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Share Audio to Two Sets of AirPods from ONE iPhone!

Share Audio to Two Sets of AirPods from ONE iPhone!

66 thoughts on “Share Audio to Two Sets of AirPods from ONE iPhone!”

  1. What do you think of this feature that lets you share AirPods audio to 2 pairs from 1 iPhone? Watch this next – Connecting Xbox and PS4 controllers to your iPhone and iPad: Get AirPods here:

  2. just some constructive criticism, "How to pair TWO sets of airpods" would have made for sense, two airpods just sounds like one set.

  3. This is assuming you have the iPhone 8 (at least) and have AirPods first.

    I have iPhone 7 Plus so I guess I'm out of luck?

    I'm also out of luck because I don't have AirPods. 😭😭😭

  4. can somebody tell me if my airpods are in 100% of charge and i put they in the case they still charging or not im comfused lol

  5. it does not work on my iphone 7 😭😭 also the ipod touch 7th gen uses Bluetooth 4.2 which is the same as the iphone 7 how does the ipod suppprt audio share

  6. I am unable share audio on both set of AirPods. If I select one the other one was disconnecting. I’m using XS Max 13.1.2

  7. Can this be done on Apple TV also? Im using the latest Apple TV and OS as of October 2019. Hoping to send audio from the movie on AppleTV to 2 sets of AirPods

  8. Has anybody figured it out yet?? It connects both AirPods but it won’t let me select both at the same time. Can somebody please help me :/

  9. I was on the bus today listening to music and my iPhone asked me if I wanted to connect my audio to beats…….I was like what?then I turned around and saw a guy with beats behind me and he looked up at me, I think his phone did the same thing

  10. For those whose AirPods don’t work:
    Firmware should be 2A364 on both AirPods! To upgrade firmware just leave AirPods case with pods inside near iPhone connected to the internet for the night and apple magic will do it for you. Check firmware in options > about this iPhone> airpods

    After this procedure you can connect both pairs to one device

    This isn’t obvious Apple didn’t tell this to anyone

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