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“Slow charging” cell phone? Here’s a VERY common cause! (other devices too) #9

“Slow charging” cell phone? Here’s a VERY common cause! (other devices too) #9

If YOU are experiencing an ongoing problem
with a slow charging phone or device, have you ever considered that the problem might
be that your device is not getting, what it needs? These days more than ever people are experiencing
the problem of having a slow charging phone or device. Now nearly all new devices out
there at this point in time, are using a 5 volt charging system with a cord that has
an end that looks just like this. Because this is a standard male end of a USB cord,
it can be plugged into many places to receive a charge! For example, charging adapters either
for home or car, laptops, desktop PC’s and Mac’s, media players, TV’s… the list goes
on! For older or smaller phones and devices this was the perfect way to easily charge
your device almost anywhere, provided, you had a USB cord.
Now here comes the problem. Newer LARGER phones and devices out there require more electrical
current than many of these ports can produce! For example, a standard Laptop USB port can
produce an output current of 500 milliamps. This is sufficient to charge something that
is small. But for my Galaxy note 2 for example, it requires a 2000 milliamp charge adapter
to charge in a reasonable time. As a test, I ran my phone down to a 50 % state
of charge. To ensure there were no excessive loads on at the time of the test, I shut off
the WIFI, Bluetooth, and data, and kept the screen off as well. I plugged my cord into
another phone charger rated at 1000 milliamperes of output, which is double the output capacity
for most USB ports, and then let the phone charge for exactly 1 hour. At the end, the
phone’s state of charge went from 50% up to 62%. This is of course a very slow charge
rate! If I was to have anything on my phone powered up like the screen or WIFI, it would
have been even slower! Now by contrast when this test was repeated using the supplied
2000 milliampere charger that came with my phone, the battery charge state went from
50 % up to 91% in the same 1 hour charge time! Now 1 of 2 things will happen when a low output
charger or USB port is used to charge a larger device. 1 – If the charger or adapter cannot keep
up with the charge current the device is requesting, it may shut down all together. I have experienced
this myself. Or 2- If the phone or device senses that that
there isn’t a sufficient supply of current coming up the charge cord, it will throttle
back the current draw to a safe, but very low amount. This is done to protect all chargers
and USB ports from damage if they can’t handle the load. The one draw back is your battery
will take forever to charge! So there you have it! If you are experiencing
a slow charge, check to see the charge requirements of YOUR device! An easy way to do this is
to take a look at the output of the charge adapter that was supplied with your device,
or look at your manufacturer’s website. One last note, I have encountered problems
even charging smaller phones with those cheap retractable charge adapter cords, so be weary
if you are considering the purchase of one. The problem with those is that the wire is
so thin on some of them, that the charge current will be lost in the cord resulting in a very
slow charge. Hopefully this video has helped you in some
way, and, once again, thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on ““Slow charging” cell phone? Here’s a VERY common cause! (other devices too) #9”

  1. can someone help me my HTC one m8 started charging slow first I checked the the chargers (NOT THE PROBLEM) so I noticed that ever time I plugged in the charger (of any kind ) that they would be loose and the only way to get it to charge was to position the charger connector a certain way and when I thought I got it the charge would literally go down. so I went to Sprint and their "technicians" said that I was an app causing the phone to stay awake and that the charger had to be the original HTC charger so they deleted the apps and gave me the original HTC charger and said to come back if you continue having problems and said it might be a software issue such as a software update not installed properly and they might have to do a factory reset (which would be the 2nd time I would do that to that phone and I've only had the phone for 5months as I write this) and I'm pretty sure at this point it was the USB charger port. when I let charge overnight it was only at 60% and had to wait a total of 10hours to get it to 100% and now it will only charge if the phone is off and then it will be stuck on a number and I have to unplug and replug the charger to get it going again and/or if I'm useing the phone it will sometimes go at a steady pace or say can not charge because my phone is useing to much power even though that's not the case and I'm just about lost….

  2. thanks for the advice i was wracking my head to find out why my phone wouldn't charge fast enough to keep up with my uber/lyft driving's excessive use of power via gps, i finally noticed "because of this video" that my USB car charger that i got at dollar tree was rated at 1 amp it would just barley keep it from discharging with the phone screen off.

  3. my Samsung galaxy s4 came with a 2.0 a charge but still the phones takes 6 hours to full charge i download an app called galaxy charging current and it says is charging at 500ma i found this very slow can someone please help me

  4. Hi
    I used an old phone charger (5.0v and 0.7A) to charge my portable charger which requires (5.0v 1-2A)
    I now am using the original charger because it was charging really slow, the portable charge seems fine now
    But I'm using it for my iPhone so I wondered is there any risk of damage to the batter at all
    Plz reply mate thanks

  5. hey man i have a brand new lg g3 3000ma battery it was charging very fast at first but lately it takes like 6 hours from 15% to 100% idk hy the ac has 1,8a written in output and i never smashed it or dropped it

  6. My phone was plugged into a usb port rated at 5 Volts DC at 3.1 amps. My phone is taking forever to charge and the phone won't turn on except that it shows the battery icon. Is there a fix?

  7. how about my RCA tablet it really does have a charger like those it has one of those chargers that don't disconnect with the adapter..

  8. I bought a chuwi vi10 tablet, it came with a 5v 2a charger and needs to charge an 8000mah battery. The battery drained to 15% within 6 or 7hrs on and off apps and games but it took me at least another 6hrs to charge! And thats with the device turned completely off! Is this normal for a first time charge for a tablet using the original charger? I'm currently using it now and am worried if I have to completely turn off the tablet everytime I need to charge it. No one else has had this issue with it but I did see some people who had it completely dead and wouldn't turn on. Do you know anything about this? thanks for any replies

  9. hey stupid question, my original charger is nonpolarized (reversible same sized prongs) but my powerstrip outlet has the normal big and little slot plus ground. sometimes my phone takes ages to charge and sometimes it charges really quickly. I've found that reversing my adapter prongs seem to fix the slow charge. is it possible to have it wrong with a nonpolarized adapter?

  10. My Samsung phone battery will show 100% charge but when used will shut down the phone after a few minutes, when I pluged in to the charger, the phone indicates a 50% charge and will quickly top up in less than an hour. How can I get longer life from the battery?

  11. Thanks I will watch the remaining video you have made. In the mean time I have looked closely at the construction of the male and female parts of the jack plug and have found after cleaning the dust from around the plug hole and viewing another video, I cleaned the contacts with a thin stiff paper dipped in electrical contact cleaner or alcohol, which pulled a noticeable a mount of black gunk from the terminals, it was still intermittent only connecting when downward pressure was applied to the male plug. I looked at the male plug and found if the longest face of the plug was depressed it caused the opposite tongue of the female plug to be held more tightly against the terminals, I also used the electrical contact cleaner to clean these terminals. JUST support the short side of the male plug on a hard surface and I used a small pair of pliers to depress the longest top surface, trying it often until the plug contacted first time. DON'T squeeze the plug with the pliers as only one portion of the plug requires to be altered.

  12. I recommend to everybody to not completely shut off your phone while it's charging, it may seem like it might charge faster because everything is off, but it might take roughly around 2x longer than the original time while it's on.

  13. Hi, I'm using HTC One M8. I have a problem with it. Sometimes it charges but VERY SLOWLY and sometimes it won't charge at all. A warning sometimes pops up saying "Unable to charge because your device is consuming too much power. To fix this problem, turn off your phone, close any apps you are not using or turn off the screen." I did all but it still won't charge properly. I'm using the charger that came with the phone when I purchased it (OUTPUT 5V = 1.5A). Last week I had the battery changed, but the same problem reappear. PLEASE HELP ME, I don't know what else to do.

  14. LOL me i used Samsung galaxy core 2 charger for my huawei ascend p7 and i was trolled! this video helped me detroll thanks you you fixerr!.. thumbs upped xD im happy to see my phones alive i thought its battery got weakened ad how am i supposed to replace them when it is an inbuilt battery

  15. I have 4 micro USB cables 1 came with my phone 2 are from Amazon dirt cheep and one I got used at a thrift store and is flat and wide. Using the same USB wall wart it is the one one to make my Android phone say slow charging

  16. Umm im using my original charger and somehow it sometimes stops charging for no reason its says its plugged but its still super slow

  17. Mine fone charger is 2amp output but suddenly it started to charging slow my phone.. so is there any other solutions?

  18. dude thank you so much
    I thought me phone was broken but the problem was the charger thanks for not making me spend money but I'll buy a power full charger to charge my tablet

  19. Man it helped alot . Thought my cable was off or my battery was spoilt . Tried your suggestion and i helped! Thanks man!

  20. bro sometimes I plug in charger and after some time my battery goes from 50•|• to 10•|• . its going in reverse manner

  21. I am using Microsoft lumia 640 xl. The capacity of the battery is 3000ma  and it takes nearly 3hours to charge from 10% to 100% , The problem is that when ever I connect my device to the charger (came with the device) It leaves me a notification that device charging slow and its started happening since one month. The charging % was totally reduced (10% to 25%aprox) for an hour…. so could u guys help me plz

  22. anyone can help me please I have Samsung c5 and suddenly my phone bettry charging very slow I charge my mobile when bettry was 15 and after one hour bettry charge just 86% and not above it please help me what should be do

  23. Mine phone is galaxy a7.
    And it came with a charger that is bad. It charges really slow. 1 hour is like 30% with my friends charger is like 26 min = 100%
    And its always stuck then I'm using my phone and charging. Right now (not later) is 11% and its stuck. It says that it's 50/60 but I don't believe that

  24. My phone usually charge fast. but it's charging slow now. i charged it overnight and it charged to 65

  25. My phone used to charge well but after I done a factory data reset it sticks to 72% and never goes up…
    Also it's very slow charging now

  26. I have had my phone plugged in for 10 minutes, it hasn’t gone up one percent. I used different wall ports and different cables.


  28. I need help okay so last night I charged my phone (Sony Xperia) and it charged normally!! Btw I don't have the capable for my phone but I use my mum's and dad's capable and like last night I left my phone charging on my parents bed like an idiot and then…I think my dad fucking slept on it and…this morning my phone charges really slow and like it, at first started to show dots like when you have small percentage it's red yea mine was like flashing but then I put the charger normally in and tried again it did charge but really slowly…like 13% and then it took like I dunno 40 minutes to charge up to 30% I am super scared because if I break this fucking phone my mum won't buy me another one!!!! Plz help ;___;

  29. I dont know, i charge my phone in 50% and when 1 hour is done. It is still in 50% how am i going to fix this in my htc desire 820?

  30. Im using the charger what came with my phone it has quick charger mode it allways on says charging rapidly but it takes 12hour with power off and when runnning ot drains using a good cable and plug and have brand new port on phone and same result help

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