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Setting up your home phone on the nbn™ network. FTTN or FTTB

Setting up your home phone on the nbn™ network. FTTN or FTTB

When you placed your NBN order
with Telstra,
you chose to self-install
your new Gateway modem,
and this video
will show you how to do it.
There’s just a couple of things
to consider before you begin.
Firstly, after placing your order,you will also have received
an NBN connection day.
The installer
may also need to visit your home.
We’ll let you know if you need to be
home for the NBN Co installer visit.
You will receive an SMS, email
or phone call
that confirms your NBN connection
is complete
and you can now self-install
your Gateway.
If you’re moving an existing phone
service over to the NBN network,
then you need to be awarethat if you have
any of these devices
connected to your phone service,including medical alarmsor back-to-base security alarms,they will no longer workafter you’ve completed
your self-installation.
Also be aware
your telephone wall sockets
will not work on the NBN network.Instead, the phone service
will be provided
via your new Telstra Gateway modem.I’ll explain that set-up
later in the video.
If you have any concerns around
your phone service and the NBN,
please contact Telstra
on 1800 834 273
to discuss
other installation options.
Now let’s take a closer look
at your Telstra connection kit
and get started.You will receive the Gateway modem,a power adaptor,a set-up guide,additional important information,and the cables needed
for connection.
Now let’s follow your set-up guide.Step 1 – connect the Gateway.Pick up the grey cable
with the grey plugs on the ends.
Matching the colours,insert the grey plug into
the grey DSL port on the Gateway.
Insert the other end
into the wall phone socket.
Step 2 – power the Gateway.Insert the power cable
into the Gateway
and plug the adaptor into the wall.Make sure the power point
is switched on.
The status and internet lights
should be on
and solid green once completed.If not, turn the Gateway on
by pressing the power button.
It can take up to 10 minutesfor the Gateway to register
with the Telstra network,
so please be a little patient.Now let’s get your phone connected.Plug your existing home phone into
either of the green phone ports.
When the phone light
on the Gateway turns green,
you will be able
to make and receive calls.
It can take up to 10 minutes
for the phone to register,
so please be a little patient.Test that your phone works
by listening for a dial tone.
Remember, your Gateway must be on
to make and receive calls.
Installation is now complete,and this is what your Telstra NBN
Gateway set-up should look like.
For more information,
where you can find
additional help and support,
or call us on 1800 834 273for questions and technical support.

18 thoughts on “Setting up your home phone on the nbn™ network. FTTN or FTTB”

  1. After installation my vital call is not going to work so what happens then, how is this going to be activated again. I pay a lot of money for this and am seriously angry that the NBN connection doesn't accommodate it.

  2. I live in a 3 storey house, and we have two telephones upstairs, one in the middle level and one downstairs that matches (is in a set with) the one in the middle storey. The Gateway Modem is in the lounge room, which is the middle level, so what happens to my three other telephones around the house? Please help me, Telstra!!

  3. This Video is about as useful as tit's on a bull,
    Absolutely NO mention of additional internal networking etc,
    Berridale has FTTN and that from what I understand from some user's is crap compared to our existing ADSL2+ .
    No-one in Telstra has a bloody clue when it comes to Linux firewalls and other (what they consider NON Standard Home networks setups either. I have more experience in Multi layered Networking than most of them , yet I hear we will be FORCED to switch to this NBN crap irrespective .
    NBN should be FTB for EVERYONE , something which has been purely overlooked by all the cable layer's etc.
    I'm likely to get better internet by using my Mobile as a gateway from what I have seen thus far.

  4. Just remind me again do I have to switch it on for it to work?
    I think I'll go with another provider that doesn't treat me like a moron.

  5. You don't always get a message saying job complete… I got a confusing message suggesting they had encountered a problem and apologised saying my internet should be back to normal.

    What the? which internet? the one I was trying to replace (ADSL) or the one I was installing (NBN). What the?

    No message saying complete or resolved, or anything. My only tip is to login to your telstra account online and look at order tracking status (yes you may have to do this on another device/system if your connection to internet is cut during switchover/install).

    I really feel for non savvy people. It can be really confusing at times.

  6. For fibre to node or fibre to curb …Keep in mind that the NBN box and Telstra gateway(modem& router combo) often cannot be set up where they currently are ..say in your office or den for example.

    The NBN tech will connect to the nearest telephone outlet closest to the outside phone junction box (sometimes in your kitchen for example) If this is not acceptable, you will have to arrange with Telstra or a phone contractor for a new wire to be run from where you want everything direct back to the external telephone junction box normally situated outside the premises on an external wall .

    None of the other phone extensions will work once NBN is connected as they must be disconnected to stop drop outs with the new technology (VDSL2)

  7. telstra informed me my land line hands free wireless phone would work with NBN installation, big mistake. We now have no phone connection down stairs. customer service rating zero. time to try another communication supplier

  8. One thing I hate about FTTN, FTTC, & FTTB is that the phone sockets have to be used up for the NBN supply, I like HFC because the NBN would come from a coaxial socket and therefore the phone plugs network becomes recyclable by disconnecting it's lead in cable and connecting one socket to the green port of the modem using an RJ11 cable and then all the other sockets can be used to connect phones from various different rooms to the modem.

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