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SOLVED – How to Fix Black Screen Galaxy S4 | S4 Active | Galaxy Android unresponsive Screen

SOLVED – How to Fix Black Screen Galaxy S4 | S4 Active | Galaxy Android unresponsive Screen

hello everyone please welcome and join me easy steps today I’m going to share with you Samsung Galaxy s4 active it’s AT&T phone and the screen is not working the digitizer if I can start it it’s vibrate and blue light came on as you can hear it it’s working but digitizer is totally dead the volume key is working you can hear it if I can press down so if I press the menu button and you can hear so it is responding it’s working volume working and if I press the power button and you can hear the beep so looks like it’s locking it so the screen is not working so how we can fix the screen I will share with you do you see the tab you put your nail up there and you open it the things you need philips screwdriver a regular screwdriver I’m using another screwdriver which has a magnet this is strictly optional 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 screws we need to remove and 4 hidden screws so altogether 12 screws remove the battery put it in the safe place let’s remove the screws this is the reason I use it the magnet so I don’t lose this close is the last one number 8 so so move the other four screws they are hidden they are hidden under these tabs 1 2 3 4 the easiest way to remove these get a straight small screwdriver just put it on the side and just press it like this and it has a little glue it will pop out so once you t ake it out we’re going to use a Philips screwdriver the small one and we’re going to remove that screws so we’re going to remove it one then I’m going to remove the other three on the corners so all the four screws has been removed and those are small tiny tabs is the shiny one and that that has a double-sided tape on the back so make sure you don’t lose it put your nail right up here at the bottom edge and just to try to pry it out so once you pull it it pops out then you just take the whole thing out I’m going to concentrate on the screen cable which one is at this one so I’m going to make sure that this one look loose possible reason is when the phone has been dropped and this cable can get loose so as you can see this cable is the loose it’s popped up so I hope I cross my finger because this is the problem because as you see the volume was working everything seems to working only the screen wasn’t working so let’s put this one back once we put it back you hear the snap so it’s very important you aligned it then you press it nicely before I do anything I wanted to test it so let’s put the battery and then we start it I hear the vibration bingo the Samsung Galaxy s4 active the screen is working make sure that it starts yes it’s starting up so it’s working fine yes it’s fully functional so that’s how it’s easy to fix your black screen or no screen on s4 active so make sure that this is the cable has issue so once your phone drops or any other reasons wear tear if this becomes a loose that’s what do you make sure you take it out you just blow the contacts and a press it back again and try it and you have nothing to lose except everything else to gain all button up so I wanted to share with you in easy steps how to fix your s4 active no screen black screen screen not working in easy step if you think you like it or it help you out please make sure that you subscribe easy steps and I’m going to see you soon with new things best of all easy steps thank you very much

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  1. Hi my s4 have a black screen, The volume work, and The led indikator works to, you can power down The phone to. I have to check The cables if there are los but they are not. What should i do??? pleasss help.

  2. This worked!!!!!!! Thank you. I have a note 4. opened it up and there was a loose connection. It is now working fine!!

  3. I know it doesn't WORk because I unscrewed 3 and the rest won't get out and its good because it unscrewed a few

  4. Hello
    I've got some similar problem. I've dropped my Samsung Galaxy S4 and the right corner of the screen broke so I bought a replacement screen. It is like brand new now but I have a problem with the brightness. It's really dark even if it's set on maximum. Could you help me with some advise please? Thank you!

  5. I dropped my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) about 6 feet. I tried to open it but it's all covered black and some crack glass. But when I use finger print it's absolutely working. I still can hear some sound and vibration. Any advice pls?

  6. Harjinder Sidhu – I am so thrilled that I found your video, this one. Earlier yesterday, I dropped my Samsung Galaxy S4 Active from the height of about 3 foot, it has a case on it that is padded. A few minutes later when I went to use the phone, I noticed my screen was black and no matter what I did, I couldn't get any response from the phone. I thought for sure I was going to have to replace the LCD screen and digitizer, which I had to do when I first bought the phone, it was used and had a cracked screen. AnI money is tight for me right now. I saw your video, after trying suggestions from some others, and I decided to try your advice. As soon as I got the screws out and lifted that plate, I knew I had the same problem as you showed in the video. Anyway, I am very grateful to you and this video. This would have cost me a minimum of $60 to repair. Thank you very much.

  7. Dropped an samsung galaxy s4 mini, small cracks not palpable on the right upper corner, was on mute, opens fine, buttons work and light, but screen black non responsive: did the trick by removing battery and pressing button for 2 minutes, didn't work; took out the screws , checked the connections, intact, opened them to look underneath , the only thing I saw irregular (no experience so I don't know for sure) was the yellow band connecting the 2 pieces had traces of being forcefully bent. Put it all back together but screen still black! I didn't see any damage done by me cracking open the phone. Any suggestions besides paying a professional?

  8. Why should I fix the samsung brand negligence. They sell us the stuff but I had four products that went bad. This is the only company I have ever bought from that everything breaks down. They have no garantees and they destroy your tabs and phones with theur updates. Why should I pay to have fixed what they mess up. I cannot sue them… they are too big, So I tell the truth everyday and spread the word.

  9. Omg thank you so much. I was just about to get a new screen for my note 3. Wow you save me and now I'm about to get a phone case.

  10. thank you for your video very informative….does this method work on samsung j5? i dropped mine and the screen went black but i could hear notifications coming through

  11. I have a Galaxy S4, when i opened it the cable was loose but even when i tighten it, it won't turn back on!!! what else could it be?

  12. my phone is Samsung Galaxy S4 mini it was Charged at 3& all the night because i didn't found the charger so i let it on the table the next day i found the charger and i plugged the phone in it then i waited a bit….. When i turned it on after 5 minuets it's turn off and no responding to now the day it happens was 2017 6th 8 as what can i remember i tried all the solutions then i got this massage my pc "installing device driver QHSUSB_DLOAD" please help!

  13. Omg I snapped the display plug in on the mainboard and it clicked and my phone came on after 3 years 😆 thank you!!! My Samsung S3 had the same symptoms as your phone there but it’s fixed now thanks (after I changed the mainboard from another broken Samsung S3 and used your tutorial for the connection)

  14. This did not work for me I opened it up like you did in the video and that orange thing was all the way down but on the opposite side where the volume button is that thing was detached I put it make to place and I holds the power button still not working. Please help me I love my broken phone so much I've got so much stuff on my phone and I really want to keep it.

  15. So took it apart and found that same ribbon hanging like yours was pictures and I lined it up and pushed it in and the phone. Still has no backlight but is completely functional. Next step ?

  16. Fuk my s4 active works but no backlight.. when I put my flashlight on I see the display. Thats why I get the black screen

  17. Have you had any experience with an S4 active not charging and not turning on? Tried different cables and different batteries. Still wouldn't come on with a new battery. Computer wouldn't recognize the phone either. The blue light was blinking yesterday but was unresponsive to buttons, except when powered off. Then it wouldn't power back on. Thanks!

  18. the hard part is finding a screw driver that's small enough for the screws I happen to be a mechanic and out of my $7000 worth of tools I couldn't find one that would fit the screws

  19. When I turn the phone my phone vibarate and show a green shadow but it never opens.When I went mobile mechanic he said that my display has gone.What can I do?Please upload a vedio about this problem.

  20. Hey sir thanks for your video. I did exactly what you said on your video, and now my wife's phone works as good as new. Thanks again for sharing your video.

  21. Thank you for the video. I just tried everything as you advised in the video. The part was not loose. I put the screws back in and it still does not work. I hope I do not have to buy a new phone.

  22. Thank you 🌾🐸🐸🌾🐸🐸🌾

  23. I dont have an s4 active. I have an s4, so there is different screws on the back.I couldnt get to the screen cable. Can someone please help me fix it on s4?

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