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Blah-blah-blah-blah oMG you’re the worst I’ve never done this before. No literally, this is the peak… for me. Hi hi guys its- I can’t do that around you for some reason. I don’t know why oh my god. Okay. Hi guys its Tana Mongeau Welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel -is that new newer I love new Tana I miss the old Tana which used to say the N word and start drama whoa, I’m still starting drama i missed- i gave up stopped following This is like therapy on this couch No Literally literally we started filming a YouTube video all of a sudden like 90 people just came in like assemble the set can we talk about that for a second About that for a second because this is I’ve never done this before no, we just did a podcast she was on my podcast and then I Oh let’s do a video, and then we came out and there’s like a tree I don’t think it’s either for like there’s lights. There’s a curtain my last three main channel videos were literally filmed on this one She has 2 phones by the way. I’m a drug dealer Shane’s here today, cause he’s gonna go through my phone I wanted to do this with somebody forever And I’ve done this before like in relationships without them knowing oh my god sounds like something my ex-boyfriend- Well, I want to look through somebody’s phone, and I’m like well whose phone could I find the most interesting shit in? I’m really nervous. I don’t want anyone go through my phone I get like severe anxiety when people hold my phone like when I wake up the first thing I want is like this little cracked busted phone. Okay. Why do you have two phones to promote my phone case. times two Yes, no so… *Shane’s judgemental face* fuck you Basically, I was vlogging every day on this phone, and then it was filling up with storage But I don’t want to vlog on the camera because I just can’t be that person just like “hey, what’s up you guys”? With like the tripod and like the.. Who’s (bleeped out)? We’re starting *WHEEEEEEEEze* You have 137 missed texts! I don’t care about people So I just clicked on the app pack group message. Thank you for leaving me out of that Shane has left the group. Trevor’s sending you like sexy selfies Sexy selfies interesting alright, let’s go to the very beginning I want to see the beginning of the pack. your phone is broken. Yes. Are you okay? Do you need a quid deal? cause I’ll get it. Bradley said, “Brunch was good.” We didn’t do the brunch, if that makes you- Brunch was good “It’s so nice out, anyone wanna do something?” and then somebody said, “the park?” and then Jack Baron said “fuck me up” What? This sucks! You’re boring Did you say that’s the gag? “yeah” I love collabing with Keke Palmer, so fun This is from brennentaylor: “wait so are Tana and Bella actually a thing, or is Tana just wanting clout” that’s not true, we’re one minute in and I’m explaining myself I can’t wait for the eight apology videos after this. And then they said again, “No I’m serious. I’m actually curious.” These are your own friends, even they don’t know. Alright next who else do we got? I’m so scared. I don’t know anything about drama or tea or anything I’m more of a coffee Queen But I did see somewhere on my timeline you and simply Nessa had drama and looks like there’s a text Yeah, wait you didn’t reply to any. I was sending voice memos WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZEEEEEEEEEHAHAHAH Literally it’s all just her side, it looks like you’re such an asshole So I’m gonna read simply nessa’s texts, who’s been on my show Friend of the show charitable gig You tell me what the voice memo was back what happened why did you it’s my on? I don’t know. She just always has my name in her mouth, and I didn’t really know What did I ever do and your name is hard to say so give her credit? She said I don’t hate you every time we talk I tell you hit me up and we should hang out, and you never did that’s not oh you miss attacks a Hundred and eighty thousand so farm team simply Use that how are you gonna say Twitter is boring when yesterday you so tweeted me sub between sub tweeted me like Ten times like damn you must like Twitter, or you must like shading me, and she said yesterday girl Do you hear yourself all I tweeted yesterday was that you’re doing amazing, sweetie? Playin my Benji said and the day before I tweeted about Starbucks yeah, and how much you fucking hate me, but You know it’s overrated pumpkin spice latte fuckin mojo oh, and then that’s it sorry you guys fine. No I mean Really I’m gonna send her voice memo. Hey Nessie. It’s me Shane Shane Dawson. You’ve been on my show Shane and friends Thank you for tweeting it. I’m here with Hannah were filming a cloud. I’m going through her phone I saw that you guys have got some beef. I’m squashing it and I just want to say that tannaz sorry And I love you, and I’m team simply and Messy Monday’s reply back to your mom and dad literally With blue knots are mom and dad right next to each And all your mom sideways. How’s your day going with a little Sun emoji given that she’s like I need money Other means other me You text yourself. Well. Yeah, I have to like send myself things like I was reading song the exhaust this phone And then I needed to read oh, no, they’re not like pathetic okay. Have you ever texted bad, baby? No, let’s read your dance with that baby wait, so you weren’t in her music video. No, that’s not me What are you saying? Call me I Love healing Something nice. I can’t say thank you, sweetie Thank you honey Sana’s me like do your resident personation to make a movie, okay? Be like hahaha, thank you so much, hope you’re not mad that we whatever I don’t know hahaha. Thank you so much Super glad to have you be a part of this video and consent to us using your voice Thank you girl do you want to read bad, baby? Yeah, yeah, baby, baby? You said of course you started your my fury animal ooh And then that baby hit you with let’s work with a phone number Did we ever shoot a Samia phone number did we ever work? Oh wait? She hired someone that looked just like you sheep. I thought that was you when she like went to the casting list She’s like oh that’s enough, and then he said girl film a damn video with me She didn’t reply and then he said I thought my favorite thought. Oh, then. She said I’m down email my manager And you said okay I’ll have my manager do it and Then she said what we doing and I used that talked And then she said everyone says you are the fake highly in my music video blogging confirms It was Kylie though like people wanted to know that Should we not give that to you? So you just made me fight with readiness lock design by baby a voice memo getting consent for the teeth What’s like seeing young people use like what’s a girl binder my sugar daddy up you have a sugar daddy no I wish I’d what is this oh tinder no I’m gonna find you man. We’re not going through my tinder. I’m gonna take your hashtag add alright look at my sugar daddy. Yep I just got banned last week for sending my direct PayPal link because apparently that’s like wrong And I just got it back so have you been talking to guys on this. Yeah as you can see? Oh, my god wait. This is real. Yeah talking to these people. Yeah, are you okay quid is here Why are you doing? Those like Gucci shoes and shit for just like being cute me when I’m driving around this guy is 47 okay look at his network. That’s on here five million. That’s a JC caylen Hello, I’m intrigued the line in your profile says that you would like to start a conversation. I don’t think No, then you said realize I live in Las Vegas right he lives in Ireland, right? How do you suppose this works and that is boring? When did you send like a picture I don’t do that, but I have private this person’s name is Vegas cock oh Oh, this is my new favorite one. I actually read this. This is good. You started. He said hi, babe He’s 37, then he said you intrigued me. What does that mean? Why did they keep saying intrigue? Is that like a code word is it like a baby word? I’m just intrigued right? I’m intrigued me I feel drawn to your power and confident. This is a real power in confidence. I saw your policy Also, he copied and pasted this to spoil you in every way to in no way expect sex and to understand that that’s okay this Is like a legal there literally something like a legal like consent. No. Yeah, I love that you said I’m super into it Let’s talk more can I see pictures of you babe? So you want to worship me? This is him like he’s not that bad-looking He has one photo that seems real this particular moment makes me sad why? You don’t need to be doing this not that there’s anything wrong with it ladies you know Give me Bella text. She didn’t text me back. You called her muffin wait. What is this? How fucked up are we oh? This is a video of you guys drunk? Oh? I can’t show that Let’s start here, so you said he good night, cutie. Hope you’re home safe sleep Good after a long shoot, and then she said look hot baby, and then you said okay I’m getting ready, and then she said I don’t know you this is just like a couple who’s been together for a year Interesting are you fucking let’s do one more thing. What should we do you ran DMC? Okay? Who’s in your dams? Is there like rappers? I wish so bad Justin Bieber what? I’m trying Guys can you go comment on Justin Bieber’s latest Instagram photo and say? It’s Hanna Mona once about you you have my pictures if you want. Oh, good idea okay pictures Can I open your face too and do it before and after no? I mean know who’s the most famous person in your phone. Why are you guys yeah, Britney a Britney Spears? Vegas We just casually run into each other like Whole Foods Brit Brit Who’s like a good youtuber like tell me you do, bro See I hate prank calls cuz they have to talk to them after and then they’ll text you after and be like that was funny We should hang out That happens to you because Yes the prank-calling video where nobody answers right to voice my leverage oh, I know I’ll send your mom a voice memo no call her But that Sakura she’s gonna be like oh my baby’s calling okay Let’s call it. Okay. Can you just be me yeah? Don’t really sell that nasally Yes, hey mom. I’m okay. Yeah. What are you doing? Hello? What are you doing? Hello hobb? Yeah, what are you doing? Jana your baby, Jana. It’s me. I just want to talk to you about Bella mom shut the dogs up Hi mom what are you doing? Shaking it up old reference anyways. How are you living? Yeah, always, so Okay What do you just hope be honest like super honest like spill the tea mama What do you think about me and I think about you Anna yeah like are you like into it? Oh? My god guys, I just came out to my mom I love helping people Your problems just done. I’m not even a doctor In like two weeks she wait All right guys Shane went through my phone. I’m exposed. I’m boring I came out to my mom my relationship is real Thanks for watching Shane’s channels link below like bye guys

100 thoughts on “SHANE DAWSON GOES THROUGH MY PHONE (girlfriend, fights, TEA)”

  1. Tana: “this is the peak for me.”
    *1 year later has a reality show and is a featured creator at VidCon.

  2. Shane is so good for Tana.
    He brings the super soft side out of tana and she trustes him with her life. She has so much respect for him 100%.

  3. If u read Shane’s lips in the beginning he’s saying “who’s Hunter Moreno” whicH IS SO FUNNY BC WE ALL KNOW ABOUT HIM NOW AND HE LITERALLY DIRECTS HER MUSIC VIDEOS I FEEL SO OLD IM D E A D

  4. 9:35 and this video is prob the reason why brad tried his hardest to get at tana..then cheated on here! Bitch what the fuck!?

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