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Sony Xperia X Signal Antenna Repair Guide

Sony Xperia X Signal Antenna Repair Guide

Heat up the edge. Focus on the bottom. Use plastic or poker card to open the Back Cover. Remove three screws here. Loosen the plastic bracket. Release the Battery flex cable. Now remove the broken Antenna. Mind the space here. This side should be connect to the bottom. Connect the cable. Put back the bracket. Tighten up the screws. Connect the Battery flex cable. Put on the Back Cover Sticker. Make the sticker adhere to the Back Cover. Remove the protective film. Install the Back Cover. Make it match well to the phone.

21 thoughts on “Sony Xperia X Signal Antenna Repair Guide”

  1. my Xperia X single sim is not seeing sim card. Is it the signal cable or the SIM seating? I tried the cardboard trick that goes between the SIM card and the SIM tray but it didn't work. it's just no sim. I tried the SIM card in different phones and it worked. kindly advice me on what to do next. Thanks. Note: I was using well before it developed this problem.

  2. What about replacing the whole bottom board? Not sure how I connect the ribbon cables from the new one in to the phone.

  3. Disculpa en un sony xperia xa ultra
    ¿Donde se encuentra la antena wifi?
    ¿En el mismo lugar y mismo lado?

  4. hello, i have a problem with signal after water damage, when i insert sim card , phone sees card 2 mins later with empty signal icon, do i need to change only cable and signal board together ? if i change them signal works again ? give me a solution thank you

  5. I'm sorry for curiosity but I wonder if the back cover is solid aluminum, or there are plastic inserts for the best signal?

  6. Sar mera mobail sàudi ka h esme 1 kame h mere mobile me network nahi aati jab me software karata hu to network aajate h or fir dobàra sim dalta hu fir nahi aate Sar please batao ke esme network kese aayge

  7. how do you attach that lil signal antenna wire with the lil gold things each end mine wont stay in do you just push it in or what please reply im gona smash this thing up soon lol x

  8. They say to place the EMF sticker near the antenna, so where do I put the sticker on the back of Xperia R1?….when you are looking at the back of the phone, which corner of the top left/right or bottom left/right is the antenna, that the EMF sticker needs to be stuck?

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