3 thoughts on “Social Security robocalls are top reported phone scam, cost $17M so far in 2019”

  1. Listen I've been on social security disability for 9 years now I know social security's phone number by heart is anybody is falling for this s***then you are a fool, now I'm not going to say social security would never call you because they have called me before for real for real when they couldn't get in touch with me through the mail because I forgot to change my address when I moved . these scammers call me everyday so what I do I scam the scammers 800 772 1213 why in the hell would you send social security a goddamn gift card or wire them money

  2. These scammers are so stupid they call me from a 202 number- 0 something something so I stay on the phone with him and boy do I have fun

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