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Soccer DRILLS * How to Dribble with Your Head Up ~ Online Soccer Academy

Soccer DRILLS * How to Dribble with Your Head Up ~ Online Soccer Academy

What’s going on? Little dap. It’s Jared Montz
former pro and founder of Todays soccer drills we are learning how to
dribble with your head up. These fundamental soccer skills will be good practice for beginner
and advanced players. This week’s OSA video is presented by Senda
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to learn how to look up when I take a touch dribbling a ball. Soccer Training. I’m looking
down at the ball when I take a touch.” Soccer Coaching The truth is you are supposed to look down
at the ball when you take a touch. Even pros are looking at the ball when they take a touch.
Coaching Youth Soccer. The difference is they don’t look down when the ball is out in front
of them a bit. Soccer Skill. That is when they are scanning the field. Key Points: How to Coach Soccer
Key Point 1. Look down when you take a touch to dribble. Soccer Drill Key Point 2. Look up when the ball is in front
of you a step or two. This means you can take a step or two before you need to take your
next touch. This, not this Key Point 3. Glance up with your eyes, don’t
fling your whole head up. This, not this. Key Point 4. Do not stare at the field. A
quick look and your mind will take mental pictures of the field. Key Point 5. It’s a balance. When dribbling
it will be a balance between looking down at the ball and glancing up to the see the
field. Equipment Needed: You need a ball and two
cones. Exercise Player Can Do: Drills for Youth Soccer
We have two Soccer training drills you can do. First, set up two cones about 15-20 yards
apart. Dribble to the first cone and back at a regular jog pace practicing your looking
up technique. This is not fitness; focus on your technique, do not focus on going as fast
as you can. Rest a few seconds between each rep. After
5 times rest for a minute. Then do 5 more reps and increase your dribbling speed. The second youth soccer drills we can do is
dribbling laps around the field. Simply dribble your ball around the field at a relaxed pace
practicing your looking up technique as you go. While dribbling the length of the field
increase your speed for 15 seconds at a time and then slow back down. Do one lap or a few
laps, you be the judge. This is good for cardio fitness with the ball too. Sounds tedious but exercises like these greatly
improved my touch and vision while dribbling. It will feel like the ball is glued to your
foot as you start to master this. Make soccer drills for kids like these part
of your warm up. It’s good to practice fundamentals. What Player Could Be Doing Wrong: Youth Soccer
If you feel like you can’t see what’s in front of your or you are feeling very rushed then
you are not looking up or not looking up high enough. Do not just look up a few feet in
front of you, make sure you look up and see the field. Bonus Tip! How to Coach Youth Soccer
For tips on dribbling for speed technique watch our Online Soccer Academy video titled
“How to Dribble a Soccer Ball”. Ending: Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer
Academy training video. Like, favorite and share this video if you did and don’t forget
to Subscribe on YouTube or become a member and create your profile for free at
Players all over the world use it and you can do game reviews and track your progress!
Post a comment; let me know what you think and how it worked for you? My name is Jared
Montz and Remember if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything
in life is possible! Believe in it®!

98 thoughts on “Soccer DRILLS * How to Dribble with Your Head Up ~ Online Soccer Academy”

  1. Watch my juggling videos and apply what you learn their to juggling a tennis ball. For juggling, click the "View All OSA Videos" button on your OnlineSoccerAcademy(dot)com profile (it's free, sign up if you are not a member) and then select the "juggling" category; there you will find a lot of videos to help you. Be patient, your juggling will improve with practice. Small improvements daily equal big improvements over time. Make sure you track your progress on your OSA juggling chart!!

  2. You are welcome, glad I can help! But YOU made YOU a better player, not me. Credit to you. You are a Believe in it® Athlete! Keep it up!

  3. So basically you,
    Kick the ball (while looking at the ball), then look up at the field after you kick it in front of you. Then repeat over and over…

  4. but i don't understand like messi dribbling,he touch the ball most if the time,how can he even has time to look up,he always knew where he teammate is.When i'm dribbling,i take close control and more touch and i don't have time to look can i fix this?

  5. Thx for this video but the part when u say look up when the ball is infront not in touch.. but the defender will take it?

  6. I'm a new coach and know nothing about soccer. I'm just a dad spending time when his kids, but I wanted to say THANK YOU for these short " how to" clips. I can help my sons and my team with their skills. Thank you again

  7. your use of other things besides actual cones (water bottles, pennies, etc.) have really taught me how to be resourceful when trying to do cone-required drills, and I have no real cones. Thanks a lot! Now I don't make excuses when it's time to put in to work using drills. 

  8. can anyone help me I play for Cowie I play cdm i dominate midfield but when we get back to defender the opposition just take long shots from 35 yards and our keeper can't save them. how can I stop this when the coach says get back and defend

  9. hi i need your help am a striker and am good at everything but i cant dribble that well my coach said if i can dribble i will be playing in the premier league

  10. Thx that video help me a lot now i am better at football. Continue! 🙂
    Ps:sorry for my bad english i am french

  11. Hey , I don't know if you have an answer to this but I have dribbling skills , I'm fast with the ball but when i play a match in training or in a normal match i just can't do what i can do. Beating defenders for me is very fun to me like scoring a goal 🙂

  12. Can you help me when I play I am centre defending midfield but when I have a shooting opportunity my teamates rarely pass it to me because they think I will mess it up. they don't have trust in me

  13. i am 13 years old . When i am at the center forward position i am not able to dribble fast and tackle 2 or 3 defenders but when in the midfield i can easily do the same.And I get tired easily

  14. hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about tips to make your eyesight better try Pyzork Clear Vision Professor (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my colleague got excellent results with it.

  15. Hello my name is ram and I am 13 yrs old .my position is a forward but I am not able to get in full control of the ball as fast as others pls help me out
    I would really appreciate if u help me out with this 🙂

  16. this helps me
    so much , I've been at home bc of medical conditions for like a year and a half and I'm finally getting back into soccer and I need to get all my skills back and this helps so much thank you

  17. I'm fluffy and I have great pace but I want to increase it and want to increase my dribbling and want to learn more skills

    Any tips??

  18. This is retarded.i just came across this vid.mybe its for beginners(not necessarily kids i think??).well under pressure is different too.this is like kids go to school and feeling like the best in true football(soccer).

  19. can you help me with something because when i get the ball i get panic i lose the ball so quickly any help please 

  20. People say to me I dribble like eden hazard or messi.. And by the way I don't look at the ball I look at my opponents feets

  21. Okay so I very regularly work with my dribbling skills, skill moves, hard sharp cuts and step overs, but lately I've been really going back to the basics like how to touch the ball, where to touch and what part of my foot to use. Do you recommend this? Should I continue to work with more advanced skills or a combination of both? I also find myself with very little confidence, but passion on the field. This is very fusterating. Do you have any tips on how I can become a more confidant player on the ball? It feels like I'm spot on at practice but when I get on a field I clam up and try too hard. I play RB btw.

  22. Hi , i play as striker but i suck at first touch at looking up on the field , i am pretty fast , but cant dominate looking up technique and touch , plz help

  23. sup bro ama verry good defender but I wana be a striker the problem is when I try driblling I feel like my legs are rock hard and cant move properly

  24. Hello sir i play at left back when a goal keeper passes me at a goal kick a do panic a lot do u have anything that will improve sir please i am waiting for your reply please

  25. i like everything what u say in ur videos. Neat step by step.
    But ur introduction "Whats going on ……." just sucks

  26. i have a great speed but i have problems in changing my direction and i barely can beat a defender any advices

  27. How do you measure progress with this drill? I don't want to start going fast without actually having got the technic.

  28. This helps a lot. I think basketball is a lot easier to play because you don't have to look at the ball when dribbling. This video helped clarify when and where to look, thanks Jared.

  29. Can you look up the whole time and see the ball with the peripheral vision? It might be too late to look up and see defenders when the ball is in front of you.

  30. I have pretty good dribbling skills and I've mastered the nudge. The only problem I have is that I keep forgetting to look up and that's why I loose the ball.

  31. Jared Montz is my youth soccer coaching HERO. Can I say I have a "Coach Crush" on Jared 🙂 ……… I'm a Safety Director by profession and use Ergonomic Body Mechanic techniques to train adults worker to more efficiently handle material. What Jared does here, helps all of us and our kids understand the proper position of our body parts to efficiently play soccer. KUDOS Jared and Onlinesocceracademy.

  32. Sir , can u please make a video on how to shoot with laces . cause I'm having great difficulties while shooting the ball . whenever I try , the ball either goes rolling or either I hit mistakenly by my inside foot. I don't know how to solve this problem , but I believe u surely do . please make a video on this, I really wanna improve my soccer game , thats why I watch all of your videos . Please help me sir

  33. thank you soooo much i almost gave up on soccer because i would get so much hate for looking down too much. now im better than ever!

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