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Sony Xperia X Performance Earpiece Repair Guide

Sony Xperia X Performance Earpiece Repair Guide

Remove the SIM Card Tray. Heat up the Back Cover. Focus on the bottom. Use plastic card to open it. Cut off the Back Cover Sticker. Undo 5 screws with PH#000 Screwdriver. Loosen the bracket from this side. The bracket is thin, be careful. Release Battery, Power Button, Rear Camera Front Camera and Headphone flex cable. Remove the Rear Camera. Remove Front Camera. Release the Screen and Charging Port flex cable. Undo the screw here. Loosen the side of motherboard. Loosen the Loudspeaker Bracket here. Mind the flex cable. Attention! Release the Signal Cable here! Hold the Loudspeaker Bracket here. Adhesive underneath, be careful. Make it adhere to the frame well. Loosen this side of bracket. Make room to put Motherboard. Mind the flex cable. Put it back to the frame. Connect the Battery flex cable. Connect Power Button flex cable. Headphone Jack flex cable. Charging Port flex cable. LCD Screen flex cable. Connect the Signal Cable. Power on. Enter “Dial Number” page. Input *#*#7378423#*#* to test. Service tests Earphone There’d be music come out, from here. If everything goes normal, power off. Front Camera Connect the flex cable. Rear Camera Connect the flex cable. Put back the plastic bracket. Tighten up 5 screws. Put back SIM Card Tray. Put on Back Cover Sticker. This part should be here. Make it adhere to the back cover. Especially the corners. Heat up for 10 seconds. Make the sticker adhere well. Remove the protective film. Put back the cover.

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  1. my xperia x performance loadspeaker not working, i replace the speaker but not work, please tutorial for jumper or other solution for loadspeaker

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