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Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re doing something a little bit different today. I mean, not really that different. We’re playing a horror game. Which you know, a lot of you- a lot of you people- a lot of you subscribers who may be kind of familiar with this. However guys, I don’t know if you’ve heard of this game called Granny. Just Granny, and it’s a mobile game, which kind of blew my mind, because like you don’t really uh you don’t really see like these huge horror game mobile games. This one’s in first person as well. So I was kind of surprised but apparently, a lot of people are talking about it, and a lot of you guys want me to play it, so let’s just jump into it without further ado. So Normal difficulty. Yeah, sure why not let’s do it. Tip: Be quiet; she hears everything. Keep in mind that if you drop objects on the floor it creates sounds. Press and hold the remove button and free yourself from bear traps. Hide under beds or in cabinets. You have five days. Use headphones for best experience. Ooh Okay. Get out of there! You only have five days. All you need is in the house… and be quiet. She hears everything and Granny is crazy. Good luck. Okay, I have no idea what this game is about by the way. Like absolutely no clue. Day one. Ah. All right. Hopefully it’s not too dark of a game, I always find that- I may have to turn up my brightness. Seems okay so far. I have volume going. There we go. Pretty creepy. Um We’ll just uh… we’ll keep that going then like that, so what is this here? What did I just pick up? Okay, I hear footsteps. Is she gonna be at that door there? Okay, what do I do? What do i do? I don’t know what to do. Can I hide in here? Does that work? What is this? Did I just.. am I hiding? Don’t know if I’m hiding right now. Drop this. Uh oh. OH Oh that’s not good. I just made a very loud sound. OH. NO! Nooo Stupid Granny. Okay, alright. It’s fine. Attempt two- day two. You only have five days to get out of there. Oh jeez. So if I don’t get out of there within five days.. is that like really bad? Is that what happens? Oh jeez, I have to leave the house. Okay so, oh, I can open this? There’s these things. I can look inside. What is that? What does that say? That says something- ‘Leave this house’. Oh jeez. Oh, oh, no. She’s just walking by. She’s just walking by guys, everything’s okay. Leave this house. I would love to leave this house, but Granny Is in the- Oh I can hide underneath the bed. Oh, not bad not bad not bad. Okay. We’re not gonna do that though. We’re gonna come this way and pick that up. In case I need to wack her. Oh there’s a bear trap right there, okay. We’re not gonna let that faze us. Oh, oh, oh. No. No. Pictures fell. Oh, I keep knocking things, I just knocked the bell. Oh, and now there’s a creaky floor. What am I supposed to do?!? I’m making so much noise! Come on. I literally can’t move without the entire house shaking. Whoa, whoa. PUBG ad, okay. Everybody knows what PUBG is. They’re- they’re on mobile ads now. Here we go guys, day three. This is not going good so far, we are doing an absolutely terrible job. I need to- I need to move… In a way where the entire house doesn’t- oh She’s right there. You know, no. Let’s go here.. and hide. Can we hide in here? Ah. Close the door. Oh, this is creepy. Ah she just opened the- she just opened door behind me, what is that right there, i don’t know. Uh AH AH OH! OH! OH! Okay, day four. We’ve accomplished nothing. Here we go. Okay. So. Wait, does that say something? Five days yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, I know, I know five days. Granny is so creepy. I don’t like it, look at her down there. Eww. Blech. Oh, she just made a really disgusting sound. Oh no, oh no that’s locked. I’m gonna go back upstairs. Okay, I’m not gonna fall in that hole this time Okay, what are these creepy sounds, I need a hammer. Ah Where do I find a hammer? Okay, I can hide in here, okay. *Sounds from game* Do you want to play hide-and-seek? No. No, I really don’t. Does she know I’m hiding in something, because she did specifically ask to play hide-and-seek. Okay, I can hear her footsteps. I think they’re getting louder, I can’t really tell. She coming in this room here? Granny? I can’t see her so- ah Okay, I’m gonna come over here. I need a hammer for that, right. Okay, it’s really loud up here and I don’t like it. Can I go through here? Oh. Oh, oh Go go go how do I crouch how do I get in there? Oh, oh. Just like this, okay good stuff. Now what? Pull through here? Yeah, I’m just gonna close that. Can I hide in the bathtub? Oh, a piece of painting- OH SHE’S RIGHT THERE No, come on. What am I supposed to do? Where do I go? The last day, the last day to escape. Oh jeez. We’re gonna get this guys. Oh, this is so creepy. This is- I don’t like it. Very, very unsettling. Okay. Now Granny, I’m not scared of you, alright? I’m gonna come down this way. Ah We’re just.. gonna whack her with- OH Great. Great. Come on Granny. Well that was the last day, what are you gonna do, huh? Oh? She threw me in the basement? Uh-oh Hello? Granny? *Sounds of disgust* Hmm Well, that was creepy. Okay, all right PUBG we get it. You’re on mobile now. I don’t even know how that’s possible, the game is so poorly optimized. Attempt number two guys. I think yeah, we can do it. It’s fine. It’s doable, possible. Is it though? We did a really terrible job the first time. We got literally nothing done. Okay, here we go. *Behind the scenes with Denis!* Getting really sweaty. *Nice to know.. -_-* *End of ‘Behind the scenes with Denis’* We gotta stay quiet. Does crouching help? Maybe? Day one. What if we do things very speedy like, and then we can figure things out very quickly. Because you know, you got maybe you can tack on to your previous day if you actually accomplished something..? Here we go. Open that up. Alright grandma. What do we got going on, what’s cooking? Anything in here? In here maybe? Ah, okay. I hear grandma’s MOVEMENTS, AH Stop creaking the floor, can I hide under here? Is this where I started? ^No^ *Sounds from game* Where are you? I really don’t like that. Can I look around- oh my goodness I can. Ah, uh. Did I see movement behind that door? I think I did. You can barely see it through the crack, I’m literally looking at pixels moving. I don’t know guys, I don’t know.. I’m just gonna open this real quick. Hello? Granny? Is that you? No, *gasp* what is that? That’s what I need. Okay, okay. How do I get that? Granny, where are you? Oh my goodness, okay. I need to go over there. I’m just gonna walk around this bear trap. I see it, okay? I’m not gonna step in it. I need to get that, how do I- Oh jeez, oh no. How do I get that? Where’s granny? Where is granny anyways? I dunno. She down- ah AH, hide under the bed! Granny, hello. Don’t look under here. That’s right. How am I supposed to get that? Do I throw the- *Sounds from game* Do you want to play hide-and-seek? No. No no no no no. I wanna grab that vase that was at the start, and then throw it at that shiny thing. I think that might be a lead. Maybe. I don’t know. Maybe not though. Really no idea. Okay, here we go. Granny? I’m out and about- oh, you are right in the room that I want to be in, unless actually.. ..Something in here, maybe? Could I knock these over? Oh boy. Okay, go go go go go, no all these boxes are in my way. Get out of my way! Boxes! OH NO STUPID BOXES That’s okay, because we’re, we’re at the start again. We’re gonna grab the vase, we’re gonna throw it at the thing, and everything’s gonna be okay. Everything’s gonna be fine, okay. Go Give it your best shot Granny. Granny boy. Granny Smith apple. ^Wut^ Pick that up. Okay, and then we go through here. She locked it. Where am I supposed to go now? *Granny laughs* Don’t you laugh at me, don’t you mock me. Oh jeez. I’m gonna hide in here. I’m hoping she’ll open the door. Was it locked? Oh there we go. Oh boy. Here she is. She unlocked the door for me, though. *Sounds from game* Do you want to play hide-and-seek? Blech, blech BLECH No no no no no no no, okay. Oh jeez, is she coming back? No she’s just walking by, everything’s fine. Okay, that’s good. Is she gonna.. Okay, she went to another room. So now- oh I see that bear trap. Is that a bear trap? NO! Ah! Can I come in here? Does she know? Does she know? ^Yep^ Can I just hide under here? OH OH AH AH AH AH Minecraft? A Minecraft ad?- Alright, I’m gonna figure this out eventually, guys. I’ll- I’ll get it, trust me. It’s fine, we’ll- we’ll have at least one objective complete by the end of this video, maybe not though. Where my vase go, there it is. For some reason, I feel like I need you. Could be wrong. Where’s Granny anyways? Okay, okay She’s coming back, does she know I’m here though? Mm I don’t know. Granny? I want you to turn around and walk out of that door, okay? Oh she’s walking this way, no no no no no. No. Granny. Come on now. She’s not gonna jump scare us is she? Okay, she just throws a bear trap right outside of where I need- all right, that’s fine. It’s almost like she’s on to us. Maybe just maybe I don’t know. Okay, let me get up. Alright Granny, I’m gonna drop this in a way that will- that will be thrown at the other thing that we need, okay? Where is she anyways? I don’t know, could I walk around this? I can. Oh no. That didn’t work. OH she was right there! Agh! All right all right all right all right, all right Granny. *Fierce look of determination* All right, it’s okay, you know what? I’m gonna figure it out, right now, right here, I’m ready. I think you’re a coat hanger? Oh coat hanger. Is that what I need? A coat hanger! Sounds like something that would be really good. *Hint-hint* No, she was right there. Oh, don’t you- don’t- no. No. She’s gonna jump scare. She’s gonna do it, she’s gonna do it, she’s gonna do it. Don’t do it. Don’t, please, Granny. No. You didn’t see us, you didn’t see us. You have no idea. Mm-hmm. Nope, not here. *Sounds from game* Where are you? *I’m shook* That’s good, that’s a good sign. She doesn’t know where we are. You just had to put the bear trap there again, didn’t you? Sending a message I see, okay. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, all right. Come on, get out of here. There you go. Now, I can get up.. a-a-a-and we’re locked in here. Great. Just fantastic. What do I- what do I do with these? What do I do with these? I don’t know Get back in there. We have pliers guys, we have cutting pliers, oh my goodness. What we do what do we do what do we do what do we do what do we do? Oh my go-o-o-o-o-AH Where is she?!? I don’t know, I just got to do it. I got it. I gotta make a move. I can’t be hiding under the bed the whole time. Ah, I’m making a lot of noise. Can we leave, please? Oh, oh did that do something, I don’t know oh, oh oh no I need a padlock key? Ah I hit the bell! No, can I hide under here? No that doesn’t work. Um Can I hit Granny with these pliers? ^Lol^ No, I don’t know what to do, where is she? I don’t know anymore. Ah, just go back upstairs. Back upstairs under a bed. Ah, Oh. Oh she saw me, she don’t get- no- here comes the JUMPSCARE YES OF COURSE OF COURSE No! Okay, guys last day. Everything’s fine, everything’s okay. Yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep. Here we go. We go guys. I’m gonna grab those pliers. Okay. I’m going to- hit some Granny with them. Okay, that’s locked. Everything is fine. I’m gonna hide under here. It’s okay. She’s gonna walk right in, and she hasn’t no idea. Look, what an idiot. Perfect. She probably walked right BY NO SHE DIDN’T AH No! I thought she walked away! Great, yeah. Yeah now we have to sit through this again. Now of course we do. Yeah, all right. Okay. Yes, yes, yes, all right Granny you win, we get it. Okay. Yup there- there she is. Boom. God is good, Granny. Well guys That was Granny. That was Granny for you. If you’d like to see more- if you want to see me try to beat the game, I’m gonna need a lot of help in the comments. But, other than that though, if you enjoyed, please remember to leave the video a like, maybe even subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to check out the Sir Meows A Lot plushie, available at, link in the description below, but other than that, again. Thank you so much guys, and I will see you, in the next one! *Outro music*

100 thoughts on “SHE HEARS EVERYTHING… | GRANNY (Horror Mobile Game)”

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    Edit: heโ€™s better than me and this is his first try

    Heโ€™s so scared

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