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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Was on Trump’s Ukraine Phone Call

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Was on Trump’s Ukraine Phone Call

Let’s get to the news.
Sources confirmed yesterday that Secretary of State
Mike Pompeo was on President Trump’s
controversial phone call with the president of Ukraine. Said Trump,
“Oh, is that who kept yelling, ‘Shut up, shut up, shut up’?” [ Laughter ] President Trump today
continued to defend his controversial phone call
with the president of Ukraine, tweeting that it “could not have
been nicer, warmer, or better.” Hey, man,
you’re not getting impeached over bad phone manners. You solicited a bribe. If a bank robber says, “Put the money in the bag,
please and thank you”… he still goes to jail. According to press reports,
a mouse fell out of the ceiling in the White House
briefing room today and hit a journalist. “Hey, that’s my lunch,”
said one employee. [ Laughter ] “Mmm. Ohh. You tried.
You tried to get away. Ohh. Oh, the press is here, I see. Ooh. [Cackling] Oh, you get away today,
my friend.” In an interview released today,
Mayor Pete Buttigieg said the superhero he most
identifies with is Spider-Man because he is
“kind of a nerdy guy who finds himself
in a position of power.” And Joe Biden says
he most identifies with Aquaman because he’s been treading water
for months. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] The White House has announced
that First Lady Melania Trump will visit Wyoming on Thursday
to promote national parks. “Have fun,” said Old Unfaithful. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Los Angeles today became
the first city in the country to have a fully licensed café where people can consume
legal marijuana in public. So if you thought the line
moved slowly at Starbucks… [ Laughter ] “Um…” “What?” A digital billboard in Michigan
this weekend was reportedly playing
a pornographic video on the side of a busy highway
for 20 minutes. And someone got rear-ended. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] According to a new study, living near a coastline
improves mental health. And thanks to climate change,
that’s great news for Iowa. [ Laughter ] Brooklyn is home
to a new clothing store catering exclusively
to men under 5’10.” It’s called Gap Kids. [ Laughter ] And, finally,
a restaurant in Minnesota has started advertising
one of their burgers as the “labor inducer”
after two pregnant women gave birth
shortly after eating it. Even cooler, they have
a Long Island iced tea called “the pregnancy causer.”

100 thoughts on “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Was on Trump’s Ukraine Phone Call”

  1. There is NO LINE that Trump won't cross. He is the living embodiment of hate, corruption, self-dealing, and moral bankruptcy- and he is UNFIT to lead. If you still support him, you're no patriot.
    🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. And this lying, corrupt, 'Christian" actually has political ambitions. Seeing as the fascist-racist party has gerrymandered and suppressed votes he may just win by getting the inbred, toothless, white trash, racist vote.

  3. Watch "Pompeo: 'I was on the phone call' with Trump, Ukrainian president" on YouTube

  4. The IG papers are going to be quite interesting. Evidence of spies from a foreign power in the WH spying on POTUS45?… like spies from the CIA? NSA? FBI? IGO? State Dept? … Makes you wonder how far will they go to spy on Putin’s man in the WH?

  5. Pretty funny stuff haha
    I liked the first joke about the guy yelling shut up, and one of the best Stephen Miller bits so far

  6. Love your show Seth but you need to fire those writers. This clip was terrible, the punchlines sucked. “Theres a store in Brooklyn catering to men under 5’10 and its called Gap Kids?” That was sooo corney!!

  7. Sorry Melania, but you don't get to promote national parks when your shithead husband rolled back regulations protecting them…….

  8. I worked with a toady like Pompeo. Even looked like him. He got fired for his infractions, too. People are all the same.

  9. So first Melania took on cyber bullying even though her husband is the cyber bully in chief. Now she's going to talk up the National Parks that her husband is destroying. I sense a trend here.

  10. I hope no one actually thinks Trump will get impeached. This failed impeachment is only strengthening his chances of winning 2020.

  11. Watch Video Obama Open Mic Tells Putin "After my election I have more flexibility"



  13. "a mouse fell from the ceiling of the white house." The rats know when to get off a sinking ship. When are you republicans gonna do the same?

  14. The worst, most damaging thing you could do to trump is to make him irrelevant. Take away his megaphone, stop the 24/7 coverage, and simply ignore him. Think you seen him throw tantrums before? Ha!

  15. Buttigieg fits in the song, too. "Buttigieg? Buttigieg. Does whatever a Buttigieg does. Can he swing from a web? I dunno. He's a Vet. HE ISSS…Pete Buttigieg!"

  16. Lol the American people are the most insecure, confused people in the world, half of you are either men in a womans body or woman in a mans body your anthem is united we stand and united we fall which is a lie you are more worried what is going on in other countries while yours is falling apart.

  17. As we all knew he was. Rudy gave him up. Trump is going rogue on camera and Twitter making violent threats against Shiff, media and whistleblower. Dude is like a cornered mad dog with rabbies.

  18. Great humor…….really funny……..such a shame to waste such comedic talent on such toxic crap. The laugh track is really artful.

  19. lori loves sucking huge black cocks if anyone wanted to know that— check her out and lisa renne soli smith Winsted ct- she loves cocks too–  has 5 kids one is a retard and two abortions

  20. We are the only country in the world that would have, did elect the worst so called human to be our "leader" into destruction, at 40%. Scary that 40% of us are really that stupid. Jay?

  21. Folks in Ukraine want us to call their country "Ukraine", not "*the* Ukraine". Ukraine is a nation like any other, not a football for other nations to fight over.

  22. I heard people to look at both sides of what's going on Biden did threaten to hold up our money to better his son's position we have a right to know it's our money and he could be your president what is he going to take from you

  23. One thing that all the noise is making people forget is Trump said that he was going to get rid of corruption now if you want corruption in your government and once your government to keep spending and hijacking your kids is future then by all means stick with biting butt what he did as vice president is fair game we the people not the government deserve to know what's going on just as we did with Trump's family we need to do with his and you know I'm right if you're reasonable at all

  24. Thankfully the wack jobs thinking Trump is Guilty and Biden innocent are the small minority , they have Biden on video doing what they accused and wanted to impeach Trump over WTF you morons that still think Trump is guilty. Watch the video for those of you still thinking Trumps a criminal and Clinton/Biden/Obama are the good guys.<<<<<<< ( shakes head in disgust ) ti's only 30 seconds just watch it @ and this isn't just hearsay from a so called whistle blower this is an actual video just a 30 second video and then you can all realize that you have been played and this is not news they can lie in the name of comedy. Watch the congressional hearings they are all on YouTube and you will see how wacked out the Demowacks are and what is really going on don't get your news from late night comedy monologue.

  25. Stable Genius has a big red button and as worse comes to and nearing Trump's TOSSED out of office.. Trump's REVENGE, a 'Catastrophic Heinous Event' .. Puppet President under Putin's control .. That's Trump.

  26. Man I used to like this show but the political push for low Democrat IQ is unbearable. Please keep your dipshit politics to yourself.

  27. with all the coverage on the impeachment controversy, I think Seth has the best writers for the job. Just Brilliant.

  28. "bill clinton ukraine us mutual corruption crackdown law" TYPE THIS INTO TOR AND THEN INTO GOOGLE CHROME! HOLY ** IT IS 1984! Wait, wasn't biden vp then? You're all morons supporting the establishment. The media is USING YOU. DOWNLOAD TOR FOR GOD'S SAKE!

  29. I have long suspected the Italian connection of Pompeo. He will be like the ancient Italian city: Pompeii. He will also sink, this time going down with Trump and Barr!

  30. Pompeo's allegiance isn't to this country or our Constitution, he's a constantly shady, & kissing ass to Saudia Arabia & Isreal for financial support because hes working on his own Agenda for 2024 Elections.

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