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Soul Food Telephone : Feast Mode Hunger Squad // Sponsored By Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

Soul Food Telephone : Feast Mode Hunger Squad // Sponsored By Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

– This is something that’ll make you wanna slap ya mamma. – Whoa. – You know? – I know what you mean. (laughs) (upbeat music) – Live and direct from Hollywood
is Feast on Hunger Squad. – We’re gonna be traveling
all over southern California. – We’re gonna go to one soul food spot. – You eat their soul food. – And at that soul food
joint, they’re gonna tell us their favorite soul food joint. – And then you follow that
trail and go on and on and on until you find – The best soul food in Los
Angeles, can I get an amen? – Amen. – Perfect. – Let’s go. – Let’s go. – I got soul. Gonna say that all day. – How are we gonna judge
these places, by the way? – Do you feel it in your soul? – I got sa– (laughs) – Taste/flava. – [Colin] Flava. – And then the last one. – Colin what’s your last one? – Comfort. – Comfort. – Can I get an amen? – Amen. – Whoo! – ‘Bout to pull up to
the spot, The Boiler. – Chino Hills, what up? 30% Asian out here. – Stephen did some Wikipedia on the way. – Today we’re on this
like, soul food adventure and we’re trying to
find the best soul food in the whole L.A. region. – Oh, it’s gonna be
pretty tough to beat here. – We’ll find out. You’re an Asian dude. – I am an Asian dude. – How did you get in
the soul food business? (laughs) – I just fell in love with New Orleans, decided to try to bring
over to southern California. – He doesn’t really know
much about soul food. What do you think he’s gonna learn today? – It’s all about the trinity
spices, like you know– – The trinity? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Like, the holy trinity? – The holy trinity of spices. – Whoo, I’m already feeling the spirit. – All right, let’s do this. – This is what I got so far. We’ve got oysters on the half shell. We’ve got shrimp po-boy. We’ve got gumbo. And then we’ve got some bacon-wrapped delicious looking morsels over here. – All right. – Let’s dig in. – How do I eat this? – Slide it down you gullet. – Mm – There ain’t much better
than a good oyster. – Whoo! – That is fresh. – Can I get an amen? – Amen. – Okay, let’s do the pan
house signature dish. – Going down the hatch. – Oh. – Wow. – Big kernels of seafood in it. – Not expecting that. – That right there, that’s soulful. – As per the yoosh, I’m eating too much. And we have two more stops. – I’m gonna cut Colin off here. – No way, you don’t get to cut me off. As far as comfort goes, I’m feeling warm. Flavors exploding all over the place. They’re getting four in flavors. – No, no, no, you’re
not saying flavor right. It’s flava. – Flava. – I’m gonna give ’em four, we still have two more places to go. – I’ll give it five, a straight five. I mean, we talked about the trinity today. When you’re not eating
soul food at your own spot, have you heard of any good places in L.A. that have really good soul food. – There’s a great spot called Mama Soul down on Pico in L.A. – Back to Los Angeles. – We’re going to Mama Soul. – Mama soul. (glass clinks) – All right, you guys
ready to go to Mama Soul? – Yeah. – Are you okay? – I’m fine. – You don’t look okay. – I feel very full. – I feel ready to eat another two rounds. – I’m ready for some like,
mac and cheese though. – I got soul. – All right, so we finally
made it to Mama Soul. We have Starr here. – Our niche is that we do all natural. So our meats have no
pesticides, no hormones and we work with local
farmers for our produce so we’re very proud of that. I took the yummiest things in soul food and put it all together. Mac and cheese, yams that I love, black eye peas that I grew up with. So, it’s flavors from all over. (high energy music) – Let’s just dig in. – You guys, whoa, I got my– – Tarter sauce. – Soul food ranch (laughs) – I love that here’s a turkey
leg floating in the collards. – These beans remind me of something, I don’t know what it is. But it’s comfort. – Whoo, kick. – Wait, this cornbread’s
got a little sticky top. – I’m lost. – Mmm! – Don’t interrupt the woman, she’s eating. – Yum. – I can’t make any judgements yet until I taste the catfish though. – There’s not one thing we’re eating here that’s the same as anything
we ate at the last joint. Yet, it’s still soul food. – Still soul food. – You forget that soul food’s kind of a big wide variety of stuff. – I literally feel like I’m
in my Aunt Canary’s kitchen. – You have an aunt named Canary? – I do. – That’s amazing. – Um-hm. – You comfortable. – Feel like I’m at home. – There you go. – 4.5 on flava – 4.5 on flava – 5’s all around. – Are you convinced Freddie? – I’m comin’ around. – You don’t have to go back to Virginia to find soul food, Freddie? – I don’t. I feel like this was like a
family reunion experience. Love, comfort, good food, good vibes. Gotta keep goin’. – Look alive, Stephen. – Come on, we don’t have
time for your shenanigans. – No, I can’t go anymore, I quit. All right, I’m getting
in the car, Freddie. You want me to get in the
car, I’ll get in the car. – [Freddie] All right, so we
are headed to Chef Marilyn’s on Crenshaw Boulevard. – So we are here with Chef
Marilyn of Chef Marilyn’s (laughs) The Chef Marilyn. 27 years, you still love it? You wake up everyday excited. – I love it. I work seven days a week. I wake up everyday and
the fulfillment part is that people love the food. – Favorite thing on your menu. – People love everything. Soul food is good and it’s from the heart. – That’s probably the
easiest way to define it. – Yeah. – From the heart. – Yay, thank you so much Chef Marilyn. So we got mac and cheese,
yams, black eye peas, spinach, smothered chicken. – Smothered chicken. – And pork chops. (sings) – [Stephen] All right guys. – Our last stop on the soul food tour. This is a take out only joint, so we’re eating in the back of the car. I have to say, I think this
catfish is better than Mama Soul – No way, her catfish had longevity. After like 20 minutes it was still good. – Wait till you taste this. – The cornbread is really
getting me excited. The crispy edges, I love crispy edges. – Mm – Yep. – Sure is. – You can tell she’s put a lot
of love and butter in here. – Butter is her main ingredient. (laughs) But that’s what soul food is. – I gotta say the soul factor
here is a full throttle five. – I give a five.
– [Colin] Yeah. – As a soul food, now connoisseur, five. – There’s a lot of soul in this joint. – I think it wins. – Is that meaning of soul? – Soul is community. Soul is family. Soul is like legacy. – Seoul is in South Korea. (laughs)
– [Colin] This guy. – What have we learned
about soul food today? – It’s really diverse. – It’s really diverse, way
more diverse than I think anybody give it credit for. There’s a lot of things
you can call soul food. – We out! (laughs) – They can’t see us. (jazzy music)

100 thoughts on “Soul Food Telephone : Feast Mode Hunger Squad // Sponsored By Toyota Rav4 Hybrid”

  1. I was rooting for Chef Marilyn! The other two looked good but were way to California-ney. "My soul food is organic with no grease and no harmed animals and with Soy and it's also eco-friendly" UGH! LMAO. That's cute in L.A. but not for people who know actual soul food. The best soul food is full of bad stuff, that's why it's so good.#GodblessButter

  2. is that the meaning of soul ? soul is family, community, like legacy but the soul for steven is "soul is in south korea" HAHAHAHAHAH i love you steven.

  3. I feel like in parts of the video Steven was like getting on their nerves idk I'm probably wrong. Love them all though 💜❤ and now I'm so hungry

  4. There is no such thing as soul food. It’s just southern food. It was created by the whites, Native Americans and blacks of the south, together. It’s a multicultural cuisine. It’s not a cuisine exclusive to black Americans, there is no such thing. Stop calling Southern food “soul food”.

  5. Freddie I commented on a newer video that you had an RVA shirt on and I'm mad it took me this long to realize you're from here!! I'm from Goochland, a jog northwest of Richmond, but damn girl, rep that 804!! <3

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