100 thoughts on “Single Woman Picks A Date Based On Their Phone”

  1. What a democratic thing to do. "Oh he endorsed a Republican in a text? Not gonna work" Yeah nice. Judge a whole person off a political view. Way to make the world a better more peaceful place as the Democrats love to claim they are doing🤣🤣🤣

  2. hi stephanie first you look cute and beautiful♥. i want just to say im simple guy and im single so stephanie can you find a single women for me 😉

  3. Anyone else feel like the longer they watch buzzfeed the more it seems like it’s for old millennials and no longer for young people like back in 2014 😔

  4. Andrews text about Kanye wasn’t even a political endorsement let alone a strong one it reads like friendly political talk. Lucky for him though it exposed a major red flag of hers

  5. I think we all pretty much knew Nate played d and d. He literally looks like a slightly younger Matt Mercer.

  6. LIBeRaL?! rEpUblICaN?!
    Dude if anyone is deeply into politics and immediately dislikes others for that alone you are better off without them

  7. I hate how she calls it a 'droid' trying to be cool then says strike one then drops the phone like gurl is this your best attempt at getting people to like you?

  8. In 20 years we're gonna have a bunch of middle aged white women using slang they learned on twitter in the 2010s/2020s…

    "Oh, Rachel, this white zinfandel is a vibe"

  9. So… I am not a regular viewer… Is this what BuzzFeed is doing right now??? Are they on drugs or something???

  10. I know someone who is poor that has an iPhone and i also know someone who is rich but has an android.

  11. What if they just don’t bring back the girl like ever and have them look at their Spotify account and recommended in social media apps

  12. When you name a folder as DND so no one disturbs it but She calls it Dungeons and Dragons to see what's all inside .

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