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SEO Adelaide Local Listings | Silicon Dales Australia

SEO Adelaide Local Listings | Silicon Dales Australia

Hi guys, It’s Jn here from Silicon Dales Australia.Today
on this video I wanted to talk about a service we provide, and we’ve had a lot of enquires
from local and small businesses here and around Australia.They are trying to work out how
they can rank well on the first page Google, without actually having to pay a fortune.
To make it within reach for average small to medium business in Australia. Generally
what happens is you go to a big SEO agency, and when you say you want to be on the first
page of Google they charge you an arm and a leg, plus a big monthly retainer, and out
of the reach of small to medium businesses. We’ve come up with a much cheaper option and
you only pay when you get on the first page of Google.
I’ll show you what it’s all about.Where in Google now, and if someone is looking a plasterers
insurance in Melbourne.You get lots of ads, and here is our website here with the keyword
and we’re listed at number 3. A second one – Quality builder Adelaide Hills.We
are number 1. Let’s look at one more example, Burnside Carpet Cleaners, scroll down and
we’re here at number 4. Also have a phone number for the business.We provide a page
for you business where people can click through. Ranking from 1 to 10 to hundreds of keywords.
We style the page for your business and have photos
and videos. This
is a simple demo page. It is also set up as
call to click, an becomes a clickable phone number. Click to call function is really cool. You only pay once you are on the first page.You
can provide between 5 and 10 keyword phrases for your business, we do the work. Once the
keywords hit
the first page of google, it’s a small fee. If you’d like to talk to us more please visit
our website
or call the number.

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