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Sesame Street: Eating Telephone

Sesame Street: Eating Telephone

MUPPET: This sign says,
telephone, and, and this is a telephone. You know what a telephone
is for. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, yeah! Rawrm! Om nom nom! [RINGING] COOKIE MONSTER: I’ll get
it, I’ll get it! MUPPET: Answer it. it
might be the phone. COOKIE MONSTER: Hello, mom? Hello, mother? Mom?

44 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Eating Telephone”

  1. If you listen closely, you hear one of the sound crew just before the kid starts talking.

    Though I like it as it is, I'm suprised the kid didn't say what it was actually for.

  2. Loving the new videos Sesame Street

    Would love to see more in the way of animation art like the disney movies

  3. @Shockzz500 At least 3 telephones were eaten by cookie monster this one the one that Kermit explained and the one that Cookie Monster used to contact Santa. Can anyone think of anymore?

  4. @dvferyance A multi-part sketch from 1969, in which Ernie is expecting a call from Bert; only problem is, Cookie Monster is having a lengthy conversation; at the end, he eats the telephone.

  5. I vaguely remember that three-part sketch, as well; hopefully it will be available on YouTube, soon. I also vaguely recall Ernie giving Cookie Monster(as everyone knows, CM did not have his name yet, at the time), a box of cookies, then the telephone, right before the end, and at that moment, as Ernie was trying to pull the telephone out of CM's mouth, Bert FINALLY called. Too bad Call waiting had not been invented at the time; I do remember CM's long-drawn-out conversation, with his mom.

  6. This is probably the only time in his long history that Cookie Monster said, "I'll get it," as opposed to "Don't worry! Me answer it!"

  7. That four part segment from season 1 where Cookie Monster has the super long phone conversation with his mother while Ernie is expecting a call from Bert is on youtube now; it was posted two years ago.

  8. Was Cookie Monster trying to take off his fur at the end? Didn't Cookie eat another phonelater with Prairie Dawn?

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