast if samsung NOT

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