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September 2019 iPhone 11 Event, iOS 13 Release date, iOS 13.1 update and more

September 2019 iPhone 11 Event, iOS 13 Release date, iOS 13.1 update and more

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
yesterday the invites where they’re going to show off the next iPhones along
with iOS 13 and maybe some other things went out and so I wanted to talk about
what you can expect as far as release dates pre-orders iOS 13 and iOS 13 point
one now the first thing is the event is actually on September 10th and it will
be live streamed at 10 a.m. so if you have an Apple TV or you go to
you can livestream the event watch it live with all of us and we can see what
Apple unveils as far as the next iPhones maybe some Apple watches as long as well
as beacons and things like that that may be expected so the next iPhone should
have a pretty familiar design as you can see here with the exception of that
camera bump we’ve talked about that before and it’s expected to have a
triple camera with a new camera module and possibly some pretty revolutionary
upgrades to video and photography so I’m interested to see that of course we can
expect new specs inside and also faster USB C charging based off a charger in
the Box now it doesn’t mean the actual bottom will have a USB C port but it
could be that USB seed a lightning charger we don’t really know but those
are some of the rumors and we expect in iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro maybe the
name with pencil support as well as an iPhone 11 are with two new colors not
only this black but we should have the normal colors along with a new lavender
and a green color as well so we don’t really know that a hundred percent but
based on the leaks we’ve seen it seems like that’s going to be the case now as
far as the release date of the phones we can expect at least the 11 in the 11pro
if that’s what it’s called to come out on the 20th and usually the pre-orders
go live a little bit after the event or a few days after the event and it looks
like probably Friday the 13th at midnight they would go live based off
what we’ve had in the past and then we’ll be able to get the phones a little
bit later now as far as the price is concerned well I wouldn’t expect that to
change much there’s a lot of different trade to things going on with tariffs
and so I would expect the prices to be pretty much identical to what we had
last year if we see a price drop that would be great but
really expecting that now also we may see a new Apple watch either a fifth gen
or at least a couple new materials instead of just stainless steel and
aluminum we can expect titanium as well as ceramic so we probably will see those
two new materials and then there’s been rumors for years of new beacons or
things that are like tiles if you’ve ever seen those where you can locate
different things such as backpacks that you put a little beacon inside of and
then you could locate it later on hopefully we’ll see something like that
it’s been a rumored for a very long time and it seems like we may see that at
this event now as far as iOS 13 is concerned they’ll probably show it at
the event show off its new features but also we can expect that to release
usually either on the following Monday which they did last year we saw it on
the following Monday and that makes it the 16th for us we could see it as early
as Friday the 13th but more likely it will be Monday the 16th with beta
testers getting the the gold master or the GM version before that so that’s
what I would expect for iOS 13 now the confusing thing is iOS 13.1 now as far
as iOS 13 point one it has some new features that may not be in iOS 13 to
begin with so they probably pushed some of those to thirteen point one however
if you’re on the beta and you want to get the version that comes out to the
public of iOS 13 you’ll probably have to use iTunes to downgrade if they do it
anything like they have in the past that’s normally what you actually have
to do is hook it up to iTunes downgrade and then you’ll be good to go this time
around it’d be odd if you couldn’t just delete the profile and be ready to go so
we won’t know that for sure until we get closer to release and of
course I’ll keep you updated in other videos as well and that’s really it so
it’s going to be a very exciting September and then we would expect
another event in October like they’ve done before and with that event will
probably see new iPads in that new rumored MacBook Pro along with some of
the pricing for the new Mac Pro so we should see all of those things in
October the September event is very focused on iPhone oh and we’ll probably
see that Apple TV Plus app as well where we get that subscription service along
with Apple arcade so look for those along with the iOS 13 release if you’d
like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course I’ll link it in
the description as I always do if you haven’t subscribed already please
subscribe and hit that notification bell if you’d like to see more of these
videos as soon as they’re released if you enjoyed the video please give it a
like as always thanks for watching I’ll see you next time

88 thoughts on “September 2019 iPhone 11 Event, iOS 13 Release date, iOS 13.1 update and more”

  1. Bro, You look exactly like i imagined!!!! One hell of a Badass tech reviewer !!!

    Greetings from Egypt ❤️

  2. I love this new setup you have with the face cam

    Edit: omg didn't expect my comment to be highlighted and liked by the man himself🤩 (just realised the edit removed the like😭)

  3. Hey Aaron. Wanted to know if I update to 13.1 beta will I still get public beta 8 and 9 and so on and the gold master or will I be stuck in 13.1 betas until 13.1 comes out to everyone?

  4. Not sure if I’ll be listening to the event this year. I had a painting class last year at the time of the event, so I just listened to the event during that period. This year, I have Spanish during that same period…which I’ll need to pay way more attention in than I would in that painting class.

  5. Like the video set up thanks for another in depth video Great to see you. Hope you have a great day and I will see you the next video. ✌️

  6. Good setup, but now we have to downgrade with itunes? We can’t just wait for full release with the official OTA update?

  7. I won’t be able to watch the event due to a doctor’s appointment but I will keep my notifications on the radar

  8. Aaron, I installed 13.1 and decided I want to stop using the beta software at this point. Problem is, there is profile to be found on my XS Max. It’s gone. When I go to General/About, it says iOS 13 not 13.1. I’m confused. On that note, I can’t wait until 9/10/19. Thanks for another great video.

  9. Ios 13 official release day (September date pls) when will it come to my phne
    I'm in trouble already install ios 13 beta my battery drauning fast pls reply?

  10. Omg this is not you my friend,first time i see you and that voice make me confused 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  11. Thing I'm most looking forward to is Pencil support. Hopefully the Pencil will be in proportion to the iPhone it comes with.
    Having been a long time Note user I know how handy it is to be able to to make quick notes, reminders. I have an IPad Pro but an iPhone in my top pocket would be easier to use on the run. Also I prefer iOS to Android.

  12. actually the names with most likely be iphone 11 for the XR replacement iphone 11 pro for xs replacement and iphone 11 pro max

  13. Love my iPhoneX just hate when it overheats or gets too cold and stops working. So close to not pay a bill for a phone. But it would have to be something crazy to make me jump

  14. For some reason I got this backward….The event is at 10 AM Pacific Time, 1PM eastern. I'm all backward today lol.

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