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Should you spend a Lakh on the iPhone 11 Pro?

Should you spend a Lakh on the iPhone 11 Pro?

The iPhone 11 Pro Pretty much every Youtuber is shoving it in our faces these days, and calling it the best iPhone ever. And in this video, I’m going to talk about why you should
and shouldn’t buy it. Apple took a long time to come to the Ultrawide party. LG has had one on their phones since… the G5. But as you can see from the GSMArena samples here. The images were distorted and the lens was… too wide probably. As consumers and reviewers, we tend to give Apple a lot of leeway in terms of implementation of useful features Because apparently they get it right. Let’s examine that premise and much, much more. This is Sira, and you’re watching Tech for Luddites. In the box, you get the phone, an 18W fast charger,
a USB-C to lightning connector, and the earpods. The inclusion of the fast charger and a cable you can connect directly to your MacBooks are both very welcome additions.
The design is good. Stainless steel, a frosted back and these three cameras. Just a note to internet reviewers. Trypophobia is an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns
clusters of small holes or bumps. If these three symmetrical, regular cameras cause any unease, it may be due to your desire to make money off criticising a beloved brand, rather than any psychological condition.
Speaking of which. I hate Apple. We’ve been seeing this front design for 3 years now. Other companies have forged ahead and found a variety of solutions to the bezel problem. while most companies have two ways of unlocking their phones, Apple still has just one. Which works incredibly well, admittedly. This is my first encounter with face ID, And not only does it work perfectly in the dark. It unlocks your phone only when you’re paying attention. The phone is pretty compact, and feels sturdy. A good device for one handed use. Apple doesn’t fail when it comes to design. Though Jony Ive may disagree. The main issue I’ve had while shooting video for the channel on other cameras has usually been the inconsistency. But before, you ask me to compare it to the Note 10 Plus… well… Sorry! I sold it.
I had to get this phone. The three lenses are all 12 MP, and only the ultra-wide lacks optical image stabilisation and autofocus.
The iPhone 11 Pro can shoot 4k 60 on all three cameras, no fuss. Ok, little bit of fuss. It looks like this feature will only be available with third party apps.
I don’t know if this is to do with the processor, or the storage speed, but it’s an impressive technological feat. There are rumors that this feature may be coming to the previous generation of iPhones as well, so it may well have to do with software features in iOS 13.
While 4k 60 is the highest option, it turns out the phone is actually capturing at 4k 120 and fusing frames together to get even more dynamic range out of the camera. Just further hammering home Apple’s advantage in video capture.
The stabilisation is even better than before, and we’re quickly getting to the point where just by virtue of this feature, phone cameras will outstrip DSLRs for many non professional situations.
The camera app stil sucks to some degree. You have to go into phone settings to change your resolution and frame rate. But this major design flaw will come to an end with iOS 13.2 as demonstrated by many people on the iOS beta program.
You’ll be able to be change all these settings within the camera app, and without leaving the preview interface. Apple good.
Night Mode is also here, though you can’t select it manually. It automatically appears when the conditions are right. Mostly past sunset Like a vampire.
But it does a stellar job, and there are updates in the offing that should smooth out any kinks.
It also gives you gives you a software feature called deep fusion which gives you additional detail on images.
But with the temperate weather here in Bangalore, and distinct lack of winterwear, we may not be able to fully test this feature for you once it arrives in the 13.2 update.
That leaves the front camera, which is a little wider, and now supports slow motion Slofies. And while I’m not going to engage in the indignity of running a fan in front of my face To get cool shots. Some of you might want to. A full video shot on this Phone will be coming to the channel soon. So, stay tuned and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed already. Apple is comfortably ahead of the competition in terms of processing power. So with the A13 Bionic, It sounds like a non-sensical Hollywood sequel. I think they made a conscious decision to focus on efficiency.
They’ve found ways to power only parts of the chip
that are in use to eke out and additional 4 hours. As a result you get a phone that lasts longer than not only its predecessor, but also the iPhone Xr, which was generally great for battery life.
And with the included fast charger, you can get up to 50% charge in less than 30 minutes.
This is a good direction, because in testing phones around 15k, I’ve found that even the Snapdragon 730 has enough horsepower to run the UI smoothly and play pretty much every game under the sun.
I don’t think I even need to play an obligatory game of PUBG, or Asphalt 9 Legends to prove the iPhone 11 Pro is fast enough. And that’s probably the biggest compliment you could give Apple. There is also a U1 chip that is used for precise location tracking upto 3 cms. This will probably be used for tags and beacons sometime soon. The RAM is 4GB, and that’s enough for an iPhone. It keeps things in memory long enough, and the animations – So good. So fluid. They seem to have just the right inertia. This is true of scrolling too.
And with iOS 13, Apple brings a host of convenient features like long pressing on these icons to get deeper into the menu. It’s interesting that Apple chose not to take you inside the main menu but just have these cards instead.
Do I prefer it? Probably. But three steps to go back to home is a bit of a pain. And since there’s no back key, I guess there was no other solution.
I really like how going back and forward works in browsers on iOS. They save an image of the previous screen so it feels really seamless. Even though it does reload the page. I know you get this feature in some Android skins too, but it doesn’t quite work the same way. 3D Touch is gone, and while it was cool feature, apple never really went all in, or tried to do anything too useful with it. Long press is the replacement, and Apple’s fantastic haptic engine ensures, it still feels real, but I can’t help but think that 3D touch was a missed opportunity.
All in all, I like iOS 13. It brings a lot of features that were missing earlier. And with Apple Arcade, Apple Music and Apple TV. Services you can get for a grand total of 260/month,
the ecosystem is now stronger than ever. Yeah, you can’t put widgets on the home screen, but I’m fine with that. If you want a clean home screen, you can just remove everything from the first page and organise everything into folders. It’s a bit of work,
but you only need to do it once. And to find an app, just search.
iOS 13 is good. There is not as much room for improvement as there was before.
Apple has always made great displays, and always given them grand sounding names. This display is called XDR. Extreme Dynamic range. Not just High Dynamic Range. No, no. Extreme!
The iPhone 11 Pro has a 5.8” display which gets really bright. Easily usable in direct sunlight. Other displays literally pale in comparison.
And Apple being one of the few companies who care about colour accuracy, you can generally rest assured their calibration is on point too.
You kinda ruin it by switching on TruTone. But I recommend keeping it on anyway. It adjusts the screen temperature based on ambient light and just looks better to me.
Erica Griffin, who’s the expert on displays prefers the iPhone 11 though. Better whites? So if your eyes are extremely sensitive to colours, May be that’s the one you wanna go with. The audio is good. Everything is clear, loud and you’ve got stereo speakers. The phone also features spatial audio, which makes you feel like you’re really there. Pretty cool feature.
Here’s a quick test. And, if you’re buying this, its not like you are short of money so get the AirPods too. I’ve used them a couple of times, and while the audio quality is just ok, they go really well with the whole Apple …
Ecosystem. The included EarPods are good too. That’s all.
One quick point. The Pro versions feature 4X4 MIMO Which uses extra antennas. To help your cell reception where signals are weak. So that may be something you want to consider while choosing between the the 11 and 11 Pro.
Apple is a premium brand. And while that term has been diluted quite a bit when you have an iPhone, you feel affluent. Like you’re dining at a high end restaurant The waiter is attentive, the food options limited, but gourmet.
The ambience is great and the place beautifully, and intelligently designed.
Apple still hasn’t deigned to give us a notch-less phone, unlike many of its competitors.
The bezels are thick, compared to most other phones out there.
The touch sampling is 120 Hz, but despite the pro moniker, The display is still 60HZ. they haven’t given us the 120 Hz pro motion refresh rate they have in the iPad Pro.
And the phones still start at 64 GB storage. Despite Apple knowing full well that a phone designed to shoot 4K videos needs a lot more than that.
The next step up is 256 GB. 4 times the storage. And that makes me kind of furious.
That device will cost you 1 Lakh, 13 thousand and nine hundred rupees.
Now at that price I have to recommend that If you are invested in apple ecosystem Please go for the iPhone 11 and save half a lakh. Since I am saving you so much money Why don’t you put that into channel membership? I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Like, share, and subscribe to get more videos like this in your recommendations. I’ll see you really soon. Bye!

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