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Sony smart Bluetooth handset SBH52: Unboxing and quick review

Sony smart Bluetooth handset SBH52: Unboxing and quick review

What’s up here Dr BC and in this episode I
will show you the unboxing and quick review, of Sony smart Bluetooth handset, SBH52. This is a dual function wireless audio accessory from Sony. This is Sony smart Bluetooth handset. This is now available in India at 7000 rupees, but I had got this at 5500 rupees from eBay site. Link for purchase is in the description
of this video. Here on the top of box you will see this is
Smart Bluetooth Handset, SBH52, a dual function wireless audio accessory from Sony.
Here are the specification, this can handle call, has stereo headset, NFC, OLED display,
FM, and it is Splash proof. On the back of box, you can see that the pics of device,
FIFA world cup brazil, and here are list of items inside the box. One headset, main unit,
three different sizes of ear buds, and charging cable. Here are radio details, frequency range
20Hz to 20 thousand Hz’s, THD at 1Khz is less then point 3 %, Maximum SPL at 1KHz is 110
dB, Max SPL according to standard is 100 dB and this has 9.2 mm dynamic headphone driver
unit, noting on the side of the box, here on the bottom you will see Model is SBH52,
certificates, serial number. And this is made in china.
Now without wasting time let’s opens the box. Here is the security seal. Cut this. And take
out this from here. Keep this aside, now take out this. The first thing inside this is micro
USB charging cable, keep this aside. These are extra buds of different size. Here are
only two sets. Keep this aside. These are couple of manuals, three in numbers. This
is legal information, this is declaration, and that is quick guide. Let’s keep all of
this aside. And here is main unit with earphone. Let’s take out this. It is quite tricky to
remove this, better to twist and take out this, like that. Keep this aside, now take
out this earpiece, pull this buds out, and this also. Take this box aside. This is Sony
earphone let’s take out this wrapping wire. This is very standard earphones, this has
gold plated jack. This is noise cancellation ear buds. The quality of Sony earphone is
mind-blowing, I had use Sony headphones, the audio is sharp, crisp, and clear. Let’s take
this aside. Now see the main unit, this is available only is black. The build quality
is very good. Let’s take out this example sticker. Under this is main OLED display.
Now I will show you the layout of the unit, on the right side you will see the next track
key, play pause key, and back track key. This is back button. On the bottom, you will see
the main power on/off button, on the left side; you will see the micro USB charging
port, which is inside this cover. Let’s close this, here is serial number sticker. That
is main volume key. This is volume up key and this is down key. On the top of the device,
you will see the handling button, this is for call answering and ending. Here is OLED
display, this is main speaker, yes this unit has in-build loudspeaker. This is main microphone,
on the top; you will see the 3.5 mm headphone jack. On the back of the device, you will
see the clip, this is nice, and the size is only, to the half of the device. This will
be use to clip, on your shirt, or bag or anything you like. Here is NFC mark; you have to touch
here for NFC connection. Here is the back view of main loudspeaker of the unit. Nothing
more on the device. This is very impressive design, this hold well in hand.
This is my sony MW600, I am using this from last 1 year, without any problem. As you can
see that this time Sony has in-large the size, and make a candy bar design. I am impress
with Sony Bluetooth stereo headphones, that’s why; you are seeing here the SBH52. Really
the Sony accessories are good. Now let’s turn on the device, press and hold the power button.
On the display you will see the Sony. And the device is asking for paring. This is my
S5, now to connect you have to turn on the NFC. Go to setting, go to connection, than
go to NFC and then turn on NFC, it is already on. Now tap the phone to the device, NFC antenna
is on the back of the phone. Don’t lift the phone, until you see that SBH52 connected.
As you can see that it automatically disconnected, let’s try again. Now connecting SBH52, now
connected, and on the top of the phone, you will see that the SBH52 started, actually
I had installed the pre requested apps. Again this is disconnected, try again, now it is
connected, and here on the OLED you can see the time. This confirms that the SBH52 is
successfully connected. Here by taping the play and pause key, you can play the songs
directly from the phone. Before that I will show you the content on the device, here is
the device number, currently S5 is on the second number of the device list, here are
time, and the battery bar. Oh! The display turns off. Press the handling button. On the
phone, you have to install some apps, Now I will show you the apps, necessary for using
this on android phone, without that this will also work, but for full features, you have
the install this, calendar reminder, call log, Messaging, missed call, phonebook, SBH52,
and the Sony smart connect, This apps port the Sony accessories on non-Sony phones, if
you are using Sony phones, this is already install on your phone. Once you have installed
all of this, you will see the Smart connect app on the application draw. Tap to open this,
this is SBH52. On the notification panel you can see the SBH52, tap to open the app, here
are couple of the things, call handling, this will show call notifications on SBH52 display,
here are setting, turn on this HD voice, the next is new events, here are setting, and
here you can see the notification apps, As I had already installed, so all are enable
by default. Search for more app by taping here, this will go to play store. There are
lots of applications to install for SBH52. Right now I am not interested in this. Go
back, here is call log, here you can enable and disable that here, here is the setting,
here you can set the default device, and connection type. You can select single device, and can
multiple devices. You can go for 4 different connection type. Single to S5282, also to
S5, multipoint with S5282 as a default and S5 as secondary, and finally with S5 primary
and S5282 secondary. You can chose this from the device also, now the second setting is
for, text to speech, here this phone text to speech setting. Set this and go back. Now
the phone portion is completed. Now I will show device portion, by taping
the back key, and here you can see the list of menus. Use back and forward track key,
to switch between the list, here on the setting you can flip the OLED display, tap the play
pause key to select the item, now go to check, and then select it. Now you can see that the
display is flipped, all are reversed, now in the same way you can go back, this is comfortable
position. The next in setting is to select the connection type, as mention I can do the
same here. Currently connected to S5, Now to S5282, you can switch here, this is for
connecting a new device, and you can use Bluetooth or NFC to pair new device. Now go back, the
next is notification alert. Currently there is no notification. Now the next is to play,
the track. The music is playing from the S5. You can control the music directly from the
device, no need to go to phone, press the next track, and the next track starts playing.
The main loudspeaker is here, this is quite loud, the sound is also comes from the top
also. This is the maximum volume, woo! This unit is quite loud. From the home screen,
you can go to play, directly by pressing the play button. The sound is quite loud. The
keys are quite responsive. And there is no problem. Now let’s see the next, that is miss
call, for that I had to call the S5, now you can see that the call on device and phone,
the device is also ringing. The OLED shows the name and the number of the incoming call.
I can answer the call directly by pressing the handling button, now the device is showing
the call duration. The microphone is here to answer the call, press the handling button
again to end the call. Now I will call this again. Now I had put at missed call notification
on the S5. Let’s see the device. Her you see the alert, _________ so the device will also
read the notifications, here on miss call you can see the miss call details, with time.
You can directly call from here. No go back, now you can see the notification, and when
you open that, you will listen the notification _____.
Here you can see are all of the stuff that you can find inside the box. That is box,
charging cable, extra size buds, manuals, main device and the earphones.
So in conclusion, the SBH52, is good accessory from Sony, and it is best to buy. This stereo
Bluetooth, headset, can explore many more possibility from your android phone. I am
recommending this, and this is a best buy at price of 5 thousand 500 rupees from eBay.
This completed the unboxing and quick reviews of Sony SBH52, if you like this, don’t forget
to subscribe to my channel; the subscription link is shown on your screen. For more videos
on upcoming phones, gadget and many more, keep watching BCD Tech. Thanks you and have
a nice day. Bye.

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  1. There's a "Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH52" by sony in the play store.  Will that be all that needed do you have to install the apps you mentioned at 5:50 ?

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