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Simple Ways to Declutter Your Phone

Simple Ways to Declutter Your Phone

hi my name is Mattie Bella I directed the documentary minimalism and I’d like to show you a few ways that I organized my phone so I am intentional with how I use it so first Apple has this clever feature called raised awake whenever it senses that you lift up your phone it will turn the screen on automatically I turn that off if it’s glowing or shiny I’m likely to get distracted by it ok so let’s look inside my phone I keep my most useful apps on the home page here freshbooks is for business and uploading receipts overcast is my podcast app this app on the dock here is called to do it’s how I organize important tasks for my business and personal life this is just a grocery list for later so I rarely keep email on my phone whenever I need remote access for work I’ll at it but then once I’m finished up I’ll delete it the second page are for apps that I use occasionally these are apps for film and travel this is an alarm clock created by Dwayne the rock Johnson and it’s the greatest thing ever made let me show you what I’m talking about here I’ll play one of the alarms beep beep beep beep I can do this all morning besides texts and calls I don’t allow notification like these from any apps that was my friend Joe looks like we had one too many Coronas last night and let’s see here the third page is where I hide apps that I’m really trying to avoid Instagram and Google Chrome tend to distract me a lot so I nest them under a folder called don’t touch I try to follow that advice though I fail often when I really need to focus I will put a black and white filter on my phone it’s surprisingly effective at reducing the time I spend on it so you can see the difference here Instagram and other apps just aren’t as enticing I’ve created a quick shortcut for my phone three clicks to toggle the black and white filter on and off Chrome is my go-to web browser when I need to use the Internet yeah let me just yeah so yeah I I deleted Facebook and Twitter from my phone because I found myself constantly using them constantly distracted by them if I think of something that I want to share on those platforms I will write it down to my notes to post later the last thing I did was delete my widgets and Siri suggested apps they are normally found right here and right here but I found that the leading meant Haslett okay look it’s my good friend Joe Khan Hey Joe can I call you looks like that was the wrong number yeah so those are a few ways that I keep my phone use intentional I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s really all about setting priorities and keeping things simple keep things simple thanks for watching subscribe to this channel for new videos every week do you want to see behind the scenes content from this video as well as others that I make on the channel well then head over to my Instagram it’s at Matt dia Vela do you have some spare time on your hands maybe you just got locked up maybe you’re in jail well if you are I’ve got a really great podcast for you it’s called the ground up show I interview reporters comedians rappers and entrepreneurs about their journeys and how they got things started go to grind up show calm for the podcast really weird if I didn’t show you guys how I did all this on my phone so let’s just hop into the settings real quick to turn off raised awake click settings display and brightness and then uncheck raise to wake to set your phone to black and white click on settings general accessibility display accommodations color filters and it should be checked by default but you want to just make sure grayscale is clicked I don’t use it all the time because I don’t know that’s just kind of weird and depressing to have a black and white phone but for those moments when I really want to make sure that I’m focused and I’m not getting distracted with with some of these apps I will turn this on to clear Siri suggested apps from your search go to settings Siri and search and uncheck suggestions in search so I personally cleared these away because as you saw earlier I hide the apps that I really shouldn’t be on the ones that are distracting me deep into my phone but these apps will become suggested as I use them more and they will appear on that top bar and it’s such a quick shortcut to just swipe down and click so to resist that temptation because my brain would default to going to collect those things without even me having any control over it I now just make sure they’re not there to begin with to clear your widgets to the left swipe to the bottom hit edit and then you can delete whichever of these widgets that you’d like and you can you can also keep this podcast app here to have a quick shortcut to the ground up show that’s just one suggestion but I mean you know you I’m sure you know what’s best for your phone but you should probably download it

100 thoughts on “Simple Ways to Declutter Your Phone”

  1. I really gotta learn to be more patient. Coulda just watched the whole video instead of trying to figure it out on my own. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. 2:07 – my beloved moment :D.
    Am watching right now next video of yours (I think 10 th ;p) and am sooo inpired . I plan to declutter my wardrobe (like 3th time but now with your advices, for me it's a real war (*joke alert* hihihi(*war*drobe)), thanks to you i've started to wake up early, even on my days-off, am planning to get my workouts done regulary (at last !) and to make my lifie easier, simpler and better. And it aal because of you ! Thank you ! You're great person and i love your sense of humor and your videos 😀
    Have a great day
    Greetings from Poland !

  3. I didn't just declutter my phone,I decluttered pretty much everything on my computer and phone including digital online stuff like bookmarks and I delete instagram,Twitter and more that I dont think they actually help me to focus .Personally I think that if something for example an.Instagram account makes me feel uncomfortable and doesn't have a value in my life is better to delete it once and for all and not just delete the app,I feel free now using a few apps that they're really helpful 🙂

  4. There's a really good (and aesthetically pleasing) to-do app, called Minimalist, and it doesn't have any ads or distracting things on it. 👍🏼

  5. Hi Matt! Nice video! Can you to the same for your Macbook? I'm really curious to see how a minimalist like you manage his computer. 🙂

  6. After watching your video, I went through all my apps and realized that half of them are totally useless and just kinda sit there taking up space. I "decluttered" my phone today and went from 120 apps to only 30.
    I feel really good about it somehow. Thanks Matt.

  7. I have been binge watching your YouTube channel for the last 3 days. Definitely turning on my notifications for your channel. Very good, quality content.

  8. Anyone who's wondering how to turn grayscale on Android, here is what you're gonna need to do:
    1. Go to settings > About phone > Build number and press it a few times. You now see on your screen: "You are now a developer."
    2. Go back to the main page of the settings and scroll all the way down. There should now be a "developer options" tab. Then search for "simulate color space" and select monochromacy. Your screen should now turn gray.
    (Btw don't touch any of the other settings in there if you don't know what you're doing, otherwise you could mess up your phone really bad.)

  9. This video really got me to clean up my iPhone 6 home screen setup which was an absolute mess 2 months ago, kinda disappointed that the rock alarm clock app is no longer available

  10. So we’re not gonna talk about his grocery list of duct tape, gasoline and bleach along with calling his mom ?? 😅

    I find this fine editing as he focuses on entaining us with such little details like this. I laughed out loud when I tried pausing and looking at the list.

  11. I've been using my phone on Grayscale and Smart color invert. Reading is easier and I don't really use it for much anymore.

  12. I love your content! You make the most interesting , straight forward, creative, funny and entertaining videos. Totally my favorite channel on YouTube.😊👌🏼

  13. Android users, install the a15 app. It's helped me immensely and makes using the phone less appealing while still leaving it on there if you need it.

  14. Is having a smartphone minimalist? Or would just trying to get by with a regular landline be more minimalist?

  15. Hey Matt, if you get interested, Spotify can be your podcast app, now it can do everything a podcast app do, but somethings are diferent, make a choice heheh, love your videos.

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