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Snapseed Beginner Tutorial | Android and iPhone

Snapseed Beginner Tutorial | Android and iPhone

– Today I’m gonna show
you a few simple steps that will make any photograph
or YouTube thumbnail that you’re working with
come to life and pop, and it’s really easy to use. And to do this, we’re
gonna use the Snapseed app, which is totally free. There are no ads, and it’s available on both Android and IOS devices. And if you don’t yet
have this on your phone, you need to put this on your phone. For the tutorial that I’m gonna do today, it is gonna be a basic
entry-level tutorial, if you’re not that
experienced with Snapseed or you’re not quite
sure what to do with it. The first image that
we’re gonna edit today is gonna be a photograph of a woman, and the second image that
we’re gonna work with is a photograph of food. But it doesn’t matter what
sort of image that you have. What I’m gonna show you
today applies to everything. And gamers, this applies to you, too. You can take screenshots of your gameplay, walk through the steps
that I’m about to show you, and make your images look a lot better. This is the sort of thing you want to do when you’re using your gameplay
images for your thumbnails. So let me open up Snapseed
and show you how this is done. So when you open up the Snapseed app, you want to choose a photo out
of your Gallery to work with. The first photo we’re gonna work on is a portrait of a woman. So I’m gonna tap on that,
and she’s gonna open up. Down here on the very
bottom you’re gonna see Looks, Tools, and Export. We’re gonna tap on Tools, and it’s gonna load up
a bunch of tools here. The first tool that we wanna
work with in this tutorial is on the top left, and
it’s called Tune Image. You wanna tap on that. Now if you push your finger on the screen and move it up or down,
a menu’s gonna pop up. You’re gonna see Brightness,
Contrast, Saturation, Ambience, Highlights, Shadows, and Warmth. This is the main thing. This is the juice that’s gonna
make your photo come to life. So the first thing that I’m gonna do for this particular image, because it looks a little cold, and it doesn’t really pop, is I’m gonna change the brightness. And I’m gonna go into Ambience, I’m gonna add some saturation and warmth. Now to add these, once you select one, you simply move your finger
to the left or to the right. As you see here on the top, the brightness numbers are changing. So I’m gonna add just a
little bit of brightness. I’m gonna press down
and get to the next one, which is Saturation. I’m gonna move to the right, give it just a little bit of saturation. I’m gonna hold down
again, go to the next one, which is Ambience. I’m gonna go to the right
again, add some ambience. I’m gonna push down again. I’m gonna go down to
Warmth, go to the right. Now you see what’s happening
here as I change these. It’s adding a lot of color to the image. So I’m just gonna play
with these a little bit until I find a look that I like. Now any time along the
way, if you’re curious where you started and where you’re at now, on the top right you can tap
on this little icon here, and it’s gonna show you where you started. So this is where we started,
and this is where we are now. You can see the image
comes to life quite a bit. So I’m happy with this. And on the bottom-right-hand side, I’m gonna tap on the
check mark to save it. Now I’m gonna go back down to Tools. I’m gonna go down and
find the Portrait icon. I’m gonna tap on that. Right away it’s gonna analyze the photo. And what it’s gonna do, it’s just gonna add some
smoothness to the skin and some whites to the eyes. So if I use two fingers to zoom in and then I go to the top right to see what it looked
like before and after, this is before and this is after. You can see what it’s doing to the face. It’s really bringing
some clarity to the face and some whites to the eyes. It’s smoothing the skin quite a bit, and I like the way this looks. Now if you want to adjust this, you’re gonna go down to the
bottom center to the levels. You’re gonna tap on that, and
you can adjust any of this. So if you want more whiteness to the eyes, you can simply go to the
left or to the right. If you want to smooth the skin out more, you choose that and got to
the left or to the right. Now I’m gonna zoom back
out using two fingers, and I’m gonna go to the top right again to see where we started. And you see what it’s doing? It’s putting a focus on
her face and lighting it up and putting whiteness to the eyes, and I like this a lot. Now after each tool adjustment is saved, you can tap and hold on the image, and it’s gonna show you where you started and where you are now. And you can see, this
is a drastic difference. You can see the color that it’s adding. And it looks a lot better. The blues are coming out. And this is the sort of thing that you wanna do with your pictures. And it doesn’t matter
if you’re on Instagram or sending these out on Facebook or using them as a YouTube thumbnail. If you want to add life to your photos and really make them pop,
this is how you do it. Now I’m happy with this,
but I’m gonna play with it just a little bit more. I’m gonna go back down to Tools, and I’m gonna scroll down to Vignette. I’m gonna tap on that. And it’s gonna add a little bit of vignette around the edges. The first thing I’m gonna do is come down to the Inner Brightness, and I’m gonna brighten up
the center just a little bit. Then I’m gonna tap and hold,
and do Outer Brightness. And I don’t want such a heavy vignette, so I’m gonna back it
off just a little bit. And then I’m gonna save it. Right, you can see, this
is quite a difference. This really makes the photo come to life. So I’m happy with this, and this is as far as we’re gonna go on this first tutorial. We’ll get into the more advanced
things a little bit later, but for this I just want to
walk you through the basics. So we want to save this image by going to the bottom
and tapping on Export. And here you’ll get some options
on how you wanna save it. For this particular photo, I
wanna save a copy of the photo. So I’m gonna tap on that. It’s gonna run through all the filters. Then it’s gonna tell you
that the photo is saved, and you can go on and use
the photo anywhere you want. Now before I move on to the next image, I want to hear what you
think about Snapseed or what your favorite photo editor is. Do you use Snapseed? Do you use PicsArt? What do you use? Go down, leave a comment below. I read every single question and comment, and I reply to as many
of them as possible. And when this video’s over,
I’m gonna go down there and carry on this
conversation and find out what your favorite photo editing apps are. Now let’s move on to the next image. Now for the food photo, we’re gonna walk through the same process, but I’m gonna show you how
to highlight certain colors to add some more color to
those individual colors. And I just love Indian food. I’m just gonna tell you that right now. So I’m gonna go back to Tools
down here in the bottom. I’m gonna go to Tune Image, and the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add a little brightness. I’m gonna come down. I’m gonna add some saturation. I’m gonna add some ambience. Look at that right there. Just ambience by itself, I mean, look at what that does to colors. This is the sort of thing
that you want to do, especially with your YouTube thumbnails. So I’m gonna add a little bit of ambience. I might add some warmth. Then I’m gonna go down
to the bottom right, and I’m gonna save it. I’m gonna go to Tools. Then I’m gonna come
down, and I’m gonna find this Selective tool, which is right here. I’m gonna tap on that. And the way this works is anywhere I tap, it’s gonna drop an anchor. So I’m gonna use two fingers and zoom in, and I’m gonna drop an anchor
right here on this red area. So you see it’s a B. What that means is it’s Brightness. So if I tap and hold and move my finger, I can change the brightness, contrast, saturation, or the structure. I’m gonna change the
saturation of this red area. So that point is dropped, and I’m just gonna simply
move my finger to the right, and you see the red is changing. If I move it to the left,
it goes the other way. So I’m gonna crank this up,
because I want this red to pop. Now that this anchor is set,
and the saturation is there, I’m gonna hit the check mark and save it. I’m gonna zoom out a bit. I’m gonna move it around. I’m gonna change the color of this, so I’m gonna go back, Selective. I’m gonna drop that right there, go back to Saturation, gonna
crank that up and save it. Then I’m gonna come in here, and I’m gonna crank up the
greens on the broccoli. I’m gonna go back, Selective,
drop that right on the green. I’m gonna come in and
change the saturation again. And that’s gonna change all of the greens that match the color of the greens that I’ve selected with this anchor. Look at that, before and after. You see how these colors
are starting to pop? It looks great, doesn’t it? So I’m gonna do another thing here. I’m gonna zoom in to one of the greens here in the corner. I’m gonna do another Selective. I’m gonna tap on that,
back to Saturation again. I’m gonna add some
color, just a little bit, and I’m gonna save that. So each thing that I’m doing, it’s selectively adding
more color to the image. Now look, I love how this looks. I think it looks fantastic. So what I’m gonna do
is I’m gonna save this. I’m gonna go down to Export,
and I’m gonna save it. So it’s really that easy
with just a few basic steps to really make your photos come to life. But there’s something I
want you to keep in mind. I used a lot of saturation in these images and a lot of ambience, but
it’s really easy to go too far. The last thing you want
people to do is say, “oh, that picture’s been Photoshopped,” because that’s what they’re gonna say. They aren’t gonna say
it’s been Snapseeded, because nobody’s saying that. Are we saying that? Is anybody saying Snapseeded? No? And I know you’ve all come
across these pictures, and they just looked bizarre,
and they looked fake. So don’t overdo it with the
saturation and ambience. You want it to look real. You want it to look alive. You want it to look eye-catching. You just don’t want to cross that line. So use those sparingly. Now this was a very basic
and entry-level tutorial. If you want to get into
more intermediate things or more advanced things, be sure to leave a comment
down below and let me know. Thank you so much for watching. I do appreciate it. If this is your first time here and you want to learn how
to master your mobile, make better content on your phone, or be a mobile YouTuber, be sure to hit that subscribe button followed by the notification bell so you don’t miss out on anything. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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