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Speeding Up Electronics Repair with the FLIR ETS320

Speeding Up Electronics Repair with the FLIR ETS320

My name is Vincenzo Ragusa. I’m CEO of Isomedio. We are a repair center in the middle of Stuttgart, located in the south
of Germany. We have about 50 employees in this building. Our repair center is
concentrated on the repairs of smartphones, tablets and notebooks of
different manufacturers. Before and after the repairs, we are using thermal
cameras from FLIR systems to improve efficiency and ensure the repair quality
for our customers. And now we have the opportunity of testing the new models of
FLIR ETS320. Mr. Marsot, one of our technical supervisors, will show you how
we are benefiting from this. So my name is Nicholas Marsot.
I’m a technical engineer at Isomedio, and this is where, here, where we troubleshooting
like PBA. So I was using before like the T420. It’s truly like we were using for
troubleshooting PBA, it means like when a PBA has a problem we can use that
to visualize and target heat points on the PBA which can reveal, for example, some
troubles. And now we’re using like the new generation of the camera which is
called the ETS320. So this is the camera we are using the FLIR ETS320. This
is the tool we are using to troubleshoot the PBA. It’s a very easy tool for us to
use because it reveals like quickly what is the problem on the PBA. Just by
pressing and turning on like the PBA, you can see that the temperature is changing and straight away we can see what’s happening
on the PBA. And this is very important for us because in a very short time we can
troubleshoot what’s wrong with the PBA. So why is it
so suitable for this work? It’s because it’s a very easy to use device. We just
have to turn it on, put the PBA under, looking at it and we found the problem
straight away. This is something very valuable for us at Isomedio because we
value our time. When we have a device to do something quickly, it’s perfect for us.

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  1. this is awesome I needed this years ago when TVs were actually repaired.I use to do TVs and VCR repairs. Hot spots are a great sign of problems.

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