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Sony Xperia XZ3 Full Review – Sony’s First OLED Phone! | The Tech Chap

Sony Xperia XZ3 Full Review – Sony’s First OLED Phone! | The Tech Chap

Hey guys I’m Tom the Tech Chap
and this is the new Sony Xperia XZ3 It feels just like yesterday, well, April,
that we were talking about the XZ2 but 6 months on, and here we are again.
So what’s new on the XZ3, is it any good, and should you
consider buying it? So the Xperia XZ3 will
set you back 700 pounds, or a whopping 900 dollars in the U.S. And for that you get a 6″ quad-HD+
OLED screen that supports HDR, a Snapdragon 845 processor, 4 GB of RAM,
64 GB of storage with room for an SD-card and it comes running the latest
Android 9.0 Pie software. It’s also got a few tricks up its sleeve,
like being able to record HDR video, 960fps super slow motion at full HD, dual-speakers
and Sony’s fancy dynamic vibration system that gives you haptic feedback
when watching videos and playing games. Now that all sounds great,
but it’s not a huge upgrade over the XZ2, which is about a 150 pounds less now. The main differences are the bigger and
higher resolution OLED screen, slightly thinner bezels, an upgraded selfie camera, and the fact
that it ships with Android 9.0 out of the box. But if those things aren’t that important to you,
then the now-discounted XZ2 may be a better option. But back to the XZ3, and while it’s not perfect,
I have to say I am really impressed by it. In terms of design, I have
kind of a love-hate relationship with it. Picking it up, it does feel premium,
it feels well-built and comfortable thanks to the rounded corners. But it’s also incredibly slippery. Seriously,
put a case on this thing to avoid dropping it. The dedicated camera shutter button is a nice extra,
but I can feel it dig into my right hand. The fingerprint reader is fast,
but it’s still uncomfortably low-down. I keep tapping the camera lens instead. The good news though is it’s IP68
water-resistant and it doesn’t have a notch. But then again on the flip side,
the bezels are relatively chunky for a 2018 phone. Plus, there’s no headphone jack.
Overall though, I think it looks good, and it does definitely stand out
from the notch crowd. But it’s that screen which is really
a standout feature. As I said, it’s Quad-HD+, it supports HDR10,
which is great for Netflix, and it’s Sony’s first phone
with and OLED screen, which gets you infinite contrast,
and really vibrant colors. You still have the option to switch between
accurate sRGB and vibrant display modes in the settings though. Pair that beautiful 6″ screen with
surprisingly good stereo speakers, and it becomes a great device for
watching movies and playing games. But if you want to take it a step further,
turn on Sony’s Dynamic Vibration to get some haptic feedback. If I’m honest, I do think it’s a bit gimmicky,
but keeping it on low does add a bit of ‘oomph’ to what you’re watching
or playing. Even if it can be a little inconsistent
with when it vibrates. Now in terms of performance, it doesn’t
feel as nippy as say the latest Pixel or OnePlus phones, which are closer to stock Android,
but it’s still extremely fast and responsive, and I really do prefer Sony’s software
to Samsung’s, LG’s or Huawei’s. You get a few extras too, like Side Sense,
which, to be honest I found more annoying than useful. It’s basically the same as HTC’s Edge Sense,
tap or squeeze a side of the phone to bring up some app or
setting shortcuts. But I kept accidentally opening it,
which was frustrating, so I turned this off pretty quickly. Now in terms of battery life, the 3,330mAh
cell is slightly bigger than the XZ2, but then again, so is the screen.
So I actually found battery life to be about the same as before.
But that’s no bad thing. 1h of YouTube at 50% brightness
used 11% of the battery and after 1h of YouTube, 1h of Asphalt 9
and 1h of Instagram, I had 64% of my battery left. Which is definitely above average,
if you compare it to these phones, after the same test. So you get a little over a day
with the XZ3, but not much more. Although it does support fast
and wireless Qi charging. Now let’s talk about the camera.
And unlike a lot of 2018 flagships, there is just one lens here,
so there is no wide angle or optical zoom options. But it does have some fancy HDR
and slow motion tricks, but we’ll get to that. The 19 MP F2.0 camera on the XZ3
takes fantastic photos. They’re detailed, vibrant, while retaining
color accuracy, and it handles dynamic range really well. So photos look great in isolation, but
how does it compare to, say, the Galaxy Note 9? Well side by side, I think I actually
prefer the XZ3. It seems to offer better dynamic range,
for example the menus in this picture, and the flower in this one, aren’t as blown out
on the XZ3 as they are on the Note 9. Although an upcoming camera update
on the Samsung should improve this. But one of the big upgrades this year,
on the XZ3, is the front facing camera, up from 5 MP to 13 MP,
and now with a wider F1.9 aperture. In good light, it takes a fantastic selfie,
with impressive colors and exposure. The selfie portrait mode though,
is less impressive. Which kept producing blurry,
and slightly washed out shots. The Note 9 does look overly smooth,
but I prefer it to the XZ3’s. Moving on to video, and the XZ3
produces some really crisp and colourful footage. And at 1080p it’s super smooth,
thanks to the intelligent stabilisation feature. But unfortunately, you don’t get this at 4K,
so moving on to the higher resolution, while it does definitely look more detailed,
it’s noticeably less smooth. It’s still good though, but most other flagships
do offer smoother 4K video, and give you the option of 4K 60fps,
which is just something the XZ3 doesn’t offer. What you do get though, is HDR.
Turning this on can cause some stuttering, and next to regular 4K video it does
look over-exposed and washed out, but assuming you play it back on
an HDR-compatible screen, and maybe even colour-correct it in post production,
it’s an interesting option to have for content creators. And finally we have super slow motion.
The XZ3 can shoot 960fps slow-mo at Full HD. But to be honest though, even in very good light,
it still looks noisy and just a bit rubbish, and is virtually unusable in low-light.
You do still have the option of 120fps slow-mo, which is much better quality,
and just easier to use, considering you only get 0.1s
of actual footage at 960fps. So it’s a cool feature, but I don’t know
how often I’d use it, and it can be really hard to capture the right moment. So the big question then,
should you buy the XZ3? While I think it’s a great phone,
it’s lovely to use, has a solid battery life and more camera features than
you can shake a stick at, But it’s not cheap, and there’s a lot
of strong competition including the Galaxy S9+, the new LG V40, and of course
the OnePlus 6, or even the upcoming OnePlus 6T, which I think will be a better option
for a lot less money. Or maybe even wait for the XZ3 Premium,
which will probably only cost 100 more. But if you are a fan of Sony’s software,
you think HDR and slow-mo video will come in handy, you like the design and you can’t really wait
for anything else, then, yeah, I do recommend the XZ3,
it is a great phone. But what do you think? Would you consider buying it?
Let me know in the comments below. I have also put links in the description
if you want to check it out, and don’t forget to click Like and Subscribe
if you found this video helpful. Thank you so much for watching guys,
and I’ll catch you next time, right here, on The Tech Chap.

100 thoughts on “Sony Xperia XZ3 Full Review – Sony’s First OLED Phone! | The Tech Chap”

  1. thailand not sell now i use xz2😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  2. Sony can't be forgiven, same as htc, for 3.5 removal. Camera is not on lvl of other flagships. Why are Sony fans so angry, nothings changed, Sony is, as always, under delivering. And those curved sides…it's not a damn jewelry, it's a phone! A tool!

  3. God im so lucky to have android 9 now non of the apps work on my phone cause my operating system is to new for them all! (y) And by the time they update them everyone else will get the update too regardless but hey at least i get to brag about how my phone has the latest android in the meen time ey! XDXDXDXDXD!!!!!
    Man f**k u sony and android and apple and all of u commercial scam artists same as allways all they want is your hard earned cash for a well sold lie! Bravo! quite the xperiance

  4. The only thing s9 has over this phone is a headphone jack but everything else looks like sony has massively improved with camera lower bazels glad its not bazel les then we wouldnt have two front firing speakers

  5. I haven’t owned a Sony phone since the Xperia Z many years ago, i always swap between Samsung and iPhone, iPhone being my most preferred for some reason, but the XZ3 might be my next investment, I particular want to test the 3D scanning app but the camera features are what most grabs my attention on a phone as I like to take lots of photos and video, this phone just seems to have a lot of great features , think I’ll have to visit carphone warehouse just to have a hands on look and get a feel of The phone before I spend £700 😅 seems to be worth it over the more expensive iPhones

  6. I don't get it. You complain about the notch and you complain about bezels. It should be, this phone does not have a notch, thank god, end of story.

  7. I like your reviews in general especially for smartphones Sony you give the right advantages/mis, could I hope a sony Xperia XZ2 compact or XZ2 premium review from you @The Tech Chap

  8. I bought one, in red which turns out to be purple. It does look good and yes its very slippery so I have a clear case. I don't use the side sensors because I don't really know what they do but mine was brand new for £525, I would not pay £700 for a phone.

  9. Idiot, keep crying about the price, and at the end you say get the xz3 plus which is more expensive, this is a high end smartphone, no one is forcing poor people to get it, iPhonex is even more expensive

  10. Why does anyone still care about headphone jacks? You're spoiled for choice with Bluetooth headphones these days and they're affordable.

  11. i prefer fingerprint sensor on the side like ZX series. it is the best implementation i don't know why sony changes it.

  12. Sony is not good in smartphones, they couldn't even change the design for a decade. People are forgetting Sony in smartphones.

  13. I got mine today, and i think its great phone so far, was mad to get one, comming from the xz1 which was a great phone too.

  14. I really don't understand why people cant handle the fingerprint scanner. When you hold the phone as you do when you're typing, resting on your pinky your index finger is exactly on the scanner…
    People complain Sony is not putting in anything new, now they did and people are still complaining….
    You know you can't win…
    Not having a notch is a big plus!

  15. Its not the phones which are the problem…its the marketing disaster,poor management and like every large company they think that they are doing you a favour by selling you a phone..what an attitude same story with Sony laptops which were very good…Sony need to sell direct and shift phones at a competative this phone when its on sale

  16. I would really like to buy this phone but I promised myself that I will never buy a phone that doesn't have a 3.5mm jack and a memory card slot.

  17. Does anyone know how much is the screen replacement for xz3 in UK? SONY customer support is useless, lost a week with them and still no answer regarding the price. Like robots asking me to send the phone to be checked by their "technician" when it's obvious… First and last Sony mobile phone for me .

  18. Always suspicious of people who put OLED or AMOLED in the title. Usually their priorities are fucked up as to what is important to me vs them.

  19. I wanna buy this phone, But I heard that the Sony may want to close or sell their mobile phone division. I wonder how will this effect the after sales services.

  20. Good to you who live in Europe and America.
    You have welfare, freedom, you have no trouble buying a mobile phone,
    We are the people of Iran, captured and captured.
    Captive of an Islamic ideological government.
    We have made our country a poor country. We have no freedom, we have no freedom, we are poor, we can not buy our favorite mobile because it is very expensive, the price of this mobile is eight months of my income. Appreciate your life and know that you live in a good country. Know that in other countries, there are people who are hoping to buy a mobile phone. They can only dream of buying their favorite mobile phones.
    Damn this life
    Damn to poverty
    Why can not I buy a Xperia 3?
    Why can not I buy a van?
    Why can not I have a little joy?
    Help my God free these conditions.

  21. And to be clear to you those that are fans and dumb AF. The new XZ4 will feature a 21:9 display that are made by LG and not Sony lol. Brag about that now you little sheep. Korean will always make better display than Japanese shit

  22. +The Tech Chap

    The Sony Xperia XZ3 has a P-OLED screen calibrated and done right 👍🏼 in comparison to the Pixel 2/3 XL which uses the same panels.

    The screen is so crisp, sharp and bright — almost as close to being as perfect as Samsung's Super-AMOLED panels.

  23. My opinion Something to be change?

    Fix Copy Style
    By welli

    1.copy frame from xa ultra.
    2.the main screen as full size as xz3 but little bit change with copy style from iphone xs and little bit change with copy style dsgn speaker from XA1=the main screen represent as shape of (H)=speaker A top and B at the bottom.
    3.secondary camera,sensor,litte dot, must be side by side of the speaker.
    4.the back case copy same of xperia xz F3882.
    5. primary lens for the back case copy style from xz5 but second lens must beside of the primary and the sensor copy style from XZs and decorat 19mp or 23mp with X-mo as a label near the sensory.
    6. Fingerscan as copy style from XZ2 (H8296) within labeling XPERIA must be at the center


  24. Shit man, I need this phone. I’m stuck with an iPhone SE running iOS 12 and I’m dying to jailbreak it. Sadly I can’t. Most of the things I want to do, you can usually do on an android with no jailbreak. So this looks like a good deal.

  25. I love Sony phones and been getting them ever since the Sony Ericsson T68i from back in 2002 (remember that one, the plug in camera 😝) . I've only ever had one of their handsets cause me grief and that was the Z3 but apart from that, amazing phones. Only reason I never got this one is coz it was unavailable on my network so I swapped it for an S9+ and happy with my choice. Will no doubt go back to Sony again though for sure. 👌

  26. STOP WITH THE NO-HEADPHONE JACK NIT-PICKING! AND STOP WITH "LESS BEZELS ARE BETTER" (hint: it's not). And by the way… It's Z, not Zed.

  27. Sony Xperia XZ3 comes with pre-installed bloatware same as the Samsung phones, you would be able to disable those annoying bloatware but can't be removed permanently

  28. What can we expect from these youtubers who are paid to give good reviews to the company they follow.
    Sony Phones have very good sound quality. I Remember when I compared my Z5 Premium with the Galaxy S7 Edge. Sony had better sound quality. My brother also said that.

  29. I was gonna get this but then I saw that it didn't have a headphone jack so I got a Samsung instead. Sony always advertises about their high quality DACs and then they remove the dam headphone jack.

  30. The FS is not uncomfortabley low down, it's right where it should be, when my index finger goes around the back of the phone it touches exactly where the scanner is. Grrrr

  31. All phone reviewers are biased towards Apple, Samsung. I smell payola. Ditched a lousy Samsung note for this phone, much happier now.

  32. The phone is very thick and it weighs around 7 ounces!!! What happened to Sony? How to you go from the classic Z3 to this?

  33. Hi. Have you had any new updates on the Xperia XZ3 that improves it's cameras (selfie & rear) overall quality & performance as of this 2019? Battery life, WiFi, audio, performance & 4G signal still good?

  34. Great video. I'm debating between the xz2 vs xz3. Is the camera exactly the same? How's the screen on xz2? It's about $200 difference in the U.S. I went with my friend and look at the OnePlus 6t from T-Mobile. Even though the sensor is made by Sony, I woldn't go for that phone. We tried the camera, taking the same pictures using the Sony XZ2 Ultra and the OnePlus 6t. The color on the XA2 Ultra is much cooler tone then the OnePlus 6t. The salesman said you can tell how good a phone is if you zoom it in and if it's clear, that means the camera is well made because it prodouces less noise. Zooming it in, the OnePlus fail miserably. It's blurry and not clear at all compare to the Sony XA2 Ultra. The OnePlus 6t is too much red-ish and yellow-ish. I don't like my pictures to look warm. There's no way the OnePlus can be a Sony phone especially when it comes to camera. If it can't even be as clear as the XA2 Ultra, how can it even top the XZ3. I would choose a Japanese made gadget over a Chinese made gadget anytime.

    Unfortunately I was totally unaware of how bad Sony have become when I recently purchased there flagship phone (xperia xz3) when it was released a few months back, new for £699 from the Sony official online store. I have treated the phone exceptionally well and it has never been damaged in the slightest. The phone lasted just over 5 months before breaking. I developed bright green vertical lines on the OLED display, the built in fingerprint scanner stopped working completely after Sony's most recent update, all settings regarding the fingerprint scanner have disappeared from the phone settings menu, and the touchscreen becomes completely unresponsive periodically on the phones lock screen rendering the device completely unusable. I contacted Sony support and they advised me to preform a software repair using the Xperia companion program on my PC. Not only did this not fix any of the issues but it wiped all of my data,pictures,videos,music,contacts and messages from my phone that I have accumulated over the 5 month period I have owned the device. The Xperia companion restore function could not restore any of my original content or data back to my device. I then contacted Sony asking for a full refund under the UK consumer rights act which states that any electronic device that develops a fault within a 6 month time period from the date of purchase can be returned for a refund. Sony refused my request for a refund, giving no reason as to why and offered me instead, to send my phone back to Sony for reconditioning/repair. They even had the audacity to offer to "recycle" my phone for me "free of charge" if they are unable to preform the repairs. There support is completely impersonal,vague, generic automated responses and quite frankly downright rude! I have contacted Sony on multiple occasions threatening them with a trading standards ombudsman and demanding a refund, that i'm entitled to by law, with no success. I find it totally unacceptable that a company like Sony can show such flagrant disregard to consumer law but I am at a loss as to what my options now are. With no options available to me, I have been forced to send my phone off to Sony for repairs. They have given me no indication whatsoever of how long this may take. I'm now left without a phone which is seriously affecting my ability to work as i used my phone to clock into work on the work app, not to mention the obvious inconvenience of loosing all my contacts, data and having no way to contact any of my family, friends or any important contacts. The phone comes with a 2 year warranty that apparently Sony can just ignore at there discretion. I think its disgraceful that I have paid such a large sum of money for a "top of the range" phone from Sony but I am now left without a phone for an undisclosed length of time and at best I may receive a reconditioned/repaired device only 5 months after I purchased it from new. I can only hope that this review can save other people from having to go through what I have with this despicable company and hopefully save at least someone 100s of pounds wasted on purchasing defective products from Sony. All i wanted was my money back so I could purchase a new phone from a different company which I think is only fair. I for one will never again be fooled into purchasing another product baring the Sony name. BUYER BEWARE!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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