100 thoughts on “Selena Gomez – Look At Her Now (Official Video)”

  1. I was so excited to release two songs back to back and surprise my fans! It’s a reminder that you can rise no matter what challenges life brings.

  2. Just need to point out that the bot is trying to direct me off of SELENA's music on to MIley or Taylor.

    Typically I just click an artist and let it play, but its not even keeping me on Selena's music.


    a bunch of us noticed it did that to Lizzo too ~ and a few other girls.


  3. Music that suits her voice. Would you look at her now. 💙 ¡Preciosa! Who isn't proud? I know I'm so proud. 👑

  4. Me siento tan orgullosa de verla regresar con tanta fuerza ❤ Sel, te mereces todo el amor del mundo. ❤ Eres un gran ejemplo de fortaleza para mí ❤. Gracias. ❤

  5. I love you Selena… But you have done incredible work earlier..this song… Lyrics are powerful but music and video is disappointing.. still love you 🙂😘😘

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