SOLVED – How to Fix No 4G LTE data | No Service | metroPCS APN settings | Verizon Galaxy Note 4

hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps today I’m going to share with you that I’m going to upgrade my samsung galaxy note 3 to note 4 for I’m going to use the same SIM card from Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and how do I activate without paying any charges you can click the video right up here I have a samsung galaxy note 4 from Verizon and now the phone is already activated on MetroPCS and I don’t have any 4G LTE data how I’m going to fix it I’m going to share with you without wasting any time let’s get started so this is my note 3 and I’m upgrading to node 4 and that’s I wanted to share with you so this is my note 4 and this is from Verizon so I’m going to share with you that the why I’m not getting any 4G LTE data or no service on Verizon phone it’s already activated on metro pcs I open my Chrome browser it say you are offline and it does shows 4G LTE but no signal coming as for phone yes it’s activated so how we can fix Verizon phone on metropcs that I’m going to share with you you can scroll down go to your setting or open your app drawer and go into setting click more network mobile networks access point names that’s APN click that as you can see it’s a default to Verizon network so no wonder I don’t have any 4G LTE data and even if I take this phone to the metro pcs store they won’t able to help me out and I wanted to share with you that how we can fix it Verizon phones if you are using on metro pcs and how you can get your data back so what we need to do in order to get the 4G data we need to add a PN number for MetroPCS and how we’re going to do it you press plus sign it says name you’re going to say MetroPCS once you write it down MetroPCS you say okay as the name is set and now we’re going to say APN number for APN we’re going to write down and once you do that we’re going to say press okay we are not going to make any changes in any other fields only two fields are important now you press up here and you say save once you save it green sign appear here 4G LTE data started to work so if we can go back on our home screen if I open Chrome browser now and I will refresh it and it’s working so that’s always so easy to fix your Verizon phone to MetroPCS this is how it’s easy to fix your 4G LTE data or no service on your Verizon phone once you are hooked to MetroPCS I hope this video going to help you out as you seen that my 4G LTE data is working and I hope you liked this video helped you out please make sure to give me like and subscribe easy steps and I’m going to see you soon with the new things best of all easy steps thank you bye bye

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